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Name: Bob
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Mood: The Usual
What is with these contests??
Ive entered a few of them and then never hear back..

...Created 2006-06-18 07:56:25     [ View Past Journals ]

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I was wondering if you'd ever come back. This is "idlewriter"-- but I've changed to "observing life" for various reasons.

If you stop by, write a note.

Stacey G
| Posted on 2011-12-29 09:18:40 | by observinglife - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey, what happened to the rest of your submissions??
| Posted on 2007-08-06 08:15:38 | by K - [ Reply to This ] -
Thank you for your comments on creature.
| Posted on 2007-08-06 08:06:16 | by K - [ Reply to This ] -
thanx for checking out that piece
the description isnt really necessary but the night i wrote it it was... i wanted the piece to make sense and people to understand my need for writing it. it wasnt a plea for sympathy or anything... i just didnt think i would be able to cope if it was misunderstood.

thanx for stopping by dude
| Posted on 2007-07-17 00:49:52 | by Someones Epiphany - [ Reply to This ] -
how you doing?
| Posted on 2007-07-16 22:35:34 | by Someones Epiphany - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey there,
thank you so much for your comments on my poems .. i really appreciated it .. also thanks for the fav add :)
as for the insight you brought to "Shattered" - thank you for that .. hahaha i didn't mean anything as deep as the blood being in her heart .. i only meant that she was the only one that was hurt ... he didn't seem to have a scratch on him .. but i prefer ur version better :)
thanks shaun
| Posted on 2007-07-07 21:58:09 | by DeepsLighter - [ Reply to This ] -

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