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Prisoner ( prototype)

Author: Twisted
Elite Ratio:    7.47 - 159 /57 /75
Words: 711
Class/Type: Story /Misc
Total Views: 900
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Bytes: 3858


She was imprisoned for a year now...

Prisoner ( prototype)

She had been there for a full year now, trapped, in his control. Never sleeping in fear of what he might do to her. He was malevolent, enough to slash a defensive woman in her sleep, or use her as some “play thing”. She rocked herself to sleep every night, waiting for darkness and eternity to claim her soul.

Then he’d come into her dark cell, smiling, eyes glowing blood red, mocking her, leaving her prison cell open for her to run, and yet she doesn’t move. Doesn’t react to his taunts, and his torture on her. He had her physically, but never her soul, ‘he can have this shell of a body. It’s the only thing keeping in this world,’ she thought frequently. The more she wished for death’s cold grip, he beat her more, waiting for her to cry out in pain. Yet she didn’t, she never did.

She remained impassive as she could, wishing death upon him, tenfold than hers, his soul being ripped apart over and over again as he went for purgatory as he was dragged into the hell he belonged in. But while they were still alive, he made her life the hell he wished.

She spit and coughed up blood now, and remained impassive as she took another beating from the heartless monster that now held her in this chamber, torturing her, not having the decency to kill her and get it over with. There was another hit on her back with that wicked leather whip he carried against her bare back.

She bit down on her lip hard enough to draw blood to keep from crying out in pain. She closed her eyes, using them as a barrier to keep the tears from falling. How it hurt so bad to feel this pain, and no there was no mercy, and no reason for hurting her at all. It was breaking her hurt that he could abuse her body in this way, and touch her places she was never touched before. He marked her everyday, with his hatred and beatings to break her, and yet they only made her stronger.

When he should only be causing her pain, he caused her pleasure with his roughness, then tenderness against her bruised skin. His red eyes soften as he sees how he marred the once flawless skin and he apologizes without words. But when she shrank back in fear from his moods, he’d become angry again, and her beatings more painful.

She sobbed when he watched her delicate skin bleed as he wiped or licked off her blood, more came. She wished he’d leave her in a cold, bloodied heap and let her die. Then she’d be free of his violate and sometimes pleasurable administrations to her body.

“ Why do you cry out? This is what you deserve, you’ll see why in time.” He stated, though he never asked questions of her unless she let his name slip between her lips without knowing.

She'd never know why he chose her, to punish her in such away. She was saved from eternal damnation, and her family was respectable. No one had any agenda against her family, or her for that matter, so why was she forced to feel this pain when in truth she was undeserving. She didn’t deserve this torture, not at all. But she dared not speak before this man unless forced to do so, or asked a question. Even when he asked why she cried out, she hadn’t answered.

She now opened her eyes and shivered when a claw traced her bloodied naked body with tenderness that still left her body in pain. He frowned when he body flushed under his steady gaze and her shrink back.

“ Do not worry I will return for you shortly. You must eat now.” With that he turned on his heels and exited the room, letting the servant enter with a flick of his wrist.

He did not control her, he did not have her heart so he had no control over her except her body. But even that would disappear and she’d be free.

Submitted on 2006-09-07 21:16:32     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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