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Name: Marlon Storm
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You replied to me months ago but I was in hospital and slid offline for a long time. Going to post some more poems, anyway. This is to thank you for your nice message although you probably don't remember!
| Posted on 2014-05-26 22:28:02 | by Glen Bowman - [ Reply to This ] -
I like your stuff too man. Hope you're doing well. Keep on truckin'!
| Posted on 2013-12-10 20:24:37 | by Solomon Disease - [ Reply to This ] -

mangia means eat in italian.

thanks there, for stopping by and leaving words on mine.

| Posted on 2013-11-14 07:08:37 | by isabella - [ Reply to This ] -
thank you for the feedback, Its nice to know when other people are reading and understand. Ill have to check your stuff out.
| Posted on 2013-10-30 13:42:21 | by SetmyselfonFire - [ Reply to This ] -
Cogent synopsis…………

First verse
Line one: the fidelity of the human race was due yesterday I like to student of say, but the grace this ensues is like “down with all sinners”
Line two: When I consider what this does to my human enigma on the autonomies it’s a diabolically maniacal hue. Like man that’s a lot of bad people.
Line three: Now I’m having an identity crisis over the bills I (we) now owe
Line four: But mystic symbiosis (living off each other’s good intentions) looks like on the chores aimed empirical.

Second verse
Line one: I tried to talk to the dead on the witch’s Sabbath but my thoughts came across as kitsch (art for commercial purposes) on the transcendentalism.
Line two: My liaison to the Consortium (somewhat illegal business group) was suffering a glitch (short circuit) on the libido (Psychological term for inherent sexuality)
Line three: This light I was shining was a real bitch (we’ve all done wrong)
Line four: self explanatory

Third verse
Line one: My earthbound knight was earth dwelling animal (tellurian) somewhat boring
Line two: because everybody knows self defensiveness (as an animal) is obtusely obscene (aggressively belligerent)
Line three: This made me somewhat obstinate as I wanted to communicate the spiritually serene
Line four: But preening’s dexterity was maniacally meticulous

Fourth verse
Line one: Like how to be lucid with my intelligently germane or draw out people’s deep seated virilities yet leave them thinking they came up with it, not me.
Line two: Our natural state wants to be free of the overlords. These are vivid memories to our conception.
Line three: Spatiotemporal ( look it up) telemetry (Knowing where to aim to get projectiles to positions in our vicinity) becomes almost fanatical
Line four: But to my primal urge this get the job done tactician is almost ecstatic

Maybe I’ve solved the boring problem……Yeah?

Fifth verse
Line one: The dynamic-ness of this badness is opulent on the fealty (used loosely, actually it’s a knights dedication to those he serves {either with or for})
Line two: Cruelty is endemic to retrospectively retro active’s innate. (haven’t you ever thought of being the gun that appeared out of thin air and killed the murderer as he was about to do the deed) this gets even worse when you consider war and trying to tell them they just don’t get to have killed those people. The problem is monumental, the heights of cruelty.
Line three: Consequently there’s an inherent frailty here aimed indigenous’ endemic
Line four: But I don’t give up, I aspire to come up with

Sixth verse
Line one: I bet that we could have impunity (immunity from prosecution) if we agreed not to wallow in the river of life on earth’s alluvial fan (debris at the mouth of the river) but rather try to remain aloof.
Line two: Unfortunately immunity is Epicurean (Epicurus believed the highest state of intellectual good was an imperturbable calm) absurdity
Line three: So what is the infamous we-ness of us? Are we merely the notorious they-ness in them? Wherein lies credulity
Line four: So if we all grasp our futurity cudgels firmly in hand, and we all agree that everybody else’s works without needing to come to blows, we can do away with all this nimiety (excessive redundancy) on the nihilism (the desire to throw away outdated and ill-conceived philosophies), and our nimbuses (mystical or magical auras) though somewhat tainted by history can achieve a euphoric and utopian congruity (similar states of agreeable conformity)


This was a lot easier with big words……………………Though it actually took me longer to concoct with them than it did to explain.
| Posted on 2013-10-14 16:53:26 | by monad - [ Reply to This ] -
Re: Succubus


Actually the succubus here is supposed to be a dream zone personification of man's desires to hold sway over the feminine mystique in general (not just one woman). Which is the reason why, when he wakes he must realize he appears "a thrall with no earthly recourse". So If you have to ask I would say dawn doesn't stop the succubus for this desire to hold sway doesn't leave us when the dream ends.

| Posted on 2013-10-14 11:55:10 | by monad - [ Reply to This ] -

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