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    dots Submission Name: Madamedots

    Author: drowning_queen
    Elite Ratio:    5.44 - 245/270/52
    Words: 2067
    Class/Type: Prose/Passion
    Total Views: 1813
    Average Vote:    5.0000
    Bytes: 11564

       dedicated to ChimeraNytemare

    warning: explicit language and sexual imagery

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    Iím on my knees again. Just like you like me. The carpet scrapes against my delicate flesh, impressing its texture in whiffled, reddened patches. My arms are tied behind my back at the elbows, cuffs secured around my wrists. The scrape of the rope against my arms contrasts nicely with the supple softness of the leather at my hands. I am collared, yours to do with as you please.

    Youíre seated at the edge of the bed, pulling me to kneel between your spread thighs. Your fingers card through my disheveled hair, tugging gently then not so gently at the long strands. I lean into the touch, letting my eyes drift shut and my head tilt back, exposing more of my throat beneath the collar. My breath hitches as you lean forward, snapping playfully at the delicate skin there. You grin at my reaction, pushing me backwards with a firm hand then deftly removing your shirt. I propel myself awkwardly forward, arms still bound, to bury my face in the warmth of your breasts, nuzzling them through the black lace of your bra. You wrench me away by my hair, bringing your face very close to mine and resolutely telling me no. A shiver runs through me and I bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning-- you want me quiet tonight.

    I sit back on my heels and wait for your next move. At first you just stare at me, following the lines of my body with darkened eyes, making me squirm in place. Your hand returns to my hair, gathering the unruly mass in your hands and piling it messily on top of my head. You reach behind you for a clip, securing it tightly out of the way. Your hand drops to my waist, tracing the boning in the leather corset, your fingers accidentally brushing the cool metal chain connecting the nipple clamps, making me gasp. You produce a cup of ice from someplace I can not see and tip a cube into your mouth, bending to circle one overly sensitive nipple with ice-chilled lips and tongue. This time I can not stay silent and you pull away, off-handedly reminding me that will be another ten strokes.

    You stand and slide off your pants, tossing them into the laundry basket beside me. My hands twitch behind me, wanting to run my palms up the smooth skin of your legs, caress the sensitive spots behind your knees. You sit again, hooking a finger through the metal ring at the front of my collar to tug me closer. I can feel your knees brushing my sides now. My mind wanders to later on tonight when I will be stretched over your lap, your hand turning the pale skin of my ass red with welts. The image spawns a new rush of wetness pooling at the juncture of my thighs.

    You wrap one strong hand around the back of my neck, bringing my face towards your crotch. I can feel the hard length of the silicone cock against my cheek through your soft cotton boxers and all I can think of is how badly I want you to fuck me. I must have moaned at the thought because you are jerking me back, scolding me once again and adding to my building punishment. I canít wait.

    I want so very much to beg you, to fill your ears with baby please, now, please I canít wait, fuck me fuck me fuck me but youíve already told me a single word will ruin my chances of having that cock in me tonight. So I keep painfully quiet, mentally trying to get you to hurry, pleading with my eyes for you to knock me to the floor and fuck me senseless. Instead you wordlessly pull the strap-on through the opening in the front of the boxers, teasingly stroking it and watching my hungry gaze.

    I wet my lips as you beckon me closer, placing my mouth at the head of the cock and cupping my face in your hands. We lock eyes as I swipe my tongue slowly over the tip and around the head, finally circling my mouth and drawing the cock into its hot depths. Inch by inch you watch more of it disappear into my waiting mouth, watching in awe as I open my throat and take it deeper. You thrust experimentally, catching me off guard and nearly choking me. I back off quickly, only to be caught by your warm hand at the back of my neck, pining me in place-- my arms bound behind me, my nipples aching in the metal clamps, your cock in my mouth, filling meÖ almost.

    You grab a hand full of my hair and plunge once again into my mouth, striking the back of my throat with each thrust, forcing me to take it all. And I do. After some time you pull back and take in the picture: my hair is once again loose and wild, my cheeks reddened with the same blush creeping across my chest, my lips are wet and swollen, saliva still coating my chin and your cock. I am breathing deeply, desperately, trying to recover the air lost through my desire and your thorough fucking of my mouth. I am shaking with need, desperate to have your hands back on me.

    And then youíre reaching behind me, unbuckling the cuffs and carefully unknotting the rope. You idly massage my arms for a moment, ducking your head to place chaste kisses on the insides of my wrists. When you reach for the nipple clamps I squeeze my eyes shut, sucking in an anticipatory breath as the first clamp is released, blood rushing back to the site and shooting pain through the nipple in harsh, unrelenting pangs. I whimper when you go for the second one, the first still throbbing sorely. You remove it quickly, taking the much abused nipple into your mouth and soothing it with gentle swipes of your tongue. I finally get a kiss as you pull me up to stand between your legs once more, your hands cupping my ass deliciously.

    Hands and knees, baby. Head down, ass up. I comply at once, scrambling around you to spread myself on top of the plush down comforter. My cheek is flush with the mattress, my back bowed in an almost painful arc. The bed squeaks as you stand, turning to take in my prostrate form. Then everything becomes unnaturally still, the only sound in the room my ragged breathing as you stand somewhere outside my sight range. I am almost about to break your command and talk when your hand suddenly finds my hip, squeezing gently. I think I might die of arousal if you donít fuck me soon.

    The bed squeaks again as you climb upon it, positioning yourself behind me. There is movement from somewhere to my left. Your hand leaves my hip and reaches towards the side of the bed, ostensibly searching for lube. I donít need it, Iím ready. I guess you come to the same conclusion while absentmindedly dragging your knuckles against my cunt-- you abandon your search at once. You lean around me, careful to not brush my overheated body, and comment hotly in my ear; once I am all the way inside of you, you can make noise, not one second before then, do you understand? I nod vigorously, not falling for the expected trap and breaking my silence. I bite my lip and clench my eyes shut as you move closer, prepared to do anything it takes to stay quiet and get you to fuck me.

    The tip of the black silicone cock presses suddenly against my entrance, still slightly wet with my saliva. I shudder and bite harder, nearly drawing blood. Do you want me to fuck you, baby? Yes, fuck yes, please, please, please, yes! I want to scream it, moan it, beg you for it, but I donít say a word. Do you want this cock in your tight little pussy? Want me to fuck you real good, kitten? Huh? What do you say, baby? Come onÖ I still donít say a fucking word. You give a deep chuckle and push just the head into me. I have to bite my own wrist to keep from crying out it feels so good. More, I need more.

    Youíre being such a good little slut, so quiet, so wet. I mentally preen under the praise, pleased that I have managed to stay silent this long. You slide in a another inch, angling upward and catching me off guard. I suck in as much air as I can without gasping and feel my eyes rolling toward the back of my head. Fuck yes. Mmm, felt that one, didnít you pet? And god I love when you call me these things. Iím already dripping down the length of your cock, errant drops staining the bedspread.

    Youíre pulling back, only the very tip still remaining inside me, and just when it feels like you are going to leave me completely empty again, you thrust back in, ĺ of the way there now. I once again swallow a moan and try to raise my hips even higher, giving you better access and nonverbally signaling my need to be fucked harder, deeper. You ignore me and slide back out, all the way this time. I twist handfuls of the down comforter in shaking hands to keep from calling out. The loss is palpable.

    You didnít think you were getting it that easy, did you baby? And suddenly your hand is tangled painfully, wonderfully in my hair, yanking me up and back, your tongue tracing a wet line down my neck. On your back. You push me forward harshly and I catch myself just before my face hitís the mattress, quickly flipping over and positioning myself under you. The ceiling fan blows cool air against my cunt, spread open and aching for you. And god I need you on top of me.

    Your fingers find my center at once, plunging inside of me without hesitation, first two, then three. Your breath hitches as I take them all. You want more, kitten? And then thereís four. Iím panting now, my nails clawing frantically at the bedding. And fuck, if you donít stop soon Iím going to come all over your hand. But you do stop, pulling your hand away so fast my hips are jerked upwards with the motion. My teeth clench as you suck your drenched fingers into your mouth.

    You lunge forward and grasp my thighs with enough force to bruise. Iím dragged forward at once, your cock sliding into hard, bottoming out at once. And I throw my head back and scream my approval. I can hear your grin through the muffled groans, your cock thrusting perfectly, lovingly inside me. Thereís no way I can hold back another minute.

    Look at me, baby. And my eyes are pulled like magnets to yours. Do you want to come, kitten? Fuck, yes! Please, please, please! Come, pet. Come on my cock. Come now! And Iím whimpering, wailing, screaming my orgasm, helplessly pinned against the mattress, gripping your cock as tight as my muscles allow, soaking the bedspread and your thighs.

    And youíre pulling out of me gently, your hands warm against my sides. I hear the soft thud of the harness hitting the floor then the heavy weight of your radiant form molding against me. I nuzzle warmly into the curve of your shoulder, my leg draping possessively over yours. My fingers lace with yours and my breath is fluttering and delicate against your neck. You hold me lovingly, safely, full of gratitude and contentment.

    I love you. Here, now, always. I am completely and utterly yours and nothing would make me happier than spending the rest of my life at your feet. For now, Iím glad to be in your arms.


    Submitted on 2006-06-30 23:28:40     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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    ||| Comments |||
      Have I mentioned lately how much I love this? It's pretty much my favorite. And when am I getting my next story, kitten?
    | Posted on 2006-09-14 00:00:00 | by ChimeraNytemare | [ Reply to This ]
      I should probably feel dirty after reading this, but I don't... I love this for the obvious filthy reasons and because you've written so well in your graphic style... not missing a description one. I also love that this taboo sex act ends in an act of love. . . just because someone submits doesn't mean there's no caring...

    I don' t knpw.... You may have intended it to be somehow sad that kitten only thinks she is loved, but I got more of an impression of 2 freaky people who love to do freaky things to show their love... maybe because it relates more to my personal life that way. lmao.

    Damn I love reading your stuff.
    | Posted on 2006-07-03 00:00:00 | by parabola | [ Reply to This ]
      you were right, I understand this completely. That balance between love and f.uck. Actually, I don't think balance is the right word. You know what I mean though. The way when someone loves you, it turns into something deeper. Why don't people understand that you are capable of love, but mostly you just need to be ravaged? That slow, passionate crap is for romance novels, and probably, dare I say, ugly people that need that security?

    My head is a little dizzy right now, after readind this!!! You definitely have the gift of word painting. If you'll excuse me, I really can't make much sense right now. I need to escape to the restroom for a little "alone" time.



    | Posted on 2006-07-25 00:00:00 | by neverland gypsy | [ Reply to This ]
      Once again, you take erotica and bring it to a place higher than smut. I don't know where that is, but it's higher. Somewhat. Basically, what I'm trying to say is...it ain't for the New Yorker, but it's good porn. Well-written too. -.-

    | Posted on 2006-07-03 00:00:00 | by Melora | [ Reply to This ]

    Is that enough of a comment?
    | Posted on 2006-06-30 00:00:00 | by alteredlife | [ Reply to This ]
      Ah where does one start when commenting on such a piece? As for the whole boing thing? cant people appriciate a piece of literature for what it is?

    Very descriptive, usual people fail at describing when first person is used but i think you pulled it off rather nicely. Its nice to see that not everyone here is a miserable failure in the art of writting a longer piece that isnt of the standard butterflies in the field or deep dark sad me. Its nice to find a piece so boldly different.

    Its only fault is perhaps being incrediably sexual and seeming to lack anything more to it than that. Then again maybe thats just what i find.

    Lady Death.
    | Posted on 2006-07-01 00:00:00 | by death22881 | [ Reply to This ]
      very excellent peice, classified as "erotica" my guess would be. The ending was my very favorate - and you don't see that too often, you know, as nowadays human sexuality has been twisted and corrupted thru "pornography" that glorifies in rape & incest & sick fu.cking sh!t like that.

    They would detest the concept of "simply being loved".

    Very well done.

    | Posted on 2006-07-01 00:00:00 | by vohomegirl | [ Reply to This ]

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