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pt. 1 of a story that i'm starting

Author: Poeticprincess
ASL Info:    18/f/Germany
Elite Ratio:    3.3 - 333 /325 /104
Words: 1937
Class/Type: Story /Serious
Total Views: 1373
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pt. 1 of a story that i'm starting

Everyone makes mistakes, although at the time of them making the mistake, they don’t realize what they’re doing. At least not until it’s too late. Part one of any story is the beginning, so I’ll start mine where it begins. When me and him were in love. When we both had dreams of being together forever. He was mine and I was his. That’s just the way it was. I was seventeen and he was eighteen going on to nineteen and it would be the first time in year that we would see each other. He had left me to pursue a music career and I had made a promise to myself the day before he had left I would follow him when I was old enough. I was no longer the five two immature girl he had left behind but the five three mature young woman that he was about to see. My hair that was neck length the last time he saw me was down past my shoulders and light brown. My once mood ring brown eyes were now a light hazel. And my light caramel skin was now a smooth bronze color. With all baby fat gone I now had a flat stomach but I was still thick in a good way. My butt had filled out and was now nice and round and my D cup breast were now fuller. Basically I looked like the perfect model. I sported a tight denim mini skirt and a ice blue halter top and blue on white air force ones. Me and my girl Destiny decided to surprise him and show up unexpectedly. She was five six and had ebony brown skin. Her Asian like eyes were brown and she had jet black hair that stopped at her back. She was tall and skinny with all hips and no ass. She was sporting white Capri and a white tank top with white flip flops. That was my home girl no matter what and I couldn’t wait to see my other friend who was just as close to me as Destiny was. Another friend of mine was rolling with me and Destiny but I didn’t trust her at all, especial around my man. Her name was Whitney. She was five had no hips, no breast all ass. She was brown too and had brown eyes. She also had what dudes around my way called DSL’s. Dick sucking lips. Whitney was wearing denim booty shorts and a light pink tube top with pink flip flops.
Right when I got in front of the address that he had gave me Tyrese called me. I grinned at Destiny and answered my cell phone flipping down the mirror in the sun vsior and applying a fresh layer of lip-gloss.
“Hello?” I answered sweetly.
“What’s up, what are you doing?”
I leaned back in the seat and answered, “Nothing what are you doing?”
”Shit, are you almost done packing?”
“Something likes that. Do you like surprises?”
He paused and said, “Baby you know the answer to that.”
I laughed and said, “Iight what if the surprise was me sitting in a car outside of your house?”
I got out of the black Nissan maxim and leaned against it. I had pulled out my blue sunglasses and put them on.
“Depends,” he started, “are you?”
“Don’t play with me.”
I laughed and said, “Look outside.”
I heard him move and started to smile. When he opened the door and looked at me I watched as a smile started forming on his face. He walked towards me and I gave him a hug and kissed him. His thick tongue entered my mouth and we started are own little tongue fight losing ourselves in each other for a minute. It took Destiny clearing her throat for me to remember that she was standing right there. We broke the kiss and I smiled at him. I took this time to study how much he had changed. He was five seven and the last time I saw him he was five six, he was more muscular and he was a little bit darker. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and had on black jogging pants. Other then that he didn’t look any different.
“You’re still short,” he said with a grin on his face.
“Nu uh I grew an inch so did you.” I said smiling.
“You’re still beautiful too,” he said bending his head to kiss me again.
Destiny cleared her throat and said, “Please not that shit again, it’s cute but damn you can at least invite us into your house.”
Tyrese looked at her and said, “You’re still mean.”
At that I laughed and said, “But she’s right Ty you really should invite us into your house.”
He grabbed my hand and said, “Okay.”
We walked into his house and I almost fell out laughing. The looks on Destiny and Whitney’s faces were priceless. The both look too surprised that his house was clean. There was a nice leather couch set and a flat screen T.V.
“You two can have a seat, watch TV. I need to get reacquainted with Angel.”
Destiny gave me a look and a smiled at her. Tyrese led me into his bedroom and I sat down on his bed.
“So you’re my surprise?” he asked me.
“But of course you look surprised to see me. So where’s the hooker at?” I asked.
“What hooker?”
I gave him a look and said, “That’s what I thought, so how is it down here?”
“Your gonna be here for a minute you’ll see.”
I stood up and said, “Reacquainted huh?”
He kissed me and said, “It depends how many niggas got in what’s mine?”
“None.” I said licking my lips and looking straight into his eyes.
“That’s what I thought,” he said before kissing me again.
This time both our eyes were closed and his hands were on my legs. I pushed him on the bed and then straddled his waist. He pushed my skirt up to my waist and started rubbing in between my thighs. Never once did we break the kiss. There was a knock at the door and he sighed before breaking the kiss. I got off of him and pulled my skirt down back into place. I opened the door and a tall guy walked into the room. He was about five nine and his hair was in cornrows. He was wearing a red t shirt and had on blue denim jeans with red on white air forces.
“Tyrese, I need a place to chill at for a while,” he said.
“Wait, Michael you don’t remember me?” I asked looking at him like I was hurt.
Michael looked at me and thought for a minute before saying, “Angel?”
“Damn shorty you grew up.” He said looking me up and down.
Tyrese stood up and walked in front of me before saying, “Uh huh this my girl, go back to your baby mama.”
I laughed and said, “Anyways how is my niece doing?”
“She good, is turning two in three days.”
“I know, I brought her a birthday present, where is lil mama anyways?”
Michael turned to Tyrese and said, “The reason I’m here, she kicked me out again.”
“Why?” Tyrese asked him sitting back on the bed.
“I’ll tell you about that later, can I chill here?”
“If you don’t mind sharing a room with one of Angel’s friends.”
“Only if it’s the one who looks like she has Asian in her.”
I looked at both of them and said, “Um ya’ll talking like I’m not in here.”
“What do you mean?” asked Michael.
“Sharing rooms? Where am I gonna sleep?”
“With me,” said Tyrese.
I gave him a slick look and said, “Uh I’m mad at you, Michael can sleep in here, I’m sleeping in the room with Destiny.”
“Why are you mad at me?”
“Just because,” I said walking out of the room.
When I walked into the living room Destiny and Whitney looked like they were ready to fight. I had a feeling they were about to.
“What’s up?” I asked looking from one to the other.
Destiny looked at me and said, “You better get her before I get to her.”
“What happened?”
Whitney looked at Destiny and said, “Don’t be mad, it wasn’t like he had the biggest dick in the world anyways.”
“Who?” I asked still clueless.
“Like I said Angel you better get her before I get to her.”
“Like you’d do shit anyways.” Whitney said.
Before I knew it Destiny was charging for her. I grabbed her and started pulling her back before she could reach Whitney.
“Bitch you better be glad Angel’s holding me back, I’ma kick your ass.” Destiny yelled trying to break out of my grasp.
“Wait, wait, Destiny what’s up.”
“That bitch fucked Sean.”
I let go of Destiny and went for Whitney myself. Sean was Marissa’s boyfriend and Marissa was the reason nobody fucked with Whitney even though Whitney had fucked almost every girl’s man. I guess it surprised the hell out of Whitney when I punched her in the face because she looked at me with a surprised expression. I was kind surprised to but not too much. Marissa was like my big sister.
“Your wrong and you know it,” I said.
“Yea, but fucking Sean wasn’t half as fun as fucking Tyrese.”
When she said that I froze.
“Yea, it was when you two weren’t exactly doing to good, we were at that party and I fucked him while you were in the next room.”
“It’s okay, I already knew about that, but why are you taking the time to tell us about how much of a whore you are today?”
Whitney looked at me and said, “Because I’m sick and tired of you bitches.”
I shrugged and turned around and was about to turn around when Whitney slapped me in the face. I punched her again and we were going at it. She started pulling my hair and punching me in the face. I punched her in the stomach so she loosened her grip and pushed her on the ground. I straddled her and started punching her in the face. Before I knew it I was being lifted off of her and being pulled across the room.
“Bitch next time think twice before you punch me.” I heard Whitney yelling.
“It’s kinda funny how you’re talking shit now that someone’s pulling back. Get the fuck out.”
Whitney smirked before walking out of the door. I still wonder to this day what possessed her to do what she did. Anyways Tyrese pulled me back into his room and shut the door. I sat down on his bed and looked at him.
“Why’d you pull me off of her?”
He looked at me and said, “She’ll get what’s coming to her, but not from you. You don’t got no real beef with her.”
“Right, but I do got beef with someone back in VA.”
Tyrese laughed and said, “Calm down ma it ain’t that serious.”
I looked at him and let out a sigh, “So how long were you standing there?”
“Me and Michael ran there when I heard a loud thud and we saw you rocking home girl in the face.”
I laughed and said, “You know what’s funny?”
“She used to swear up and down she could beat my ass.”
He looked at me and laughed before saying, “Yea that is funny.”

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