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    Report Fraud$.startup

Write a bad review for them @

    NEVER LINK THEM!!! No matter what! Link this page or the honest writing sites in it's place!! Awareness is important in order to destroy them. Link to your favorite poetry site with the keyword "poetry" instead!

How to Neuter Them
    Most their strength comes from the thousands of inward links their victims have given them in their personal sites. Type in the word poetry (yahoo or google) and if is listed click it and leave. They pay for each click they get. Google search or the site you want to destroy. These are the sites linking to them. The skip a few pages on the google results and click on a site. Send them an email with this message or post it in their shoutbox/guestbook. Destroying people s ability to find their site is the best way to eliminate them.

Dear Sir or Madam

  I am writing this to inform you that you are supporting a fraudulent organization whose main target is young aspiring writers. For details please go to . You are linking them in [[enter page here]] . Because of you, there are writers that may get a letter saying they were 'winners' in a 'writing competition' that is fake and only want money for the publication. If you were aware of this then you're just as evil as they are. It is not a matter of convenience of updating links, there are writers getting scammed. If you are linking them you are improving their pagerank.

If you are linking them to say they are a scam, you are still supporting them. A link from your site to theirs is like a vote from your site to theirs. When you link another site a search engine increments the other site's pagerank. If your linking them just to have a gallery of writing you've made then try Please remove this link. If you have any questions contact me.

[[your name]]

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How to Screw with them

Go to or and get the emails of your local congressman and send them a notes asking how are such fraud organizations protected by Uncle Sam. Get their addresses and enter the contest with it. Write the most racial, nonsensical, or vulgar poem you can think of. If it hits them they might be more likely to care. Send one to your nearest public school too.
Email your local media @'s Address

1 Poetry Plaza
Owings Mills, MD
Phone: (410) 356 2000, (410) 356 9931, Fax: +1 518 286 2544

Even Better is contacting the better business beauro for maryland!

BBB of Greater Maryland
1414 Key Highway, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21230 - 5189

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