+Affordable Customizable Website+

  Elite Design will work with your budget to establish an excellent site that visitors will enjoy and find easy to navigate. We will personally work with you through phone or instant messenger to customize a site to your personal goals or visions. Most any style of layout can be mimicked if you have something in mind. Once the project is completed the site's content will be self maintainable without the webmaster.

+Website Redesign+

  Already have a website? No problem. We'll give it a free tune up. If you don't like the new layout we will refund your money!

+Optimizations and Advertising+

  We understand how search engines algorithms work. In order to be successful on the web, your website must be easily found by the target audience you seek. Whether it is free advertising, search engine paid placement, or keyword bidding, we will give you the information you need in order to make the most logical decision. Even if there is a very low advertising budget, we will work our best to significantly increase your traffic. It can be arranged to where payment is based on the results achieved.

+Graphics Design+

  Customized logos can establish credibility and help your visitors remember your site. A sleek webdesign can make all the difference in whether or not visitors even decide to stay in your site. Elite Design will work with you at no cost until you are satisfied with the design. A few hours of our time can provide you with growth increases for years to come.

+On-call Internet Advisor+

  Making decisions online over credibility or value of services can be very frustrating. Registrations can charge overwhelming amounts monthly for things like web hosting, site submission, or keyword bidding. We can help you save money for months to come by sharing the best values we've found or just educating you with our experience in the subject.

+Higher Search Engine Ranking+

  Search engines bring in about 90% of the traffic the internet offers. Finding out how to increase your rank or get the search engines to 'spider' your site is essential. Setting up keyword density and frequency, a well optimized description and title, and optimizing page size can boost rankings to the top of the lists for desired keywords. Knowing what factors influence rank is what will make your site successful.

+Customized WebDesign to Your Visions+

  If you have something already envisioned, just let us know. We will work with you until satisfied or no charge will be administered. Once you are happy with the results you just pay us for the design and we can guide you through hosting and domain information if you need it. Afterwards, we just set it up on your hosting account.

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