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Name: Joe A
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“He`s starting to get poetic. Is that a good sign?” - WKRP in Cincinnati

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Running with the Pack

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thank you so much on "showing a bit of leg"---

| Posted on 2012-06-10 10:31:07 | by jacoberin - [ Reply to This ] -
Not too much. Spending a lot of time keeping up on all the NFL news and drama.
Whatcha think about the punishment handed down to New Orleans? WOW!!!

Had my hopes fucking sky high with all the Peyton Manning drama...really would have loved for him to go to San Fran...but of course that didn't happen and I just can't believe it...what does he think Denver is gonna do for him...besides the money of course...certainly not a good superbowl prospect for my opinion. If he would have gone to San Fran we would have been immediate superbowl favorites...but now we have to settle for our suck ass wannabe Alex Smith. I gotta suffer with him for three more years...


Such is life... :(
| Posted on 2012-03-22 07:54:44 | by lmz - [ Reply to This ] -
Congrats to you on the publication!!

| Posted on 2012-03-21 13:49:05 | by lmz - [ Reply to This ] -
Its all good I guess I just get defensive a bit too easily. Just aggravates me I never asked for the child abusive relationship I grew up with, never asked to live threw several drug over doses, and a 12 gauge shot gun wound to the stomach, and I write to relieve my stress and so many people actually I am making it up or i just have an extreme imagination ... I wish i could tell everyone I am making it up I wish you could be right that because I am 24 that I do not have very much baggage... But that is only wishful thinking, something I probably do quiet to often.. :-/

| Posted on 2012-03-19 16:39:03 | by jackz - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey! It's Snuffalupagus!!!!!!!!!

What up??
| Posted on 2012-03-19 14:50:03 | by lmz - [ Reply to This ] -
i would appreciate it if you wouldn't judge me only by age! 15yrs old 20yrs or evern 25yrs old you have no idea what I have gone through or what I have had to live through, yet your going to sit there and based on a "number" automatically say spphhh she is only 22yrs old. Please! Not that its any of your business but I haven't updated my age on this site in forever, but then again I suppose you hadn't even considered that being a real possibility

| Posted on 2012-03-19 06:03:38 | by jackz - [ Reply to This ] -

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