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Name: Evren
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You can't be lonely when there's no one around.

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Mid-Morning in an Empty Flat

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So sad to see that all the greats that I once could traverse their thoughts and emotions so expertly crafted into words, have now left and most have taken their works with them. I cry.

| Posted on 2020-08-12 19:25:11 | by eggshells - [ Reply to This ] -
Your name, Evren - It reminds me of the user Emren whom I haven't come across in some time.

I don't believe we've spoken. I just skimmed through some of your writes, I like 'em. I wonder if we've spoken before...(?)
| Posted on 2016-05-09 12:48:00 | by MyPeriodical - [ Reply to This ] -
Hi! Thanks for your comment on 'Two Abodes.' Really it is the culmination of things that have been brewing in my mind for some time, inspired in part by a book called 'Writing the Life Poetic' by Sage Cohen. In one exercise, she asks you to imagine where fear lives.

I have begun in a way to understand that fear is as much an enemy of love as hate. Maybe more, because hate is often an emotion of action, where fear results in stagnation and inaction.

At the end of the poem, I could have gone on fr a long time about the things you can look to in order to find your happy place. Perhaps I could add another clause or two. By using the word "there" I had envisioned something like panning with a camera, or focusing binoculars. You are in this dark place and trying to focus the light. Almost there, almost there, ah! There :)

Hope this day finds you well.
| Posted on 2016-02-05 10:36:55 | by BlankSheet - [ Reply to This ] -
My poem was poetry not prose, free-verse to be exact. For instance a sonnet is written in iambic penatmeter, but I am not going to say to you of your sonnet, this is not a sonnet. Aside from matters of classifcation, thank you for the comment, the feedback on the rhythm of words is helpful and I will keep a look out over the things you pointed out. Cheers.
| Posted on 2014-04-29 07:35:33 | by Wolfwatching - [ Reply to This ] -

I only have to make it once every three and a half months. He's a bengal (20% asian leopard cat), as an exotic he really appreciates the meat. Every time I read one of your kitty poems it gives me a warm fuzzy, I just love my cat!

| Posted on 2013-07-19 00:46:57 | by monad - [ Reply to This ] -
Based solely on how much I enjoyed Prince Caspian I think you'd make a wonderful book of children's poems. I'd buy it.

Also I like the way the edits turned out!
| Posted on 2013-06-11 10:08:41 | by Erreur - [ Reply to This ] -

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