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Name: Steph Hyfrith
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hey u alive
| Posted on 2009-03-29 23:18:04 | by SAMEER - [ Reply to This ] -

Thanks fOr the cOmments.

it was for a friend.

but im gladyou commented

your work is really good

keep up the good work!

| Posted on 2008-02-28 13:52:58 | by crazijessi - [ Reply to This ] -
thanks for the comment on "clocks" , thought nobody would actually get where i was coming from with that , you do perfectly though , thank god . . . or whoever made you :P for your exstience!!!! yeah you for getting it

thanks again
| Posted on 2008-01-03 22:56:30 | by every48seconds - [ Reply to This ] -
hey,thanks for you comment,i really appreciate it:)...and i'm taking what u said into consideration
| Posted on 2007-10-14 15:47:55 | by emjay20 - [ Reply to This ] -
Hey I want to thank you for your comment on my poem "very little." yes i know that was last october but i realize that i never told you thanks. I pray you are enjoying yourself. ;D
| Posted on 2007-05-28 02:08:24 | by Backavar - [ Reply to This ] -
do you have blue eyes

do you have charming smile

or are ur eyes like mad eye mooddys

your hair like luna lovegood

your mouth like umbridge

or are you totally like hagrids girlfriend

well i'll keep asking such questions if you dont send me your picture
| Posted on 2007-05-07 01:09:18 | by SAMEER - [ Reply to This ] -

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