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Jimmy Blanco and the Countess in Black

Author: mikepyro7
ASL Info:    15. Male. TX
Elite Ratio:    2.11 - 21 /41 /30
Words: 1305
Class/Type: Story /Romance
Total Views: 720
Average Vote:    4.0000
Bytes: 8758


A story about a suave young lawyer.

Jimmy Blanco and the Countess in Black

Jimmy Blanco slipped in and out of the crowd. Above him the neon lights sizzled among the dance floor, egging on the club visitors to continue their dancing. The people here danced away their problems, driving their minds into the harsh beat of the stereos, until they were completely absorbed into the rhythm.

Jimmy listened softly, Careful not to let himself slide into the beat, and made his way across the bar.

Jack stood against the bar, his black hair ripened with light, changed to a soft purple and orange, a color anyone could relate to. He watched Jimmy walk towards him, his eyes tipping over and under his raised glass. He smiled slightly, allowing the mug its chance to empty its contents down the so called "wrong pipe".

Jack coughed, spitting out the drink onto his black shirt. The people around him inched away with slow disgust.

"Why do you constantly embarrass me like this Jack?" Jimmy asked, pulling back the bar stool and taking a seat.
"You know you love me Jimmy."
"Yeah. So you gonna find a good woman tonight Jack?"
"That depends Jimmy."
"On what?" Jim asked, pointing to a beer in the catalogue, signaling his choice for the bartender.

Jack spun himself to Jimmy's side.

"On how willing you're gonna be to share."
Jimmy looked up smiling.
"You know I never share Jack."

The bartender brought them their drinks. She smiled and gave Jimmy a little wink. Jimmy turned to Jack, who looked at him with contempt.

"How do you do that? You didn't even say a thing," Jack whispered.
"Well first of all Jack, I don't have beer all over the front of my shirt."
"Good point. So which lady is it gonna be tonight?"
"You'll see Jack. You still trying for Jenny?"
"Of course."
"You should try someone else Jack. She's too, goody."
"That's why I like her Jimmy, I'm not like you."

Jimmy glanced over at his best friend.

"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing," Jack replied, taking a drink to hide his smile.

"Well I'll see you Jack. Good luck."
"You too Jimmy."

Jimmy looked back at him, his blonde hair shinning green in the light.

"I don't need luck Jack, I have charm."

Jimmy turned, leaving his innocent friend alone to gap at him. He quickly swept past the sea of dancers, weaving through them like a soft fabric and pausing in the middle of the floor. Looking through the gaps the crowd, he scanned the area, his eyes coming to rest on the beauty dressed in black across from him.

Jimmy smiled, pushing his way to his target. He quickly took a seat at a stool a few feet away from her and silently studied her features. She was a pure, milky white. The black dress hung across her like Indiana Jones's hat. It was perfect for her. Her lips were a fine, deep red, perfectly colored.

He studied her face next, looking at the finely tuned eyelashes and to her deep brown hair, laced with a natural fiery red. Finally he looked into her deep blue eyes. He was ready. Jimmy stood and paced his way towards her.

"May I take a seat?" He asked.

She looked up for a moment, her face vibrant, yet cold, and gave a little nod. Jimmy took his cue, sitting not too quickly, but not too slowly.

The first thing he noticed was the perfume, the delicate scent. A light smell of strawberries, pure and crisp. Not heavy, like most. This was rich, a delicacy. She was a woman of class, a countess, and one not to be trifled with.

Jimmy smiled, thinking to himself for a moment. He didn't want her to think he was a player, which, despite his attitude, he was not. He had relationships that lasted long, but often ended, owing not to him, but to the women he dated.

"Hello, my names Jimmy, Jimmy Blanco," He said, holding out his hand.

For a second, Jimmy was scared that she would reject his hand, but she took it in hers, her hands warm and light, and smiled.
"My name's Alison. Alison Greenway."

"Greenway, that's an odd name."
"Not bad, just odd." He added hastily.

The countess, Alison, laughed.
"Don't be so shy. You're gonna bye me a drink I presume?"

Jimmy was speechless for a moment.
"Of course." He held up his hand and ordered her drink.

Jimmy felt odd today. He felt that he was out of his game. Maybe even his league. What was going on?

"So what do you do Jimmy?"
"I work as a lawyer actually."
"Ah, the scum sucking bastards of the earth," Alison replied.

Jimmy coughed, almost choking on his drink, and laughed.

"Wow, I didn't expect that reply."
"Well you don't expect much do you Jimmy?"

Alison spoke in a sarcastic, yet kind, way.
Jimmy was mesmerized.

"So what do you do? If you don't mind me asking."
"I work as an attorney."
Jimmy blinked. "You're serious?"
"Yes of course."
"Well this is awkward. I'm surprised I haven't met you before."
"Likewise Jimmy."

Jimmy paused for a moment.
"So what firm do you work for?"
"Smith and Sanderson."
"Ah, that explains it. I work for Lewis Brasco's Firm."
"No wonder we haven't met."

Jimmy's firm had been in constant legal battle with Smith and Sanderson since the big Enron scandal. Not many of the employees shared friendships with members of the opposite firm.

"Well this doesn't change things between us Jimmy, don't be down."

Alison laughed. Jimmy already enjoyed the sound.

"I assume you didn't come here just for a conversation?"
"Well I-"
"Because neither did I."

Jimmy smiled and shook his head.

"I have to say Alison, you're a different type of girl."
"Is that a bad thing Jimmy?"
"We'll see. At least I hope we will."
"I think we will Jimmy."

Time passed quickly as they spoke, faster then Jimmy could have ever thought possible. They were soon reaching the one hour mark.

Alison stood, putting aside her drink (the same one Jimmy had bought her), and grabbed her purse.

Jimmy helped her with her coat.

"Well Jimmy, I enjoyed this conversation."
"I did to Alison, would you mind if I walked you to your car?"
"Not at all Jimmy, I would expect nothing less from you."

Jimmy and Alison made their way to the exit and they had soon reached Alison's car. Jimmy held the door open as Alison slipped inside.

"So will I see you tomorrow, say, for dinner?" Jimmy asked.
Alison smiled slyly. "I don't know, maybe. Here's my card though Jimmy."
Alison held out her firm's card and Jimmy took it.
"I hope you have a good night Alison."
"You to Jimmy."

Jimmy closed the door and Alison's car pulled back, giving him a quick wave before speeding off, sending up a swirl of dust.

Jimmy sighed, looking at the card in his hand. He turned it over.
Written on the back were five words.

-Eight O' clock, call me lawyer-

Jimmy smiled, looking up as Jack and Jenny exited the club. Jenny kissed Jack on the cheek and got into her car. Jack turned to see Jimmy and walked up.

"Told you she liked me."
"So I was wrong Jack."
"What about you Jimmy? Any luck?"

Jimmy smiled, feeling the firm's card in his pocket.
"Maybe," Jimmy whispered, flashing a sly smile before heading back inside.

Submitted on 2006-09-26 16:05:26     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  "Looking through the gaps in the crowd"
"Don't be so shy. You're gonna by me a drink I presume?"
I didn't think it was your best, kind of shallow compared to your other ones, but I definetly still liked it. I was expecting Jimmy to get shot, presuming that Alison was like a spy type of thing from the competing law firm, and they were getting revenge on the firm from the case.
But I did like it.
| Posted on 2006-10-06 00:00:00 | by Caotic_Disaster | [ Reply to This ]

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