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Name: Ryeker The Martyr
ASL: 21/m/ca
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Life Story: kicking and screamin
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not all that glitters is gold, not all who wander are lost.- JRR Tolkein

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Came across this old site again thought I'd hit you up to see if old friends are still out there...
| Posted on 2015-08-14 00:20:43 | by xxx1on3xxx - [ Reply to This ] -
I just wanted to thank you for your constructive criticism on "Hot Tears" and "Stolen". I did feel like I needed to write "Stolen" because it goes on so much and it kind of gets overlooked with all the chaos in this world. I did take in what u said about both poems but i tend to do that on all my poems. I guess that's what makes me me. Well thank you again.Hope to hear from you.

| Posted on 2007-03-19 13:55:51 | by beautiful_lie2 - [ Reply to This ] -
thanks for the comment on 'frightening,' it was a piece I just randomly wrote. Definatly not one of my best. But thanks for taking the time on it, I changed it a bit following ur advice.
| Posted on 2007-03-10 18:55:38 | by blankscreen - [ Reply to This ] -

thank you for the comment on Escape.. i was wondering when someone was going to at least tell me something about it & I'm glad it was u. :o) I think I will change that word, "happiness" because it is over used but will have to replace with something else ending it iness...


Thanks again and I really did like ur recent one "and its done"

I reccomend to anyone who is reading this to read that poem!


| Posted on 2007-02-27 18:21:50 | by MysterydarkPoet - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey, thanks for commenting on my poem, "secret love"... I haven't written in a long time so I don't know how much I like it, but thanks again.

| Posted on 2007-02-25 14:08:14 | by alittlebithippy - [ Reply to This ] -
Hello again ryeker.

The Shed was a heartfelt piece that looked at the "hidey-hole" we men need in order to order our lives. It's not that we don't love our wives but we need to get away sometimes to recharge, reflect and recreate ourselves. My shed at the moment is the conservatory which is built in a way that lets me see into the house and "her iundoors" so we are together yet apart momentarily.
I like to fragment my pieces where it seems right to get the message over more strongly. Glad it worked for you.

| Posted on 2007-02-25 03:23:36 | by siradrian - [ Reply to This ] -

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