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Impeach President Bush

Author: junemarie
ASL Info:    62,F, Port Richey, Fl.
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Class/Type: Rant /Angry
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You may not agree with me, but somebody has to say this.

Impeach President Bush

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president... is morally treasonable to the American public."
...Theodore Roosevel...

1. Impeach him for leading us into an illegal war with Iraq.
killing over 2500 of our soldiers, maiming and crippling scores of others, and for the countless deaths of Iraqis for a crime they didn't commit.

2. Impeach him for his torture and inhumane treatment of innocent detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba and all the other unknown places where he holds them.

3. Impeach him for raping our environment and pillaging our land

4. Impeach him for taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

5. Impeach him for causing the deaths of our elderly, our children, and everyone in between due to a lack of healthcare.

6. Impeach him for the lies that spew from his mouth ceaselessly, when in the beginning he promised to always tell us the truth.

7. Impeach him for the fact that you can always count on him to be corrupt, inefficient and incompetent no matter what he turns his hand to.

8. Impeach him for the cronyism which was responsible for the suffering and deaths of many due to 'Katrina,' who looked to him for help and deliverance, that arrived too late.

9. Impeach him for the fact that he calls himself a Christian, when it is people like him that give Christianity a bad name.

10. Impeach him for shredding our constitution, and for making a mockery of our country around the world. Where we once stood tall and proud, we are now mired in the mud and the filth he has made of it.

Here stands this man, this President covered from head to toe in the blood of his victims.

If it's not already too late to cover our country in the mantle of greatness it once wore, we must impeach Bush NOW!

*Please let me know if you signed the petition.

Submitted on 2006-07-09 07:40:49     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  Now really it's not fair to blame old Georgie. After all it's not really his fault he's A COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT.
I don't know enough about Bush to critisise him really so it'd be unfair for me to take sides, though by the looks of things he is a little thick.

The thing people have to remember though is that people die all the time due to all sorts of things. Pointing and Blaming doesn't really help much. Bush is only human not super president man and the American public had their chance to get rid of him in the election thing.

Now excuse me I'm gonna go hide underneath my bed so that I'm safe from all the Bush haters who may decide to kill me.

| Posted on 2006-07-09 00:00:00 | by Seele | [ Reply to This ]
  Don't know how I missed this, but I agree with you completely.

In 8th grade, we had to find a topic to write a speech about. The war in Iraq had just started, so I figured I would write about that. Oh so subtly, I blasted Bush, and I still stick by everything I said (I've got to find the first page so I can post it, because for an 8th grade assignment, it was pretty good).

Can you imagine 2 more years with this guy? If something isn't done, there might not be a United States of America to be president of anymore (just my humble opinion).

People like you make me proud because so many seem to be afraid of speaking out against the president. But if no one speaks out, how will anything change? Great job.

Tay ~~
| Posted on 2006-08-19 00:00:00 | by Phoenix2004 | [ Reply to This ]
  Woohoo!! We need to take a stand now. When people speak out, more people join, and speak out too, knowing that they are not the only one with something to say. Bless you for this poem.
Walk in the light always,
| Posted on 2006-07-09 00:00:00 | by EmpathicAya | [ Reply to This ]
  You said it all Junemarie, And yes I signed. Keep on being truthful to yourself and the rest of the people out there and maybe more people will trust there hearts and minds, and get that man out of office!!

Many voices are stronger than one!

| Posted on 2006-07-09 00:00:00 | by Fey | [ Reply to This ]
  Well it took a hell of a long time for an american to say that (besides Michael Moore, that is). I just remembered a discussion I had with my friend about Bush jr. when he was starting his first year as president in 2001(?). We were 12years old and talked about how bad this was, that this would probably lead to some sort of a world widely war. And well it did! Surely, the US has been sending its soldiers to Iraq and god knows where for years and years before Bush became the president, but his desicions haven't really made the situation any better in my opinion. And when he got re-elected, I thought it was a joke! It was a big you-can't-be-serious-moment for me. Of course one should not generalize, but at that time I was convinced that America consisted only of a bunch of over-patriotic war-maniacs. This piece you wrote finally gave me the long-needed assurance that it was not the case. Maybe you'll get lucky in the next elections and you'll get a taxi-driver as your president. good luck!
| Posted on 2006-07-14 00:00:00 | by _taateli_ | [ Reply to This ]

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