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Name: Carly Holcomb
ASL: 14/f/USA
Website:[ Website ]
Days Away: 5534
Life Story: sucks.
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cause a scene.

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no love.

Mood: Stressed
Sweeping away all that has to come.

Leaving it empty and hard to find.

Misunderstanding the point to unwind.

The hurt and the weak still waiting to be saven.

But- Nothing will happen in the land of the unforgiven.

Peace is submerging, and war is ascenting.

The murders and the assults are deteriorating.

We all live to fall.

Falling, against our will.

The progress is just getting started.

And- I can't wait to see what we're left with.

...Created 2007-06-12 22:12:40     [ View Past Journals ]

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hey tarly. you dont have anything submitted. nice poem in your journal though.
| Posted on 2007-06-19 15:00:10 | by black rose13 - [ Reply to This ] -

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