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Name: Paul Leverich
ASL: 22/M/OK
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Life Story: what life
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Live you life to the fulliest, don't let anybody push you other wise!

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I Love You

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Mood: Overwhelmed
As I sit here on the couch I think to myself,"Where is my life going to take me?," I am a full time store manager at one of the greatest places ever! I am engaged to someone that I have ups and downs with and I am not talking regular ups and downs I am talking like fist fights and fighting every day. I'm dating someone lazy all the time he hates working etcccc.....

I am thinking to mysekf that how life is now it isn't ever going to get better. But i do love my life I love to work and I have a job that keeps me on my feet! My past is now huanting me in ways that is unexplained. What will I do and where will this life take me?

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Your love story poem is cute
| Posted on 2010-05-30 22:54:14 | by istalkmurdoch - [ Reply to This ] -

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