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Vampire Mind - Ch 9

Author: DrunkOnShadows
ASL Info:    16/F/Ont
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Words: 1027
Class/Type: Story /Vampire
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Vampire Mind - Ch 9

Chapter Nine - Basement Coven

"What now, kid? You really have no desire to go to Teia's house today, do you?" Danielle said, stating it as a fact more than asking it as a question. Camille, still standing by the door, turned to face Danielle as she stood up.

"No, not really... But, what about you? What're you gonna do?" Camille replied.

"Well, it's 11:00 a.m., and my friends are probably all over at my house right now, hanging out in my basement. Want to come hang out? You could learn a lot. I just live a few houses down the road."

Camille thought on this, and decided yes. As long as her mother is happy, all will be well. Camille nodded in agreement. Just to be safe, though, Danielle would go back out the window and Camille would go out the front door and they would both meet in front of the house and start the short trek down the road.

Waving goodbye to her mother, Camille left the house and caught up to Danielle, who was squinting in the morning sun. Camille soon found herself doing the same. It was a coolish day, and even though fall was quickly approaching, the sun was still bright and hot in sensitive vampire eyes. Danielle pulled the thin hood of her sweater over her head to shield her eyes from the sun, but Camille had nothing. They walked quickly down the road, near jogging speed but never quite reaching it. They passed just half a dozen houses until they came to Danielle's, the two story house with the balcony over the garage and the swimming pool (barely used) in the back yard.

Together, they walked up the steps to get to the front door. Danielle opened it, and walked into the house, dragging Camille behind her with a firm, tight grip. They entered the kitchen, and it was obvious that Danielle was trying to get downstairs without anyone seeing, but they were both stopped in their tracks.

"Good morning darling... Did you have a nice sleep over?" Said the woman that just emerged from the bathroom at the other side of the room. The woman was obviously Danielle's mother. Tall, long, dark brown hair, big dark eyes, a spitting image.

"It was fine." Danielle mumbled quickly. Her mother raised an eyebrow.

"Well, that's good. But, the next time you decide to go somewhere, ask me first. Don't just tell me and run off. Now, your friends are in the basement, like they are every single Saturday morning." Her voice sounded a little annoyed.

Without any further permission, Danielle took Camille's hand again and began to lead her to the other door beside the bathroom. She opened it slowly, and the dull image of old furniture inhabited by people illuminated by the poor lighting of about a dozen candles was what Camille saw. All was silent, and if the inhabitants of the furniture had been talking before, they definitely dared not now. But without any ritual, Danielle began to walk silently down the steps. Camille and Danielle had descended the last step, and the silence was broken by one of the other people in the room.

"Oh no, Danielle, you didn't bring a mundane, did you?" Sad a small boy with short black hair from one of the old chairs in the corner.

"Nonsense, Malcolm, Danielle would never do that... Right, Danielle?" Said the tall, skinny, blonde haired girl sitting on a tattered sofa on the opposite wall.

Danielle smiled. "Of course not, Faye. You know me better than that."

Camille was getting a little bit nervous. They were all staring at her, and judging her. She looked to Danielle with a question.
"What's a mundane?" she asked. The boy with the short black hair snorted. He didn't seem to like Camille.

A new voice spoke, from the other end of the sofa that Faye was sitting on. She had pale skin, and her two green eyes were hardly visible beneath her shoulder length brown hair. She was holding her knees up against her chest.

"Mundane is a word to describe someone who is not a Vampire. It's a horrible word to use, really... Doing so implies that we are not human, which is not true. But there aren't really any better words to use."

During that short speech, Danielle had succeeded in pushing Malcolm out of the chair and took it for her own. Camille look over to Danielle again for approval of the explanation.

"Yeah, uh, what Kyarii said." she replied, once she was seated. "You know, you can sit down if you want. You don't have to just stand there."

Camille looked around, and looked at the spot on the second sofa nearest Danielle next to a normal (enough) blonde boy with dark blue eyes.

"Don't worry, I won't bite... Not unless you wanted me too." he said, smiling.

Camille sat down on the sofa, and the boy beared his naturally long canine teeth. Camille slid as far to the other end of the sofa as possible, just to put distance in between herself and the boy.

"Chance, screw off, don't fuck with her" Kyarii said.
"–... No I'm not." Camille replied, to proud to admit anything at this moment.

"I'm sorry" Chance apologized. "If Kyarii says your scared, you're scared. She's an empath."

All of a sudden, Camille started to feel dizzy, and weak... Her vision started to blur. The whole room went quiet, and attention was all on her.

"Malcolm... Malcolm, Malcolm, stop it! Stop it, Malcolm!" Danielle was saying, her words were getting louder. But Malcolm was focusing on Camille, his concentration refused to break. Camille was getting weaker, and very lightheaded. She began to panic, and tried to stand up. It worked. Kind of.

"Don't get up, Camille!" Danielle said quickly. She shot up, and caught Camille around the waist. Camille collapsed in Danielle's arms, and all she could remember for a long time was darkness.

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