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star goddess

Name: Dieing Star
ASL: 18 female fantasy&reality
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Days Away: 5836
Life Story: Summarize.
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Mood: Dead
heh..morning. Good Morning people!!! ...heh yeah right just have a good morning. Everyones still asleep so for the time being im happy. If you saw me right now however you'd swear i was about to get revenge because someone ran over my dog. heh..I Just cant wait till Wed. My own reasons. *sigh* I love this house I live in. However sometimes i feel like a dead corpse in it. I get up and go outside, in case your thinking that i dont. Its just something about this house. Or maybe its the people in it? The people that want to make me scream so bad till my head explodes, but i cant scream. I cant scream because in this house i feel dead. Not a vampire or zombie dead. Just litterly and completly DEAD. The truly dead cant talk or move for that matter. heh but im not dead...To stubborn to be dead just yet.

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