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Mood: Say please...
Dear journal,

Today is day three. To honour this fact I shall sit and think for three minutes, in quietness much like silence only not quite, about the meaning of life on this website.

. . . . (I need to give an illustration to symbolise my action) . . . .

So, I figure the role of any character on this website it to play the role of a silent hero. Of course, this is self-proclaimed nonsense and a consequence of american media, "the diamond cut individual." I will cure them of their maladie, and perhaps one day I shall receive recognition for this fact. Something curious happened last night, while I was gone; somebody responded. For a first response, I must say I am quite disappointed. There seemed to be a mix of ignorance and stupidity in the response: The person in question completely ignored my advice, and continued to try to make me feel guilty for giving them advice, as if I was the demon that plagued their piece and kept it from perfection. In light of their pestilential behaviour, I have opted to simply not respond. This has, however, not been an entirely negative thing. I've decided that the moment I receive a response that is semi-pleasing, I shall respond with a post. Until then,

That is all.

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Thank you for clearing that up, I'm now going to go read Finnigins Wake and make sense of that the same way.

| Posted on 2009-08-07 18:19:40 | by Raphael - [ Reply to This ] -
Well you didn't. Maybe you were, possibly you did spend hours and hours writing this, putting your heart and soul into it, but I can only comment on how it looks from an un-biased perspective. It was well-written in parts but seemed very lazy, trying to sound obscure and vague without showing the reader much of anything accept you obvious intelligence and a few red herrings. Plus, you must admit saying this kind of thing to someone you don't know at all is a lot easier than saying it to someone you do, thats the silly thing about tis site I guess. Good luck, I'd still read something by you, I'd just prefer if it was focused on the matter at hand.

| Posted on 2009-08-02 06:33:40 | by Raphael - [ Reply to This ] -

[You know what's really rough? Your education. This was like reading a preschool book. Simple words. Attached by one space. More would be too much. You know? Only this one caters to those young will-be 8 year old pubescent girls who need to watch out for rookeries].

really? ha. wow. you know what's truly rough? the fact that you attempted to rewrite a poem that you clearly didn't i'm sorry that's not rough that's just embarassing...for you. there is a reason why my poem is structured the way it is. its supposed to be read as overly simple. so good job on missing that? ha. and like i wrote in the description its the first draft. anyways just wanted to let you know that your comment was pretty much useless considering you didn't understand what you were commenting on. but uhhh good work?
| Posted on 2009-06-10 23:24:28 | by LossOfHope03 - [ Reply to This ] -
up my bum and around the corner to jack's place, that's where.

or so it's been said...
| Posted on 2009-06-07 04:25:01 | by meoww - [ Reply to This ] -
Uhhhh... thanks for your input for 'Little Human.' You're right, I didn't give folks much to work with; the poem was more introspective than anything else. I was just documenting when I almost lost my niece, is all. :) Thanks again.
| Posted on 2009-05-24 14:19:34 | by NightCrawler - [ Reply to This ] -

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