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Nightmares from the girl next door

Author: Max R.
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Words: 798
Class/Type: Story /Misc
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title self explainitory

Nightmares from the girl next door

I opened my eyes, even though a small part of my brain tells me I’m asleep, I try to move my arms and legs but their tied. I look around and I know this place. It’s his room. I’m scared because I don’t know why I’m here or how I got here. The door opens and he comes in. usually I would be happy because I know he’ll help me, but then I see his eyes. There’s a hunger in his eyes that I’ve never seen before. He meets my eyes and gives me a smile.

His teeth are sharp and stained red, which I know is blood. He walks over to me ever so slowly and kneels down beside me. What I thought was his bed is now a metal table and my hands are tied to both top corners and my feet are the same. I realize I’m chained down, spread eagle, naked. He pulls out a needle and sticks it in my arm. I’m still awake but now I can’t move at all. I can feel, listen and see, but I can’t move. I can’t talk.

“I’ve waited so long, Sara. Too long. You’ve made me wait all this time, you evil bitch and now you’re gonna pay. You know you want this to, Sara.” His fingers trail over my body and when my nipples don’t respond to his touch I can see he gets angry.

“Remember all those times you made fun of me, bitch? Now you’re going to pay for every single time.”

I close my eyes and pray a prayer I made up myself. I just want to go home. I plead with God. Please? I promise I’ll be good. No more lying or stealing. Please God, I don’t want to die tonight. Please I want to live to see my family. I think of Spencer, Anna, Alex, my mom and Bill and the tears burn in my eyes. My family, God I love them so much. Please God just let me see them one more time.

A hard smack across the face brings me back.
“Let me see those eyes, Princess Sara,” He laughs, “You really fell for all that didn’t you? Dark princess, baby, angel, cutie. Hah.”

His fingers go into me hard and fast and my eyes fly open at the pain. The tears I had been holding back are now rushing down my face. What did I do? I want to ask. Please I won’t do it again. Please, stop, please.

As if he read my mind. “You didn’t do anything, bitch. I’m gonna do to you what I’ve been wanting to do to all those little girls. How do you like that, whore?”

More tears spill out of my eyes. “I love it when you cry. I told you that before didn’t I? It makes you look so weak, I love it.” He straddles me and pulls out a knife. He drives himself into me hard and the pain makes me see stars. He puts down the knife, so he can squeeze my breasts as hard as he can and I pray more. He’s thrusting as hard as he can now and the pain is so intense. He starts to laugh.

My vocal cords finally come back and I let out a piercing scream which only excites him more.

When he finally finishes he gets off me and I can feel my vagina start to gush blood. He comes right next to my face with his long knife.

“Every time I touch you, every time I talk about touching you, even if I look at you in that way, you remember this. Remember this and know what I can do to you.”

Then he walks over to a table and picks up a different knife and walks back to me. He straddles me again and rapes me twice as hard but while he does it he starts to cut my face and stomach. While my cuts bleed he laughs more and talks about how he wants to do this to my mom and Anna.

I will myself to wake up.

Submitted on 2006-10-15 12:27:55     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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