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Mood: Sigh...

in a different lifetime people actually replied to your commeents on their poetry and thanked you for taking the time to leave your thoughts...

...Created 2013-03-08 17:25:55     [ View Past Journals ]

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beautiful piece: QED - so then are thee...

that you
well (enough)

that you remain content.
| Posted on 2018-03-15 17:07:26 | by Awkward - [ Reply to This ] -
I just read your poem Mrs.J!!!

I had know idea it was you.

It is (dis)heartening what some are.

you are
| Posted on 2014-05-19 22:56:47 | by clay - [ Reply to This ] -
| Posted on 2013-11-30 22:18:04 | by lukewarm - [ Reply to This ] -
On the journal: I'm getting pretty tired of the apathy also. What can we do? We need to rally the troops! Only about three out of ten people I comment respond, it's disheartening.

| Posted on 2013-09-22 04:16:01 | by monad - [ Reply to This ] -
I write a thing or two when the mood strikes me. I've been working on a screenplay for the better part of a year. There's a reason these things seem to take upwards of 5.

And I suppose it's going well? I don't really have any guidelines to life and I try to to have expectations, but then there I go again... I like to run and bike and be outside and meditate and she's more the sit-at-the-computer type. There are things I wish I could share but can't.
| Posted on 2013-09-21 16:54:33 | by lukewarm - [ Reply to This ] -
i's okay. moved (followed girl). freelancing. going well and not-so.

and you? I know we're friends on the facebook but it's a different thing somehow.
| Posted on 2013-09-17 09:08:37 | by lukewarm - [ Reply to This ] -

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