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Name: Tiffany Masters
ASL: 22/F/Cape Town
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What looks like crazy on an ordinary day, looks alot like love when you catch it in the moonlight. - Pearl Cleage

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Reflection of a Broken Self

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Mood: The Usual
Hey all. Aren't you all glad to see that I am alive and well???? Well... maybe you arent. I don't really care. Just thought I would make myself felt. Assert my 'hereness' and all that jazz!! Lots of changes happening, good, great stuff. I'm in a somewhat steady relationship (what the hell is stable anyway) and I'm studying full time again!! To become and English teacher (I must be MAD!!!) But ja, thats it!! See you all later
BYE BYE loveies

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Featured: Reflection of a Broken Self

 Featured workReflection of a Broken Self
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 Down Deep
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 Untitled Misery
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It's all good. I hope you're doin okay. I've been writing some difficult poems myself.... they haven't really turned out the way that I would have liked....well... can't always get what ya want.

Anyways... your poem turned out great. Great job.
| Posted on 2007-02-01 21:13:06 | by GothamFreak - [ Reply to This ] -
haha, i see you

~ dani
| Posted on 2006-08-11 00:00:00 | by firefoxvixen - [ Reply to This ] -

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