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Necromancers - Chapter One - The Rain

Author: Akumu
ASL Info:    14/f/SL,UT
Elite Ratio:    8 - 3 /0 /1
Words: 1014
Class/Type: Story /Misc
Total Views: 1173
Average Vote:    3.0000
Bytes: 5818


How can you describe the power, the feeling that comes with a storm? Oh, it's impossible. I've been trying for a while, but I can't find the right words.
I know there are going to be a lot of problems with the way this is written, but that is because my english teacher hasn't taught me anything past nouns and verbs yet.
I'd love it if you could comment on the writing and the idea seperatly.
My english teahcer asked us for creative writing assignment the other day. I wrote one, thought it was kind of fun, and decided to write something else. This is the first thing I've written, so please be kind. ;-;
As I couldn't seem to come up with any inspiration, I decided to set it around my adventure quest character(

Necromancers - Chapter One - The Rain

Roiling black clouds burst and thundered over the sky, rushing like the waves of the sea. Power seemed to be etched in every shadow of pure black on the darkened face of the sky. Flashes of jagged light scorched across the darkness, making the shadowed clouds seem all the darker. Deep rumbles seemed to roll over the trees like giant drum beats. The moon and stars where obscured in the purple-tinged storm.
Wind waved over the huge towering trees. Leaves set up a strange rustling and the brushed together. Giant slender trees bent and swayed with the rushing winds, the branches of thick-trunked trees waved. Saplings where torn from their roots. A huge branch was torn from its trunk, and fell towards the river. Its slow fall seemed emphasized by the brilliant light from above. Brown water flew in all directions, as it hit the water with a smack.
The deep river was only about the width of two cars lined up, but very deep. The water was brown, looking like flowing mud. Many water loving trees bent over its long, winding path. A thin path seemed to wind down its banks, before it rose steeply. It rippled in the wind that filtered down through the trees.
The tree branch fell, and was carried with the slow-moving current, half-submerged. The water that was sprayed with it drenched the banks, and the green plants along the side. The plants where thriving. Protected from the wind by the trees, they waved only occasionally. Green life seemed to cover the ground.
‘Greeeeat.’ thought Akumu. Her hair was long and black, but shaggy. It hung lankly, unadorned. It half covered her brilliant blue eyes. Her clothes, dark gray and purple, were soaked. She wore a shinobi shozoku- a ninja garment. Her slender form was shown with the mostly skin-tight outfit. Her feet where clad in thin yet sturdy cloth boots. She wore gloves that extended to her elbows and cut off at mid-finger. She wore thin yet sturdy metal plating on her shoulders, knees, and around her torso. The armor was in gray, almost black. Underneath the armor, she wore a dark, dark purple tank top. She wore a skirt in darkened gray, and purple and gray striped socks underneath.
At her side, a black creature was curled. His dark fur was wet and plastered to his sides. He slowly stood. He yawned, his large fangs showing. His lupine muzzle and pointed black ears displayed him as some sort of wolf. His eyes where a deep red, with yellow pupils/iris’s. A glinting, ivory-colored pair of horns was set just in front of his ears. His nose was red, the same color as his eyes. Red fur clothed his underbelly, paws, and the tip of his tail. He whimpered sympathetically.
‘I guess I get to spend the night wet and miserable.’ She thought with a sigh. Her senses where sharper than a normal humans. She got to her feet, looking through her pack. Her many different weapons had different effects on different creatures. If she didn’t know what she would be facing, her Blade of Awe was the best bet. It had a lot of different powers, and was an all-around good blade. She pulled the brilliant wide-sword from her weapons arsenal. She had many shields, but usually only carried her Night Shield with her. A lot of monsters attacked with darkness, and she couldn’t carry all of her shields.
A heavy footed gate became clearly audible, among the pattering rain. Branches and plants snapped, as it made no attempt to be quiet. It shambled along, closer and closer. In moments a disgusting stench filled her nose. She grimaced, knowing she would have to deal with it. A rotting humanoid stumbled towards her from the bushes. Its skin was graying green. Its eyes were gone, leaving black sockets. Its skin dripped down its sides like candle wax. Its lips where gone, leaving its yellow-green teeth permanently exposed. Bones stuck out at odd angled from the rotting flesh. A ghastly moan escaped its decrepit throat; all its vocal cords were capable of.
It lunged at her, its rotting fingers clawing at her face and eyes. Every place it touched her, she felt cold and numb. It had the ability to regenerate itself using her life. She hacked its head off, stunning it for a moment, as she got out of the line of fire. It backed away, and then she lunged again. This time, she was ready. She swung, putting all her weight behind the sword. The creatures through burbled as it tried to scream. It was sliced straight down the middle. Its torso fell to the ground by its empty head. Its legs still dragged themselves forward. Another slash turned then into a pair of dead calves and still trashing thighs. The head rolled around, and the arms thrashed. She summoned a bit of magic.
Akumu didn’t have a lot of magic power. Her prowess was in physical fighting. But she did have a little bit. Enough for a simple fireball. If she didn’t incinerate the body, it would just reattach itself and come after someone else. Feeling for the damp pool that was what little magic she had, she imagined it igniting and rolling outwards. She closed her eyes and concentrated. When she opened them, the monster was only charred bones, the fire already extinguished from the rain. Her hair hung in thin stripes, and her clothes where wet against her pale skin.
It wasn’t odd to find monster in the forest, but a zombie? They almost always stayed near graveyards. There, they could hide before the morning killed them off. And it was unheard of for them to come out in the rain- it made them soggy and tended to make them fall apart. Something was going on.
To be continued…

(Note: I give full credit to for the creation of the monsters, weapons, pets, and game in general. I created the character and the story based on that.

Submitted on 2006-05-13 20:34:14     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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