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Screaming Streets

Author: MyX
ASL Info:    27/m/Ohio
Elite Ratio:    4.38 - 932 /973 /107
Words: 251
Class/Type: Poetry /Longing
Total Views: 2696
Average Vote:    5.0000
Bytes: 1795


Wrote this while getting drenched by the curb next to the bus stop in busy city downtown akron, in the midst of all the hustle the biggest little city could muster on any given night with inconsiderate buses splashing the waiting customers with notepads like me.

Screaming Streets

Screaming Streets

I found myself out there
cause I didn't want to be alone,
But I've got a full pack of smokes
and a 50 to secure my ride home.

Every night out,
its all the same.
The streets are
mad blotches of
black, pockmarked
with lifeless neon lights,
that flicker and twitch
without remorse.
The city is loud
and angry.
Women trot around in packs
wearing clothes that don't fit.
And lone men aggressively gab
into their cellular telephones
as they scale the sidewalks
along the skyscrapers.
Crowds cheer in even intervals
like the relentless traffic lights
and the same bass line
pulsates from every open door
along the main drag.

In every bar, tavern, lounge and pub,
there is one cigar smoker,
one floating woman,
with accessability you can smell,
a man wearing stripes,
and at least one argument
either silent or public.

Where men and women
come together,
stranger to stranger,
growing strange and stranger.
In a place so dank
with so many so troubled and self loathing,
inebriated and trying to escape
the inevitable plight of tomorrow.

How soon will we forget eachother?
Through what cracks must we crawl
to find another?
Why must we wait to forget the
pain and misery that brought us together?

The bar scene is such a hellacious hoax,
yet the greatest getaway we've ever known.
I have half a pack of smokes,
and a 20
to secure my ride home.

Submitted on 2006-10-05 11:20:21     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  How soon will we forget eachother?
Through what cracks must we crawl
to find another?
Why must we wait to forget the
pain and misery that brought us together?

I love this stanza...not sure why at the moment
| Posted on 2014-12-29 00:00:00 | by Teofila | [ Reply to This ]
  just like in your other poem about the commercials, the pyramaids..the promise of getting rich or moving up...the bars promise love in the late evening...but we really just start out with a whole pack of intentions and enough for a ride home for two...and end up with half-our aspirations left and only enough money to get ourselves home...

between this and "writers never get any pussy"

you grab onto the most mundane things...activities that happen every day and make them unordinary...with your unique perspective...

i really like your writing...

and the attitude of the work...there is a bit of bukowski and kerouac mixed together...but i don't like either of them...they don't move me...your poems do...

| Posted on 2011-04-04 00:00:00 | by jacoberin | [ Reply to This ]
  you make it clear like evrything is stated and nothing more is needed. the bar is a useless place yet peaple love it. well yup good stuff there myx.

| Posted on 2007-09-26 00:00:00 | by BusterLILblock | [ Reply to This ]
  No. 20 would be your IQ.

| Posted on 2007-04-15 00:00:00 | by MyX | [ Reply to This ]
  it costs 20 bux to take the bus?
id have just spent all 50 in the bar and walked home.
| Posted on 2007-04-15 00:00:00 | by HappyBuddaH | [ Reply to This ]
  I like how you started out "not wanting to be alone."So you went out, observing people & their behavior in the bar, which you describe so well (too well) as being "troubled and self loathing" Then in the end it's implied by the amount of money & cigaretts left that you you'r self are apart of those troubled self loathing bar goers.
I thoght it was clever.

The Pisces
| Posted on 2006-10-06 00:00:00 | by The Pisces | [ Reply to This ]
  Hiya Myx,

You couldn't resist the urge to head into the bar for a minute?

I loved the gritty picture you vivid and real. I can always trust that your lens is in sharp focus and it shows in your writing. When I go back and look at how you did it, it's not with tricks or flowery words, it's with and blunt truth that we all ignore until someone points it out.

"Where men and women
come together,
stranger to stranger,
growing strange and stranger."

I love these lines as a comment on human behavior...bravo.

| Posted on 2006-10-05 00:00:00 | by jaycee | [ Reply to This ]
  Not sure what the change of money and smokes at the end meant. I guess you used some money at the bar then? I like this MyX. It doesn't have that comedy to it, but it has that feeling of a big city downtown on a rainy night. This reminds me of the people I see walking around town during the day. Most of the women wearing clothes too small for them, most of the guys talking on cellphones, and crowds of punk kids walking around celebrating like something amazing happened and no one else was there to see it happen. Good piece here MyX.

| Posted on 2006-10-05 00:00:00 | by insphered soul | [ Reply to This ]

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