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thank you for the comments on my sonnet the long journey home...i applaud you for actually telling me what i did wrong though i appreciate the critism as most people on here wont tell you how to improve...i will work on the meter and rhythm so that i adhere to the rules of the for being like Poe that is probally because my two greatest poetic influences are Poe and Frost so i have kind developed a depressing nature when writing...but again thanks for the comments i will return the favor shortly
| Posted on 2007-06-11 11:03:17 | by iHaveNoName323 - [ Reply to This ] -
thanx for your comment on unplugged.
im glad you enjoyed it
| Posted on 2007-05-11 18:52:31 | by Someones Epiphany - [ Reply to This ] -
Hi Fred,

Just wanted to thank you on your comment "The Death of Distance". I'm glad you liked it. About the misunderstanding that you had, i was referring that part as a permanent breakup between two people instead of a temporary one. The worst thing a person can do when they are in love and in different places is to say a permanent goodbye to one another when they are not ready to do so. The thing is sometimes, when you're away, it brings you closer to the person when you come back to them (there are exceptions, yea, i know). But you know where i'm coming from.
Anyhow, just wanted to thank you for your support.

| Posted on 2007-05-09 11:36:38 | by charmedidentity - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey Fred, thank you for your suggestions on "Gazing", and Im glad you liked it. I used the second suggestion, it really sounds better now that the erroneous sentence has gone. Thanks again, take care :)

| Posted on 2007-05-09 10:29:12 | by AutumnLeaves - [ Reply to This ] -
Hi fred,

It's good to be back too. I just haven't been able to get my mind around much lately so commenting wasn't a good idea.

I don't know that "warp" is off so much in terms of ideas working, personally I like the inventiveness of it. I think we can take the reader anywhere we would like if we keep reminding ourselves they know nothing about this subject we're speaking on

Insight seems to be gift that poets share. And tapping into it is a touchy situation.
When I get past the confusion that seems to be holding on, I will post something. I'm even behind on comments, but for the first time in weeks I don't feel overwhelmed with
the stuff that's going on in my life.
So thanks for letting me come back around.

| Posted on 2007-05-07 12:47:36 | by nansofast - [ Reply to This ] -
Hi Fred,

About your question, Don't worry about the piece, it's just the website that made this sentence make me press the right button to keep reading what you had. This sentence specifically:


As i said, don't worry, It's just the way the screen went. Smile
Take care....

| Posted on 2007-05-05 15:31:35 | by charmedidentity - [ Reply to This ] -

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