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New Asphyxiation

Author: Darth Zeus
ASL Info:    21/F/Vacuum
Elite Ratio:    7.31 - 369 /226 /34
Words: 147
Class/Type: Poetry /Dark
Total Views: 2289
Average Vote:    4.0000
Bytes: 1057


This is not about cutting.
I'll just say this in advance, before you may get it wrong.
Thanks to Joe, for offering some help, and to Doh, for reading this like 20 times.
Any comment will be appreciated, as long as you stay honest and say just a little more than; "I like/hate it!"

Ps, title suggestions are welcome too, I just mnamed it New asphyxiation because it was the first I could think of.

New Asphyxiation

Exposed to new asphyxiation,
a wound carved deep,
with the sutures ripped out.
What first was a stitched scar,
sewn and sealed,
is now torn open,
as fresh blood escapes,
and bleeds like before.

A cold grasp came
to heist me from my peace,
and bashed the fragile silence
which I had just rebuilt.
Blinded to every other sound
deafened by the past,
the gate of screams re-opened,
and they resound in my head.
My ears hear nothing else.

It's a startling surprise,
that stabbed me from behind.
Now haunts me when I’m sleeping,
and breaks me when it’s light.
Piercing and burning,
reminding me all day;
it’s there again,
it’s bleeding-
the memory revived.

Though my blood has all run cold,
I wish it would be frozen.
Anything to stop it flow,
and spilling pain all over.

Submitted on 2006-09-16 13:07:04     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  I can definetly see where this could be confused with a poem about cutting. But after we are told its not about cutting, we look closer. And we see what the poem is actually saying. I dont no if my interpretation is right, but I think you are giving internal wounds (the ones to the emotions or mind) and giving them a physical picture, helping us to understand. To imagine the pain and hurt, and to see how damaged it is.

But this is only my interptretation.

Great job-

Shadow Doll (Safire)
| Posted on 2007-11-23 00:00:00 | by girly101 | [ Reply to This ]
Having talked to you about the surgery, the 'wound' here seems to me of a deeper psychological nature than a physical one. In Hindu philosophy, we say that the disease is in the mind. It's psychosomatic, most of the times. The feeling here seems like a wall which is strong, preoccupying, troubling, and stands in the way of your thought. And keeps nudging you everytime you try to break free. It gives me the image of a bully. The desperation is evident jann, and i can not help see it.
Blood here signifies a lot. For you, i would think of it as your spirit, the creative, active, passionate one. Try talking to yourself in front of the mirror. Sometimes writing a diary, or similar sort of self reflection helps you trace the root of the bothering. I'm sure you're way stronger.
| Posted on 2007-04-17 00:00:00 | by mihir | [ Reply to This ]
This is an extremely good write. I have not read anything of this level on elite in a long time and frankly I never expected to again. I love the images of pains and shame that this poem forces into my mind because that is what it does it forces those images on the reader and makes the reader understand that pain as if they were experiencing it first hand. This is definately a favorites addition. Congratulations you have impressed me quite a bit and I am one critic that it is hard to impress.

| Posted on 2007-02-07 00:00:00 | by sageeriol | [ Reply to This ]
  This is a good write. It is filled with great descriptive words that provide some good imagery here and also allows the reader to feel what this feels like. The past is something that can reach out and grab you when you least expect it and it can surely be painful. I like the analogy of a wound that has ripped open. I have a suggestion for you for the title too. Being a registered nurse I have seen my share of wounds that were previously stitched closed with sutures and then with too much pressure or infection it busts the sutures and all the insides come oozing out of it. This most commonly happens to stomach and abdominal wounds and the medical term for it is "dehiscence" and it means to split open. It is a pretty cool word and I think it pertains to this poem perfectly for a title. Whatcha think? Anyway, a good write.

| Posted on 2006-09-21 00:00:00 | by lmz | [ Reply to This ]
  Ooh, this is pretty well written. I don't think I can offer my help here; wouldn't want anything to change. I liked the first and last stanza the most. The wording in the beginning was particularly good. I don't think you should change the title; it gives a tiny briefing about what it's going to be about; but doesn't reveal too much. A nice touch there. Maybe you could revise the punctuation or something [I just said that because I can't think of anything else. heehee.] Sorry I wasn't much help here

| Posted on 2006-09-18 00:00:00 | by abuzzbuzz92 | [ Reply to This ]
  Alright, babe. I told you I'd coment and here I am. First off, I like the title. It really catches your attention.

Now, for the actual poem.

The imagery in the first stanza is amazing. It made my arm tingle, the feeling of having a deep wound reopened. Ouch. The decription itself hurts. I can see the blood running anew, free of its dam.

The second stanza, again, great imagery. Old wounds you thought had healed, become infected again and burst open. Old hurt comes back, full force to shatter what you had gained in peace. The feeling of being torn from the reverie you created, another powerful emotion that broke away from being mere words. This thing you kept in submission grew and has the ability to make you concentrate on only it.

On to the third. This one explains more about what is heppening, I think. Or at least that is what it did for me. "it's there again... the memory revived." This memory comes at you when you are most vulnerable. In sleep, when all your defences are down.

Fourth and final stanza. The literary finale. Wishing it was over, yet, knowing it has just begun.

Wonderful, Pookie, simply wonderful.
| Posted on 2006-09-17 00:00:00 | by Krazy | [ Reply to This ]
  Alright, honesty is what you want and you shall recieve it my dear. lol. Nothing in this poem suggest suffocation, alot of bleeeding but not lost of oxygen or being stifled even in a emotional way. That is what your title and first line suggest is the cause of your pain. Maybe stanza 2, now that I reread it. But barely. Yes change the title to something else that coincides with your poem itself. As for the meaning, I get the feeling you are haunted by painful memories that barely heal before the reopen in your mind causing you to feel the pain all over again. As for the poem, it was well written, and very creative with images vividly described. I would not change the poem itself, just the title and the first line abot asphyxiation. Overall, great poem misleading title.

| Posted on 2006-09-17 00:00:00 | by Magnolia Steele | [ Reply to This ]

Honesty is in order this does sound like cutting but as you said it wasnt so i will take this a new way.

On what i wish to say...this is not a kind of poem i read everyday. Ok if it was cuttting it would be but my point i am trying to say is the style and the way you wrote it is unique to me.
i dont find many poems that actually capture my attention as this has. also it is more mature than what i usually read/write. i hate cheesey ass poems and sadly i just wrote one so i am glad to have read this one because it takes my mind off all the other anywho i digress sorry.

Back to the poem. I wish to know more for this really has struck my interest. so if its not to much can you please send me a PM that explains it more. i am curious as to what triggered this to be put into writting. am i making the slightless bit of sence?

Now to the emotion. This did have plenty of it and i really am in love with this.

Now i have read this for like the millionth time to understand it better and i think i am. my first impression was that it was about cutting but then i think the lines that start to draw you away from that is this.."
It's a startling surprise,
that stabbed me from behind.
Now haunts me when I’m sleeping,
and breaks me when it’s light."

those are also the lines that drew me most into what you were feeling. that is beautifully written jann. its very heart felt and also very true sadly many including i can relate to such a horrendous thing (damn wish i could spell!!!)

I agree with Irina on the idea for a tittle.
there is nothing wrong with the one you have
but i think you can do better justice to such an amazing poem

I am going to add this to my favs. hun and this is an amazing peice i hope i didnt confuse you to much with all i wrote god knows i confused myself but i got the point lol. thank you so much for allowing me to read this

all the love

| Posted on 2006-09-17 00:00:00 | by nikita2u | [ Reply to This ]

I must say this is very profound. Made me think as though i was in your shoes. Maybe because i've already been through this.

I didn't think that it had anything to do with cutting. I thought it was something that happened in your past that you thought had healed only the problem is that your past has came back to haunt you and now the wounds are reopening. Pain is something we can't deal with very oftenly because it's a memory that stays very close to you until you finally come to terms with it and sometimes when you think all is okay again, it comes back and reminds you of the same pain.

I also must say that you do need another title. For one thing, for those who don't really know what that means ( honestly i went to the dictionary for this word), it doesn't really grasp to them that strongly and two it doesn't really affect the readers so much with first impressions. I think you know how first impressions are important.

I was thinking maybe use a few titles which would be common to your past or a pain coming back from your past or a memory or some grasping title for suffering. Choosing a title is hard and you're the only person who can be pleased with what you write.

Other than that, I hope you're doing well. It's been a while.

Take care.....
| Posted on 2006-09-16 00:00:00 | by charmedidentity | [ Reply to This ]

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