Writing Scams Intro

     Learn about publication scams: how they work, how to spot them, and how you can bring them down. Features the poetry.com scam.

     Enter to win 58,000! Everyone is a winner! Learn how to destroy their fraud organizations. You are a "semi-finalist" in our "international poetry competition". What flattery! Your genius is materialized and ambitions flared! I've seen many writer that have held these scam notes under their beds with esteem, bragging them to their friends and calling themselves "published writers" for several years.

    This site offers awareness for several online scams. Submit your stories of these terrible companies wicked ways. They literally have the hearts of aspiring writers in their pockets. Millions of dollars feeding their greed makes them do sponsored links to get even more people scammed. Even sadder is when the teachers are not aware of the poetry.com scam and recommend their students to enter.

(C) Jimmy Ruska

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