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"I plead the Fifth."

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...Created 2009-08-29 11:33:14     [ View Past Journals ]

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 Do Not Say
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 Where I Leave My Heart
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 The Drowning Merman
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I want to comment on Do Not Say, but I guess you have been away because there is no box for it.

My comment is - that is a very philosophical theme and easy to start a quarrel about in any pub or bar in the land! Good subject for a poem, then.

As an ex professional soldier, I always thought of myself as a mercenary, even though I always worked for the Queen. My thoughts about other kinds of servicefolk, who are basically conned or forced into the military, are about the same as yours, and I reckon this is part of the discussion about what war is, what it ought to be, and how to have less of it.

Your poem is like the First World War English poets', who were maybe the first popular anti-war artists, and who wrote about their own active service, and told people about the horror and pathos of it whilst their governments were pouring out propaganda about courage and national honour. I have read some of the WW1 newspapers and magazines published in London, as well as those poets, and it really is enough to make you thoroughly cynical, in agreement with your poem here!

Some more artists who comment on WW1 are the first German expressionist painters, ex-soldiers and fellow-artists with the young Hitler. They painted the horror orf massacre, and post-stress reaction ("shellshock"), even when they were trying to paint anything else. Anyway, I guess you are in the great anti-war protest artistic tradition that those guys began, with this poem which is right on the nail and not pseudo at all.
| Posted on 2009-09-15 21:50:12 | by Glen Bowman - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanx for reading "this story". The comment you made was really kewl of you.
| Posted on 2009-09-09 06:53:34 | by wolfgurl830 - [ Reply to This ] -
Did you know that there is a Chinese species of alligator which hibernates for the ice season? These are deep waters ... Perhaps you could combine a visit to the Great Wall with a Chinese alligator stalk? Like twitterets, that has never been done. I can't have adventures any more, but want everybody else to have them.
| Posted on 2009-08-30 23:27:43 | by Glen Bowman - [ Reply to This ] -
Sorry, something else I forgot to say: since you stalk alligators (without mentioning whatever purpose you have for doing so) maybe you're from, or in, Louisiana or Florida? I know a Cajun guy who married a Quebecois girl. They are very difficult to get along with, which must have something to do with alligators, anyway (damn it) that reminded me of them.
| Posted on 2009-08-30 23:22:10 | by Glen Bowman - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for your comment on Tiji ... more people than I anticipated have said nice things about this attempt to do a cartoon comedy in free verse ... actually, it probably no more imaginative than Road Runner or Mickey Mouse, but anyway,a whole fantasy world with its own nutzo laws is always interesting eh?

I want to read some like this, but by others not me ... I never used to write garbage like this before I was old and decrepit, because, thoughtlessly, I always felt that this reality (if there was ever just one of them?) was the real one. Now I know that it cannot be, since nobody ever seems able to invent a more unlikely, nutzo, and ridiculous world than the one in which they are sentenced to live, and which therefore cannot be what is really going on.

But it remains as an artistic challenge, I guess!
| Posted on 2009-08-30 23:14:00 | by Glen Bowman - [ Reply to This ] -
Twitteret, yo. Well you are obviously a true poet with a mighty imagination, and so you should next write the world's first twitterets, thus becoming a dead poet, sorry whoops, I mean famous?

Yea, I have dreamed that the Twitteret is coming, and have begun to try it myself, but it is not so easy for me because I'm inferior. Maybe you are the One???
| Posted on 2009-08-30 22:38:47 | by Glen Bowman - [ Reply to This ] -

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