My poem was chosen for publication. I went under the name Hairy Newts Sacks. The poem is called "Killing the Knee Grows". Do you think they really read these?

1. Search " scam" in the or any search engine.
2. Type in any common name like bob jones into their search box. Click any poem.
There's a little book icon on the bottom left where you can order the book it's in. If you just submitted a poem it will say the sectional committee has not yet approved it to be published. Typing any random common name you'll see most all articles submitted are published.
3. If you ordered the book, your poem was on he front page wasn't it? You received one of the cheesy 'editors choice awards in tan colored paper? You got that letter saying you won semi-finalist in their 'international' poetry competition. It looks like it has hand written notes saying you were excellent in blue ink and it even 'looks' officially signed. They tried to sell you a cd with your poetry, because you are really good. They called you to a convention because you are poet of the year. They offer you a big ugly trophy with your name. They JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!!!
4. Enter the contest again and change your name and if possible, make your address look different by adding the Dr. or APT at the end. Right jibberish. They do have a sensor for words like scam, and offensive words, so don't use them. You'll get your letter again.

--Why would they do such a thing!?--
Because people get excited, especially parents, who can buy a copy of the $50 book and give it to all your relatives. They make 50 million a year off excited ambitions with these automated horoscope letters. They make their money off misleading people. DO NOT SUPPORT THEM WITH YOUR MONEY!!!

The Con-vention Invitation
The Con-vention Email #2
Personal account of Con-vention
How much They Earn You're featured in [[cheesy bookname here]]!
Help Take them off the Internet Scam

Write a bad review for them @

(C) Jimmy Ruska

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