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Name: J Morales
ASL: 13x2/Male/Auckland, NZ
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Days Away: 1037
Life Story: Alienated
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"And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us" - Neruda

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Mood: The Usual

Yes, all me:
silent strings

Where I've been hiding lately. Well, not hiding, per se.

And some other ones:


I think that's all of them

...Created 2010-01-11 04:37:08     [ View Past Journals ]

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| Posted on 2014-05-22 13:39:29 | by clay - [ Reply to This ] -
(i remember the old glitch, don't make me unleash it.. mwahahaha)
| Posted on 2010-11-26 20:29:56 | by ghostknight - [ Reply to This ] -
| Posted on 2010-11-26 20:29:30 | by ghostknight - [ Reply to This ] -
pop by if you ever pop back in
| Posted on 2010-06-06 22:55:43 | by deadndreaming - [ Reply to This ] -
kapn cocknob???

You dirty butt pirate you!
| Posted on 2010-01-13 03:33:21 | by leftof_red - [ Reply to This ] -
ah yes, to the few that come back here. jase, what can i say? you the man? you the [censored]? from new zealand (better than old zealand) filipino brethren an all.

what a wild journey its been since those poetry chat rooms back in the day. even though you've disbandoned this site and us (esp me) you will still be the one who made me push meself, exert that search that one word to tidy up a piece, tho you may never read this, you still serve as the inspiration for one that was wet behind the ears, struggling and flailing.

happy new year you pipesmoker!!!!!

may this year bring us all to a fruitful fruition (see? you still got that lyrical touch that touches all of us)!

peace, love and all that [censored]e.

| Posted on 2010-01-01 11:53:15 | by Pietro - [ Reply to This ] -

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