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Name: Chris O
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Rest in peace

Mood: Too much at once...
It was with reluctance that we said goodbye to our three poplar trees today. I always cringe when I see a still-living tree go down, especially in today’s climate of necessity, regarding carbon sequestering. In our defense they were old, unhealthy trees and huge hazards: we were surprised and relieved that they didn’t topple during previous ice storms. With our changing weather patterns ice storms are becoming increasingly normal occurrences. I know the robins will be quite upset to lose one of their favorite nesting sites. I, however, am grateful that my garden will now bask in a full morning of sunshine and absolutely love my new unimpeded view of the horses in their pasture. Let the real work begin—tomorrow—there are leaves and branches to clear and there is firewood to cut, split and cure. Thank you my three amigos, you did not die in vain. You may rest in pieces.

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Spending the night in Calgary :-)
Warmer here than Virginia
| Posted on 2015-05-23 21:12:02 | by DaleP - [ Reply to This ] -
Got a load going to Regina, Saskatchewan,80 degrees in Texas and I gotta head to a place that's still cold
| Posted on 2015-04-09 10:30:03 | by DaleP - [ Reply to This ] -
Well I found the snow its following me everywhere I go
| Posted on 2015-01-01 21:58:52 | by DaleP - [ Reply to This ] -
Merry Christmasare you out playing in the snow today?
| Posted on 2014-12-25 12:51:14 | by DaleP - [ Reply to This ] -
Well, I did change 'into' to 'in to' (I looked up the rules for that and saw my mistake). Regarding the lay/lie thing, I gathered that my usage is correct from looking at the link you gave me. I was using the past tense of 'lie', so it should be 'lay'. Also, if I were to change the line to:
'Have I lain in the regolith'
then I would have to change the next line to:
'Have I done what I must?'
While that works, I much prefer the wording I have now.

All business aside, thanks for adding my piece to your favourites! It is indeed my little gift to you.

"the trouble with poetry is
that it encourages the writing of more poetry"
- Billy Collins

| Posted on 2014-10-04 08:39:30 | by AsiaticFox - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks, ponykeeper. Glad you liked my little poem. Heeee. :D

| Posted on 2014-10-04 07:35:47 | by AsiaticFox - [ Reply to This ] -

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