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Name: Wendy Spacek
ASL: 21, female, Los Angeles
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Life Story: love, love, love.
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Just to dig it all and not to wonder.

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Untitled (March)

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Currently Stalking: Dr.Strangelove, denial, lukewarm

Mood: The Usual
just to dig it all and not to wonder

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| Posted on 2012-09-10 21:00:55 | by rws - [ Reply to This ] -
i have not been back on elite for a Very long time. do you know how it feels to feel sickly sickly indulgent and ignorant and self-righteous everytime you lay a sentence down that could possibly hatch into anything worth posting? maybe its just me. ANYWAYS, i just wanted to say Hi. so Hi.
| Posted on 2009-09-10 22:49:59 | by denial - [ Reply to This ] -

Your last words of the write are that you understand less, These are your own typed words. Nor do I understand. I agreed with you. Simple. No arguement from me, agreement!!!!!
| Posted on 2009-03-25 02:47:45 | by edcherry - [ Reply to This ] -
where are you!?
| Posted on 2009-02-27 03:29:55 | by MuckyMuckpoop - [ Reply to This ] -
i suppose it would have been better suited for a journal, but let's be honest, nobody even reads those half the time

maybe i'll clean it up eventually. dunno... i think it mostly needs to be scrapped.


oh, and thanks for the fave :)
| Posted on 2008-10-01 04:03:36 | by etheror - [ Reply to This ] -
ah thanks for the comments.
that piece was strictly a nothing-piece.
i really did want nonsensical remarks.

but thank you for giving all you had to give. it was kind of just a mental hairball, and i'm afraid your comments were grossly misspent.

but alas.

thank you.
| Posted on 2008-09-20 20:08:42 | by etheror - [ Reply to This ] -

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