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Name: jc prescott
ASL: 16/m/behind the cpu
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Life Story: it was enjoyable
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Prologue to Winter

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Mood: feeling happily passive

wrapped in a green silk
heaven state of mind
emptied from stories
occupying time

the one's where I am blind
to the outside

and the inside
is macabre
still rather,
wishful and hopeless
the more I feel,
I see less.

it's been nice to gain perspective
realizing an objective

but no one's alone
they just want to be quiet
"there is nothing wrong"
easy to lie, isn't it?

draped in curtains
and sequins
of fortune

a cookie

there's nothing inside me,
completely unaffecting,
sleeping apathetically,

and smiling

(and smiling)

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Hiya' JC

Essentially it's authorial escapism. The manner in which escape can be achieved by thought or physicality. You can either choose to escape "in your mind" or choose to escape "your reality". The choice is either or but at some point of consciousness can not be both at once.


"My comment was about to be this one: this poem goes nowhere!

and then I stopped myself, read the title of the poem and slapped the middle of my face.

yes, I dont really understand the point your trying to make...are you dreaming about leaving? do you have a vivid imagination that is unfortunately a ticket to nowhere? or is this poem simply just meaningless?

Id like to believe that it isnt, if your imagination is a ticket to nowhere, or if this is a ticket to nowhere, does that mean that you given up on dreaming?

I liked the poem as a whole, and now that I think of it, was the person reading the whole time? is that the authors ticket to nowhere?

I would have very much liked the poem to continue, and go somewhere...but c'est la vie (and I dont know french, if thats spelled wrong)
you proved your point, (or lack of one?)
curious to know which,
jc prescott"
| Posted on 2007-04-26 12:55:12 | by danativ - [ Reply to This ] -
hey j
thanks for the comment
yea i hate it when the negative things we know will come true but we fight it anyways and plunge ourselves in this pool of sadness ..
but oh well
tudo passa ne?
| Posted on 2007-04-15 12:33:44 | by DeepsLighter - [ Reply to This ] -
I'm glad you had patience with my comments. Sometimes people have such strong and immovable opinions on literature, and it's crushing to hear alternative interpretations. I know it is for me, especially about characters I relate to.

I am perfectly fine with my comments being shared with your English teacher. I am honored that it merits discussion, and I hope you find your answers in terms of who the ever-elusive Gatsby really was.

I don't think I spent a lot of time on the style of your poem in my comment. If I didn't mention it before, I enjoyed how well it was written, especially the part with the orange-and-lemon-peel death. That detail remains very fresh in my mind, both when I read your poem and when I read the book.

| Posted on 2007-02-13 00:27:59 | by WolfStar - [ Reply to This ] -
I swear I will get to your Gatsby poem when I have the time! I've read the book, and I've read part of the poem, but school is taking over my life.

I'll be back once I've sucessfully beaten its tentacles off with an oar.
| Posted on 2007-02-12 01:24:46 | by WolfStar - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey, thanks for your comment!

Sorry it's taken me ages to get back to you; life, busy; meh, you're a teenager, you know.

Like I said, your comment is really appreciated, and I'm glad the poem got you thinking; that's never a bad thing, right? I still promise to come by sometime and check out your poems, I do I do. Just not tonight...

If I'm not by in a couple days, just leave me a note.


| Posted on 2007-01-30 01:25:16 | by IamYourTragedy - [ Reply to This ] -
Thank you for your comment on my Rewrite. The reason I left the last line open, is because it has this feeling of something more, but it has to be left alone. That's the emotion I wanted. If you felt like it was wrong, you're right. If you felt like the poem was cut short, you're right there too. That's the message that I was originally writing about. I tend to allow emotion to speak louder than words, so whatever emotion you're left with is usually what I wanted you to feel. Thanks again.
P. Noun
| Posted on 2007-01-29 12:47:12 | by _proper_noun_ - [ Reply to This ] -

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