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 Mother's Milk/People's Blood
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hell...thanks for the comment on Mail Letters of da Rimini...

yeah anachronistic i do know, but as far as my intentions as a writer...hmm where do i begin.

I write for the sole purpose of appeasing the reader. i have a large vocab which i am thankful for. finding new ways to implement this into my poetry intrigues me.

defining images with words being the concrete siding...yes i tend to do this a lot for the following reason.

certain human emotions and expulsions have no word within archaic, romanic, elizabethian/victorian social form by which they can be accurately communicated to the reader. in order for the reader to go on this lyrical journey that many a writers obsess over, one must imagine a conundrum tucked inside oblivion.

even though both are an ultimatum, equal ends and poles of the same spectrum, whos to say that one cannot be hidden inside the other or vice versa?

and then who isnt to say? or isnt willing to say?

it is the comtemplations of a confused and lost child, stranded far off within the reached of a deranged mind in denial. maniacal in his artisan butchery of the english "metaphor" that we call language, when evolved to speech and vocalized media we break down into words, parts of speech and vowels, letters and ink.

i really wish i had more to give you on this piece. btu i dont lol. if you read some of my past descriptions, you will see that most poems i have no explanation for.

its as if sometimes i think on a level that is not so readily comprehensible, and attempt to plagerize (sp) understanding.

good times...

Loquaciosu Mind
| Posted on 2007-07-13 13:51:12 | by Loquacious Mind - [ Reply to This ] -
ty for the comment on Vernal Quintessence of Freesia.

gettin' in touch with my URBAN side yo. LOL
| Posted on 2007-07-13 13:41:59 | by Loquacious Mind - [ Reply to This ] -
well-fairwell taylor. I do hope you pop on by from time to time. I have a feeling we are two mutually sacastic people, both of whom dont take much seriously, both thinking the other was much more serious than either he/she was. So its unfortunate, and I hate being the iceing; I always want to be the cake, though not this cake (im getting hungry). Hopefully this isnt the last I hear from you.
| Posted on 2007-06-25 01:14:04 | by leftof_red - [ Reply to This ] -
| Posted on 2007-06-24 22:44:43 | by illuminate11 - [ Reply to This ] -
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