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    dots Submission Name: The Prophecy Chapters 1-2dots

    Author: Psyche101
    ASL Info:    16
    Elite Ratio:    0.52 - 0/0/3
    Words: 2663
    Class/Type: Story/Friendship
    Total Views: 1001
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 14258

       Psyche and Her Brother Saka are hiding a dark past but when Psyche's friend is hurt Psyche realizes that not even love is strong enough to fight against fate...

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    dotsThe Prophecy Chapters 1-2dots

    Never Displease A Deity
    The story starts off a little slow but bear with me it gets better and a hell of a lot more interesting *inside note* Saka scares me he has serious issues man ok ill shut up now....

    Mrs. Wonderbread smiled indulgently at Saka one of the brightest students at Franklin High.
    “ Nice try Mr. Doyle but you know the rules no homework no free time.”
    Saka frowned. He wasn’t used to being told no.
    “ But Mrs.Wonderbread...”
    “ No buts Saka your not above class rules no matter how large your IQ. Now sit down .”
    Saka glared at Mrs. Wonderbread. As everyone but him headed
    outside for free time and he was left inside pouting indignantly, and thought to himself I wasn’t lying Zombies really did eat my homework.
    Psyche passed the ball to Aristotle looking up at the school building as she did. In the window stood a fourteen year old boy with bright blue hair . He was staring right at her. She sniffed the air and new her brother was calling her, and he was very angry.
    Psyche stood at the bathroom sink brushing her hair getting ready for bed. A hand gently pried the brush from her hand and took up the task. She looked in the mirror at her brother. “ What’s wrong Saka?”
    He looked up at her his eyes turning from a delicate blue to fiery black .
    His strokes became less gentle and Psyche cried out in pain when he jerked the brush while in a tangle of her hair. His voice deepened “ You like him more than me don’t you?” The bathroom lights flickered and the air began to heat. “Saka...” Psyche whimpered. Saka scowled grabbing Psyches arm and
    turning her around thrusting her against the wall. He looked down at her his teeth clenched his blue hair falling into his face. His hands tightened painfully on her shoulders. His eyes glowed and he growled.

    “ You like him more than me don’t you?” Psyche mumbled something unintelligible. Saka shook her. “ Answer me ”
    “No.” she said shaking her head as tears fell onto the tile floor. His face was inches from her own. His teeth had begun to grow long and sharp. His voice became demonic. “ DON”T LIE TO ME ” He screamed and lights flickered out. Downstairs Mr. Juoi their guardian looked up from were he stood cleaning the dishes. He frowned and looked down at his arm he had accidently cut himself with a knife but instead of blood spurting out of the deep wound. Their were sparks and oil. Mr. Juoi tilted his head and mumbled into the intercom beside the sink. “ Master Saka..” Mr. Juoi waited for an answer. At first all he heard was screaming and demonic laughter but after awhile when the screams had stopped. Master Saka answered. “ What is it roboman?”
    “I’m sorry to disturb you Master Saka but I’ve broken myself again.”
    Saka laughed the demonic voice returned to that of a charming fourteen year old boy. “ What did you do this time Juoi?” The robot frowned “ I believe, Master Saka, that I cut myself.”
    Psyche awoke in a haze of pain. Without moving she looked around. Blood covered the walls and tiled floor of the bathroom. Closing her eyes Psyche went back to sleep.

    Psyche felt a hand shoving her roughly. She opened her eyes and stared up into the handsome face of her brother. “Get up sister your gonna be late for school.” Psyche watched her brother as he brushed his teeth avoiding the blood on the edge of the sink. Psyche pushed herself up slowly and got to her feet. Saka glanced at her in the mirror. “I forgive you.” Psyche scowled. “Oh you forgive me how generous of you.” Saka growled. “ Don’t push it beloved sister, I may love you above all others but if you displease me you will be punished. Just like Mrs. Wonderbread.” Psyches eyes widened. “ What did you do to her Saka?” He laughed. “ See for yourself.” The TV in her bedroom clicked on. Limping into her room. She looked at the TV. It was a news report.

    Today a local junior high school teacher was found brutally raped and beaten in her apartment. On her wall in her own blood was written the words
    “ Never Displease A Deity.” The police have no suspects at this time. We will update you as soon as more information is found.”
    The TV clicked off. Psyche turned around to look at her brother. Who stood by the bed putting on his leather jacket. He looked up at Psyche. “Well hurry up were gonna be late.” He passed by Psyche kissing her on the cheek and heading downstairs. Where the robot Saka had made in their adopted fathers image stood making their lunches. Psyche looked down at herself. Covered in blood her PJS ripped to shreds Her body battered and bruised. She wanted to stay home and soak in the tub, but she knew Saka wouldn’t allow it, he prided himself on having a both beautiful and intelligent sister. Walking over to her dresser. She picked up a bottle felled with a sticky red paste. Dabbing her bruises and cuts with the red paste they quickly disappeared. Once her body and face where again flawless. She began dressing, and headed downstairs. Where Saka was repairing Mr. Juoi’s arm. Twelve years ago. Saka and her had killed their adopted father. So Saka had used his magic and mixing it with technology created a robot in Fathers image. Psyche was very fond of Mr. Juoi even if it was just a robot. She liked to pretend it really was the father who had rescued them so long ago from an early grave and in doing so had dug his own.

    Aristotle Part 1
    Psyche looked up from her text book to find her friend smiling down at her. She smiled back “ Hey Aristotle how you been?” He set down beside her. “ Its been cool I guess. You?” Psyche thought of Saka beating and the blood covered tiles. She remembered the pain clearly. She smiled. “ Yep same here. So what’s up?” Aristotle looked away. “ Well tonight me and a couple of my friends are headed to The Demon Shack, you know that old house down by the woods?” Psyche frowned. “ Yeah I know it.” Aristotle grinned. “ We’ve been dared to spend the night you know cause its supposedly a gateway to hell and all, and see if we make it through the night we get in.” Psyche tiled her head. “ Get into what?” Aristotle’s eyebrow raised. “ Hello earth to Psyche. The Lucifer Gang. The most popular clique in school. Can you believe it we made it through the auditions, and if we get through the initiation were in.” Psyche grabbed his arm and looked into his eyes. “ Listen to me Aristotle. What ever you do don’t go to that house please.” Startled he replied “Why?” Psyche looked at him clearly frightened. “ For once don’t ask any questions just trust me. Don’t go.” He scoffed. “ Dramatic aren’t we what are you on your period or something?” Psyche scowled . “ No, I’m just....worried all right that place is....its just not safe please trust me, she placed her hand on his cheek, Please don’t go.” He looked into her eyes and grinned giving her a quick peck on the cheek he stood up. “ Alright already if it makes you feel better I wont go ok?” She smiled. “ Thank you.” He looked at her confused. “ Yeah whatever. See you at lunch.”
    It was midnight and the a group of boys stood in front of the Demon Shack. A condemned old building that looked like it would crumble in any minute. Aristotle gulped and mumbled under his breathe. “ Maybe I should have listened to Psyche maybe I shouldn’t have come.”
    “ Scared Aristotle?” Inquired the blue haired boy siting on the steps of the old house. “ No.” Aristotle stuttered. The boys around him laughed. “ Yeah right he’s gonna shit in his pants at any moment.” Everyone laughed. The blue boy sauntered up to Aristotle. Aristotle was very intimidated by Psyches brother Saka but also in awe. You couldn’t help it Saka commanded respect from everyone as he did fear. Saka was King of Franklin High and he knew it without a doubt. Aristotle disliked him because he was he was so conceited and narcissistic and because deep down everyone knew there was something not quite right about Saka. Something off with him. Something that made him dangerous. That was why all the girls at their school were drawn to him. Aristotle knew he was dating more than one of them and he was the head of the Lucifer Gang and if you were in the Lucifer Gang you could have anything you wanted. Aristotle wanted that kind of power. Saka was a major playboy. He was never seen with just one girl on his arm. Everyone seemed to love him except and this perplexed Aristotle more than anything. Everyone seemed to love him except Psyche except his sister. For one thing she was the only one who ever dared stand up tp him. Sakas word was law everybody knew that, but Psyche had stood up to him often and yet Saka just seemed to take it which was odd considering he wouldn’t from anyone else ever. “Well, sighed Saka, its time everyone inside.” Aristotle followed the others inside when he passed Saka who would not be going in. He smiled and the smile was one of triumph. Triumph for what Aristotle couldn’t guess . He was the last through the door and the one to close it. The last thing he saw was Saka waving. The strange thing was his different colored (ones blue ones brown) eyes seemed to be glowing.
    Psyche woke up screaming. Was I having a bad dream she wondered. Mr. Juoi opened her door. “ Is everything alright Mistress Psyche?” Psyche waved him away “ Yes, Mr. Juoi every things fine. I just had a bad dream.” Mr. Juoi nodded. “ Well alright just checking.” Before he closed the door Psyche felt a chill run down her spine. “ Mr. Juoi?” The door opened again. “ Yes Mistress?” Psyche gulped. “ Where is my brother. Is he in bed?” Mr. Juoi looked amused. “ Of course not silly girl. He went with his friends to the
    ADONIS MERRITT.” Suddenly Psyche new what her nightmare had been. It was a vision a vision of death. Jumping out of bed Psyche pushed past Mr. Juoi and ran out the front door straight for The Demon Shack.
    The house was pitch black and the stairs squeaked but Aristotle continued up. He needed to find a place to sleep, and he didn’t want to sleep near a bunch of guys who would scare him every time he closed his eyes. So he had decided to move upstairs. As he opened the nearest door he heard a whisper. He turned but saw nothing. Entering the room he set down in the corner and put his head on his legs. In his dreams he saw Psyches disapproving face. He sighed. “ She’s gonna be pissed.” Aristotle would never tell her how he felt. He knew she’d just blow him off like she did the last guy who asked her out. Psyche just hated men. He’d been the only man she’d called friend, and he’d felt honored. It was weird but he got the feeling that Psyche was very important. That she needed to be protected and cherished. Sappy huh? He chuckled. The door suddenly swung open. Aristotle looked up. All he had time to mutter was. “ Oh shit ”

    Aristotle Part 2

    Psyche opened the door to The Demon Shack and memories assaulted her memories of her mother of her real father memories of their deaths memories of a time when her brother had been kind. A time when he’d truly loved her, but that had been along time ago. Now he was nothing but a monster hiding in a mans body. “ Is that really what you think of me dear sister am I a monster in your eyes?” She looked up to see her brother but he was no longer a handsome young boy. His legs had become bent like a wolves a spiked tail moved from left to right behind him . His bat-like wings retracted. His arms were covered in scales with sharp points. His teeth were long and sharp. In his hand he held a human head dripping blood and things she would rather not think about. She looked up at him furious that he could do these things. “ Are you so heartless dear brother? You end lives so easily.” Tears ran down her cheeks. “ Are you the same brother that help me up when I tripped? Are you the same brother who played with me and helped me make my bed? Are you the brother who promised to protect me from the darkness? ARE YOU?” She screamed falling to her knees. “ But you have failed me brother . You did not protect me as you promised. For though you protect me from the monsters that stalk the night. You have failed to protect me from the one monster that could hurt me the most.” Saka/beast smiled. “ And what monster is that sister?” She looked up at him her eyes felled with unshed tears. “ You dear brother. You our the monster that haunts my dreams.” Saka/beast frowned (as best a monster could) . His form slowly shifted back to that of a human boy. He walked over to his sister throwing down the head she saw it was Michael one of Aristotle friends. He looked down at her. “ I didn’t hurt him you know. I just scared him a bit that’s all.” He walked past her. Patting her head as he walked out of the house. “ He’s upstairs.” Saka whispered as he walked away. Psyche cried out in joy. “ Thank you.” She whispered getting up and running up the stairs.
    When she got to the top of the stairs. She began to hear whimpering following it to a door. She opened it and peered inside. In the corner set Aristotle. His clothes where torn and he had many cuts and scraps but nothing that looked life threatening. Saka really didn’t hurt him. Psyche thought. She bent down. His face lying on his knees. “ Aristotle its me. Its Psyche.” Aristotle whimpered .
    “ Psyche is that really you?” Psyche smiled. “ Yes sweety its me.” Not to far away Psyche heard sirens. Damn him. Psyche looked back at Aristotle. “ Come on we need to get out of here.” Aristotle laughed bitterly still not looking at her.
    “ I can’t do that Psyche.” Psyche touched Aristotle hand concerned Saka had done something more to him then meets the eye. “ Why Aristotle? Why can’t you leave.” He shifted “Because Psyche, he looked up at her, your brother took my eyes. Psyche stared horrified at Aristotle face. Where his eyes should be their was nothing but gapping holes.” He smiled grimly. “ What the hell is your brother Psyche? What the hell are you?”

    Submitted on 2006-06-29 14:41:22     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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