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Name: Sanam Khan
ASL: 23 f Germany
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The Nameless ( Part 1 )
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You sure your not in Pennsylvaia right now, it's a bit rainy here also and we are dying for spring,


| Posted on 2008-04-28 08:10:48 | by Spin - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for the kind words on my poem,
I look forward to reading some more of your work,
Hows the weather in Germany?

Thanks again,

| Posted on 2008-04-24 09:42:57 | by Spin - [ Reply to This ] -
thanks so much my dear friend for your sweet and kind comment and never be sorry for anything we are more than friends.
| Posted on 2008-04-02 11:20:16 | by Khaled AbdAllah - [ Reply to This ] -

I've been threw a lot since I posted my latest pome, if you care to talk one on one, just let me know. I'll see ya around.

V.G. Komoscov
| Posted on 2008-03-08 00:16:17 | by Jose Ragnos - [ Reply to This ] -
Thanks for your comment on "It's Like You Kiss Me". I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Have a wonderful day!
| Posted on 2008-02-06 11:18:11 | by Intricate1 - [ Reply to This ] -
ja ich lebe gern hier, aber schreiben ist einfacher in englisch. deutsch ist zu schwierig, der die das, ein eine einen einem, mänlich weiblich, viel zu kompliziert.ich hatte eine kollege der früher in göttingen studierte, es liegt in die nähe von kassel, stimmts?
schönes wochenende
| Posted on 2008-01-25 10:04:38 | by eyeless in gaza - [ Reply to This ] -

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