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The Black Plague Account

Author: LossOfHope03
ASL Info:    16/female/USA
Elite Ratio:    5.76 - 30 /29 /31
Words: 1070
Class/Type: Story /Dark
Total Views: 758
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 5470


this is a short story i wrote in the point of view as a ten year old girl during the black plague.

The Black Plague Account

Everything, everyone is dead. Dead. Never to return again. Who will help me? Who is left? Mom's dead, Dad's dead. Who will care for me? This is no one among the rubble of destruction. Empty infected houses, infected streets. Infected food and beds. This is my infected world. I live in an infected world. I don't eat, I don't sleep, I don't wash. There is nothing left on the world. For all I know I could be infected and only that will bring this sad, hopeless pitiful world to a close. I lay on top of nothing, dirt, gravel, and lifeless bodies. The last of those who have welcomed death with parties are gone. Those who cared for their young and asked for the priest are gone. So I lay here on top of a lifeless body. No human spirit left in them or me. No hope rising from anyone's chest. I breathe out of habit, not because I want to. I no longer feel the need to move. It's only a matter of time before the dead take me with them. My parents would not forget me; they would not leave me all alone, would they? Why would they be taken from this terrible place and not me? I've never done anything wrong. I'm a good person, why not take me? But maybe they haven't left me, maybe they're right here holding on to me. But then, if they were here, wouldn't I feel them? Wouldn't I feel better? And wouldn't I feel comforted? They have left me, haven't they? HAVEN'T THEY! They don't care about me, and I always thought they did. All they cared about was getting away from here. And now they're dead and they are no longer stuck on this terrible earth, to suffer the consequences of being a human. Why must I be the one who has been chosen to stay? Thirty-four million people are dead, and yet by some flick of fate, I have been chosen to stay here alone, and cold to live just a little longer, to see the pain and turmoil this land has been put through.
A few days ago I heard something. A faint something. I couldn't quite make out what it was, but I hadn't heard much of anything so it gave me an odd feeling of hope. It was right outside the house that I was in. It was so close; I could practically feel the vibrations of something moving. Was someone coming to save me? Was someone else in the same position I was in? Could it be possible that there was another little girl just like me whose entire family was taken away from her? Could she be looking for a friend...someone she could depend on? But then maybe it wasn't someone who was as lost and as scared as I was. Maybe it was someone who was supposed to be there, who knew exactly what they were doing, maybe it was someone who had come to save me and all the other children and people who were left behind. So without another thought I ran over. Just like that, I ran over. My hopes had taken control of me and before I had time to think about all the bad stuff it could be, I was at the door, pulling it open, anxiously waiting to see my knight in shining armor. But believe me that was not what I saw at all.
I opened the door and at first I didn't see anything at all. But then I heard it, like a squeak, an awful squeak. At my feet wasd an ugly, disgusting, dirty rat. It was big, and had matted fur and it made me want to be sick. I began to step back slowly, oh so very slowly, I knew that if I walked back too fast then the rat was sure to attack...
I thought I was walking back slow enough. I didn't think the rat had seen me. But suddenly as I was bringing my left foot back, the rat scurried over, and without a second thought, it bit me on the ankle. I screamed and I kicked at it with my other foot, finally it let go and scurried off. I was bit by a rat. It was foolish of me to think that someone was here to save me, or become friends with me. i was foolish to bring my hopes up, being saved? The only thing that could save me is a sure and quick death. I haven't eaten in days, I've tried sleeping but I can't. I'm beginning to feel weak. Maybe it's from lack of food or sleep. I do not do anything during the day. I just sit.
It's about my time now. These black welts all over my body have caused nothing but unwanted pain, and I will be grateful when I can finally sleep, and never have to wake up again. That's right I've got the plague. I can hear them now, the people who will find all of us here "Such a young child, too bad." So many young children full of life just like me. I used to run around all day and have fun no matter what I was doing. My mom always said she could find me no matter where I was because I was always laughing and smiling. I wonder what she would say now. Looking down at me, the life sucked out of me, I've wasted away into practically nothing. Screaming out in pain even though no one can hear. I wonder what my mom would think now.
Now, it is time. I can feel it. Soon, very soon, sleep will come. It will take me away, just like it took my family and friends. It wil sweep over me like a wave and I will be free of pain, oh please let it ome soon! It will just come over, unexpectedly. I welcome it. I want death to come. There is nothing left in this world for me, besides pain. The world is infected and so am I. The world may recover from this disease, but for me, as soon as I close my eye the world, like me, will be dead.

Submitted on 2006-08-12 00:34:59     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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