This site will self destruct in 2 months, March 17.
It will come back, and be familiar and at the same time completely different.
All content will be deleted. Backup anything important.
--- Staff
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Elite Contributer: For users that are extremely giving in feedback.

Contributer: For users that are especially giving in feedback.

Kindness Award: Submitting 20 or more posts and maintaining a ratio greater than 1.2.


Mark Of The Elite: Members that are extremely generous in comments. Limited to 15 users.

ObservantIntellect: Members who are observant, generous, and patient. Limited to 10 users.

1 Winner

Elite Karma Award: For having the most Karma out of all the users.

The Elite: For friendliness and dedication above any that shown from any other.

Shoutbox Award: For posting the most shouts out of all the users.


Skillaged: For exceptional work having depth and style.

Skillaged Rewrite: For a phenomenal rewrite.

The awards are updated once every few days.