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Eternal Paradise (1)

Author: mikepyro7
ASL Info:    15. Male. TX
Elite Ratio:    2.11 - 21 /41 /30
Words: 890
Class/Type: Story /Serious
Total Views: 641
Average Vote:    4.0000
Bytes: 5330


A man wakes in a bright room, confused and disoriented, where two men force him to take part in their dark plans.

Eternal Paradise (1)


I’d like for you to believe what happened, the only trouble is I’m not sure I believe it myself. Best to start at the beginning if I must. When I try to remember the night before, I Love Lucy pops into my head. But I remember what happened the following morning and waking up with the barrel of a sawed off in my mouth.

“Look what we have here, Charlie. The Babe’s waking up.”
“Drugs must be wearing off. Just stick ‘em again.”

I felt the jab in my neck, and I went back into the peaceful dream. The next time I woke I was in a room. The lights were so damn bright, I couldn’t see a thing. Guessing that this might be an ‘interrogation’ room, my hands reached down, instinctively protecting my nuts.

“Relax fella, we ain’t into that kinky stuff.”
“What?” I asked, blindly trying to pinpoint the source of the voice.
“I said we ain’t fags! Open ya fuckin’ ears!” the man shouted, rushing up so close that our faces almost touched.

His hair was a bright, fine crimson, so fine that the bandits of Doyle’s Red Headed League would be proud. His teeth were white, strip shine glow-in-the-dark white. His face was pasty and splashed with freckles. He stood, thin and lanky, dressed in a throw-on ‘laundry day’ tank top and blue jeans.

“That’s enough,” another voice whispered, hidden by the light.
“You sure, Charlie?”
“Yes, cut the lights.”

The lights went off and a tall, debonair man stepped forward. His hair, slicked black, spilled neatly across his shoulders. A crisp blue suit stretched tight across his frame, the black handle of a revolver tucked in his pants pocket.

“What do you want?”
“Shh...quiet,” he whispered, raising a hand to his ear, “you hear it? The sounds all the pitter patters of dying rats gone, all the cries of the insectssss, vanished.”
“Exactly, silence. It’s perfect. It’s uniform. And it also goes well for when dirty deeds must be done.”

He pulled the revolver from his pocket and positioned it against his partner’s head. The shot echoed through the chambers as he squeezed off the shot that sent his partner reeling into the semi darkness, the side of his head blown out. Bits of skull and matter hit the ground, splattering my clothes and face. The red haired men did a sort of wobble before he fell, as if still trying to stand, trying to hold on to reality.

He hit the ground with a wet thump, leaving a long spray of blood across the floor. His remaining eye was wide, frozen in a final expression of confusion and shock. A puddle of blood began to form.

“Now look at that,” the crisp dresser said, “you just killed my partner.”
“You crazy bastard! You killed him!”
“But it’s your gun.”

He pulled out the black revolver, wiping off the handle and threw it at my feet.

“Oh fuck...”
“You really ought to get a better security system, John. A man like you should have no problem affording one.”

My .38 lay at my feet.

“You know what you just did? You just killed a respected member of the LA police department. You’re a cop killer.”

I blinked stupidly, shaking my head.

“Oh don’t give me that look, not all cops are like they are in movies, John. We’re not all a bunch of gung ho heroes. Some of us are bad, I’m just doing it to pay the mortgage.”

He smiled.

“Anyways, I should probably arrest you, but I have a family to think about, as do you.”
“Your daughter has lovely eyes.”

I froze. My heart stopped for a moment and my blood went cold. I could hear the slow pounding of my heart in my ears, before they kicked back into full gear. I sneaked a glance at the revolver below me. Charlie, my kidnapper, didn’t seem to notice.

“What did you do with my girl?”
“Your daughter is fine, we’re taking good care of her. Now I’d hate for something to happen to her, in fact I’d hoped it wouldn’t go so far, but my employer insisted that we had...collateral.”

I took a step up, reaching for the gun. As my feet hit the ground, however, my world turned upside down. My legs numbed and slipped out from under me. I collapsed, falling hard on my side.

“No. No. No. You mustn’t do that, John,” Charlie whispered, kneeling at my side, “besides I’d hate for you to get shot over an empty revolver.”

He clicked the side of the gun letting the empty chamber come into view.

“Where’s my daughter?” I whispered, tears burning as they ran down my cheeks.
“She’s fine,” he whispered, holding up a picture of my girl, bound in black electric tape, “now you listen, you’ll do what I want, or Samantha will die. And when I say die I mean she will beg for mercy, on her knees, right before I empty the chamber into her heart!”

“Ok. Ok, anything you want, anything...”

-To be Continued.

Submitted on 2006-10-15 13:42:18     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  W-O-W, this was amazing. It played like a movie in my head. It was... my god I'm speechless. W-O-W.... I'm sooo stalking you.
| Posted on 2006-10-15 00:00:00 | by hellsangel | [ Reply to This ]

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