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Name: Danielle Leary
ASL: 21/f/ct
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Days Away: 5064
Life Story: Rough but Im Ok.
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"Pace yourself you have all day to screw up."

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Hiding From the Truth

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Stressed Out!

Mood: Stressed
Way too much is going on right now! I am still trying to cope with the fact that I lost my lil girl and everything else just came down and piled on along with that. My mom is drivin me up a wall- she doesnt have a vehicle at this point so her and I are sharing one and we are BOTH in the process of moving so all of are shit is packed into one car-my car. So im buggin bc I have no organization, my car's a mess, I just want to get AWAY!!! I want to go into a secluded room thats padded and I can cry and scream and punch and hit and tackle down a huge bag. I juss wanna feel peaceful rather than not being able to sleep, having constant jolts in my sleep that wake me up...I want to wake up happy in the morning! I want to feel refreshed from sleeping. Not be like "OMG! Can I go back to sleep I doont even wanna deal wit this shit today!" Its amazing how zoloft puts u at a "numb" state until u stop taking it. I need to feel and cope with the death of my baby so I stopped taking it, but now all this other shit is building up and I cant do n e thing about it. Its just one thing after another...I get something else wrong after I have the baby, my mom's sick, I cant find a school that has what I am looking for, I cant find a decent job, I cant wake up happy, I cant pay for school- nvm go to it- I cant do jack shit right now and its buggin me out!!! AHHHH!

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Your welcome!! I like to do what I can
| Posted on 2006-10-12 00:00:00 | by haileebobailee - [ Reply to This ] -

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