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Name: Daisy
ASL: female/fl
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Do what you have to do

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Mood: Wonder
I'm determined to break myself down and start again.

...Created 2011-07-31 21:44:10     [ View Past Journals ]

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Thanks Daisy, on "Exposed". I agree with what you say about being physically intimate but emotionally guarded. It sucks.

| Posted on 2011-10-22 16:53:55 | by JanePlane - [ Reply to This ] -
Thank you Daisy, my goodness! I didn't know that poem had so many flaws lol, thanks for pointing that out, its pretty old so I kinda didn't look at it when I posted it.

Your comment is appreciated!

| Posted on 2011-08-02 21:48:23 | by AltheaLaochra - [ Reply to This ] -
hi there...

thanks very much for the backatcha (smile).

yes, i think we are light and soul. this little bird was something, i tell ya. made my heart swell. and thus, the write.

anyhoos, i appreciate the looksee.
| Posted on 2011-08-02 10:56:12 | by isabella - [ Reply to This ] -
yes, and not only did she throw me off...she started kicking the dirt like she was going to charge at

i flipped up in the air off the horse and landed on my head...then sat there dazed while this horse got ready to come after sister picked me up on a another horse and got me away from her.

then she made me get on another horse...which was probably a good idea or i might have never ridden again...
one other time my foot fell out of the stirrups and i wound up hanging on the side of a horse...there were about 24 riders on that ride and we were took awhile for the word to get up to the leader to stop...i hung on for dear life.

| Posted on 2011-08-01 17:01:03 | by jacoberin - [ Reply to This ] -
thank you Daisy...

really appreciate your thoughts on "Static Lingerings"

i would say i am glad you could relate to it..but i'm not so sure that is a good thing..these feelings are not fun...

again, thanks for stopping by my poem

| Posted on 2011-08-01 16:57:11 | by jacoberin - [ Reply to This ] -
Hi Daisy,

Thanks for commenting on my quote about saints and sinners.

Yes, there is surely "good" in both the mentioned approaches. But like you so perfectly stated, it is what YOU believe is good which is probably best. You are the only person who truly knows if you are doing the right thing. You may do something that millions in society perceive as "wrong", but it if was done with pure and good intentions, is it really wrong? In the same breath I could ask; if you do something that is "right" according to a law or a scripture, but it was done with evil intentions, is it still "right"?

Anyways, this discussion could go on for pages and pages. I think the moral of the story is to do what your heart tells you is the right thing to do. Words can be turned, a mind can be changed, but a heart will never lie to you.

Keep an eye out for the poem "The Hypocrite", which I will post later today or tomorrow. It's based on these exact thoughts and is sure to raise some questions as well.

Once again thanks for stopping by.

| Posted on 2011-08-01 16:35:37 | by TiaanK - [ Reply to This ] -

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