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"Poetry begins when we look from the center outward."-Emerson

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Bits and Pieces

Mood: sometimes people suck
This indifference,
shutters closed against
Me, in heaps
the floor swallowed whole;
Living bones cannot grasp
thoughts that float in stale air
Where crows leave their shadow
against blue skies, betray gray matter
And the dust won't settle,
it dances in eyes, memory clouded
Penetrated dead sphere
awakens essence of the living.

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I miss you
| Posted on 2012-09-08 22:52:57 | by DaleP - [ Reply to This ] -
| Posted on 2008-12-17 23:32:57 | by ANTI - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for your comments! Actually the bugs/insects thing is pure metaphor so it is misleading as I warned. The desire to "fly" is closer, but the mention of stars at the end is a giveaway, which is the type of travel we're trying to figure out how to accomplish.

Since you asked, it's actually from a science fiction/physics idea kind of thing which goes thus; Since everything is constantly "moving" in space/time, the idea is to actually fix a single point in space using directed gravitational force "pins" (four needed) and thus manipulate oneself around such a point.

Told ya, it's deliberately not what a "normal" person would think of.
| Posted on 2008-12-17 18:28:18 | by Blue Monk - [ Reply to This ] -
Wow, I'm really surprised you liked it! Thanks for the comment on "Her Dreams Were Silent Films"! It was just a little thought I had the other day when the sun was going down.
I'm glad you were able to grasp the stillness of it.
But you did seem to think of it as something far more poetic and deep than I had written it as. Not that that's a bad thing!I'm actually very flattered. The aluminum walls were to reference a trailer. I'm not exactly sure what they're made of, so I took a quick and imaginative guess. Pretty much, I just thought of the lovely contrast of a dead, bloated girl grasping a bit of orange shag carpet in her blue hand after she overdosed on some narcotic. The blue and orange reminded me of the sunset and I have an odd interest in illegal drugs. Don't do them, they just fascinate me. lol
Ok, I'm rambling now, sorry.
Thanks again!
| Posted on 2008-12-15 02:54:52 | by doppelganger - [ Reply to This ] -
Ahh... ES is pretty much dead at the moment... a lot of us, including myself have gone over to where it's a lot busier and better... yep. Check it out sometime.
| Posted on 2007-05-02 21:48:43 | by alteredlife - [ Reply to This ] -
Still log on? Hiya.
| Posted on 2007-03-23 23:49:55 | by alteredlife - [ Reply to This ] -

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