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Name: Ally
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A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. -Oscar Wilde

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A Driftwood's Sea Foam Halo

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Good morning

Mood: Relaxing
Good morning friends!
The first thing I did this morning was take a deep breath and listen. It's raining, my favorite type of day. I decided that a nice cup of coffee was in order, and so I sit reflecting on my quiet Sunday morning waiting for my muffins to finish baking. Two things have already come to mind 1) Why isn't it autumn yet? and 2) Where in the blue blazes is my copy of Jane Eyre? All these clouds and rain make me think that the first week of cooler weather will be here soon. Probably two weeks or so I'd say. And I think I've figured out what happened to my missing Bronte. I've loaned it to a friend trying to encourage more classical reading, and I've never gotten it back. Now to figure out which friend that was might be a challenge. Apple-cinnamon struedel muffins are smelling lovely in the oven. I don't know quite what I'll do with the whole dozen as I can't eat them all myself. I'm pondering taking some next door to my lovely neighbor Pearl. She's a sweet, white haired darling that must be at least 90 years old. The poor thing doesn't get many visitors but she's always so kind to me and her balcony is full of beautiful sunflowers, roses, mums, and the like. I like people that can grow things. As for the rest, I haven't the slightest clue what to do with them. A conundrum indeed. This concludes my rambling for the day.
Have a beautfiul day dears,

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Hi Clover,

Thank you for your kind words on my poem. I appreciate your ideas, and think it is one of those poems that will forever be a work in progress as the months pass and I realize it could be more or less depending on my mood and place. Thanks so much.

| Posted on 2012-08-05 13:41:46 | by emwren - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey Ally, I like your journal, it is always kind of uplifting reading about what people are into, with you it is cats and I didn't know you were a school teacher. I tend to be in awe of those types since they are academic and I have gone the long way about my learning.

A half dead rose pinned to the dress and some water colour pencils, a fine start to the year, yes. :)

The third stanza is about her coming to me &, i don't know, i am grateful to the world, for the sights it provides, for the sounds that it makes, they have a way of reminding me what is wonderful - and hard - and what is missing.

Thank you for your kindness and effort.

| Posted on 2012-08-04 20:47:21 | by Daniel Barlow - [ Reply to This ] -
thank you so much for your thoughts on "silver pond" and the "raven" piece...i really appreciate all your kind words...funny isn't it?

how poets seem to thrive on pain...and when life is going along seems hard to generate the words.

thanks again for what you said on both pieces...

| Posted on 2012-05-29 01:09:57 | by jacoberin - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey Clover, thanks for the kind words. I do hope you and the cats are doing well and that they spare you a moment or two to jot down some words.

I post here now.

haven't figured the place out yet but it's an easier place for me to jot my words.

Cheers to you.

| Posted on 2012-05-28 17:53:36 | by Daniel Barlow - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for the very nice comments on "Mobius Trip". I should have added a nice graphic of one for the benefit of those not familiar with them, but they are kind of cool to play with.
| Posted on 2011-06-23 11:59:52 | by Blue Monk - [ Reply to This ] -
"You, dear, have quite the affinity for flight and birds. Is this a concept with which you are playing at the current?"

Well, to me, birds (well, animals in general, but birds most especially) are holy creatures. My writing is very spiritual, as you've obviously seen, and I find birds to be a perfect fit for it. You know, what with the being able to go up into the sky, touching the heavens, they really seem angelic to me. Birds are, and will remain to be, a consistent theme and feature in my poetry. So, to answer your question, it's not something I'm merely playing with, but rather it is an invaluable feature of my poetry.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on 'Avian Agape'. Camaraderie is a wonderful thing, I agree, and I wish more people were united as brothers/sisters. Really, divisions among men are not righteous at all. Unity is something we should all strive for. I think Psalm 133 is absolutely wonderful:

"Look! How good and how pleasant it is
For brothers to dwell together in unity!
 2 It is like the good oil upon the head,
That is running down upon the beard,
Aaron’s beard,
That is running down to the collar of his garments.
 3 It is like the dew of Her′mon
That is descending upon the mountains of Zion.
For there Jehovah commanded the blessing [to be],
[Even] life to time indefinite."


| Posted on 2011-06-21 10:42:25 | by AsiaticFox - [ Reply to This ] -

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