Dear <>,
I'm sorry you will be unable to join us at the 2004 International
Society of Poets' Spring Convention and Symposium at the Walt Disney
World Resort--the largest and most prestigious poetry event ever held.
As you know, you were selected to be honored at this event, and we were
looking forward to your presenting your poetic artistry in front of the
more than 2000 poets from over 50 countries who will be attending.
However, because we don't want you to miss out on this unique
opportunity altogether, we have arranged a way for you and your poetic
accomplishments to be a part of this event in a major way, without your
actually being present. Although you will be unable to participate in
the Convention contest (you must be present to win), you can receive all
of the awards and benefits of ISP membership we have scheduled for
you--including your custom engraved Outstanding Achievement in Poetry
Silver Award Bowl (see it here)
<>, your bronze Commemorative Award Medallion, and
your Full One Year Membership into the International Society of Poets
for 2004--if you will allow us to present one of your poems at the
convention in your place.
We have arranged for professional poetry readers to read your poem at
this largest gathering of poets in history. Our readers will present
your poem with imaginative style, so that your artistry receives the
worldwide exposure and recognition that it deserves. Your poem will also
be featured in printed form, proudly displayed in a special room at the
convention that will be accessible to more than 2000 attending poets and
And let me tell you a little about the actual awards and membership
benefits that you will receive by mail immediately after you confirm
your participation in this prestigious event by submitting your poem
25& :
-- Your Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Silver Award Bowl
W225& (a $200.00 value) is a magnificent work of art
in itself that measures over 10 inches across and over 11 inches high.
It is handcrafted in silver and has your name custom-engraved on a
beautiful cherry-wood base. It is certain to enjoy a special place of
pride in your home and will serve as a fitting symbol of your unique
poetic artistry.
-- Your bronze Commemorative Award Medallion (a $40.00 value) is a
deeply etched bronze medal brilliantly displayed on a 25 inch red, white
and blue satin ribbon.
-- And your Full One Year Membership into the International Society of
Poets for 2004 (a $60.00 value) entitles you to a personalized
membership card, an ISP patch and decal, entry into special contests
during the year, and a subscription to The Poet's Corner quarterly
newsletter. Please note, if you are already an ISP member, your benefits
will be extended an additional year.
James, all that's required for us to immediately send you all of these
Awards is for you to submit a poem
25&fn=James&ln=Ruska> to be formally presented at the convention.
Additionally, we must also ask you for the necessary funds ($169.00 plus
p+h) to cover the costs of the time and effort required to present your
poem before the convention attendees both aloud and in writing, as well
as the costs incurred in insuring and shipping to you these extremely
bulky and heavy awards via Federal Express.
James, we are, of course, ultimately most interested in meeting you and
having you personally present your artistry in front of the thousands of
other poets who attend these live events. Unfortunately, this is not to
be the case at this time, so we're trying to do the next best thing. But
we sincerely hope to personally present you with your most deserved
awards in the future.
Steve Michaels
Convention Awards Chairperson
P.S. Your Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Award, bronze Commemorative
Award Medallion, and ISP membership kit will be shipped to you by
Federal Express, and will be accompanied by an iron-clad promise that
you will be thrilled with your awards. If for any reason you're not
completely delighted, simply return them any time within 60 days of
receipt for a full refund, no questions asked.
P.P.S. You'll also receive a $100.00 gift certificate off the
registration of a future ISP convention so that we can formally
recognize your poetic accomplishments in person at a date that's
convenient to you.
Submit your poem here and receive your awards
25&fn=James&ln=Ruska> or go to
If you no longer wish us to notify you of poetic events that we believe
may be of interest to you, please click here<>
, or go to * One Poetry Plaza * Owings Mills, MD 21117

(C) Jimmy Ruska

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