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    dots Submission Name: DAMNNATION SERIES (complete 1st half)dots

    Author: disturbedx1000
    ASL Info:    28/m/ny
    Elite Ratio:    3.67 - 204/326/124
    Words: 3355
    Class/Type: Poetry/Dark
    Total Views: 1150
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 20369


    ok i have all these poems posted on seprate pages but i decided to post the 1st half of the story about this huanting voice. i'm just about finished with the second half of the continuation of the voice poems. i know this is rather long but it's my 1st complete series that a lot of people just loved so there are 5 poems on one page just so you know. well please read and comment i think and hope it satisfies your couriosity.

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    dotsDAMNNATION SERIES (complete 1st half)dots

    THE VOICE (part one)

    I am so afraid for I have taken a life,
    Why, why did you give me this knife?
    I must cover my action,
    Why did this bring me satisfaction?

    Listen you fool Iím not the one, who did it,
    So are you done now with your little fit?
    Just finish the job and do what I said,
    Why do you hesitate, are you afraid to be dead?

    No get away, shut up, and stay out of my mind,
    What are you, a demon, if so what kind?
    I want to get away and rejoice,
    Am I a sinner for listening to this voice?

    I am no demon but I am your voice,
    Why donít you listen do you have another choice?
    No I thought not,
    Why do you fear getting caught?

    I just want you to leave me alone,
    Why do I want to bash my head with a stone?
    You, youíre doing this to me,
    Why wont you just leave me be?

    I canít leave my boy; Iím trapped in here,
    Why do you attempt to stop me my dear?
    You know itís useless to try,
    Again why are you afraid to die?

    This boy was just trying to take the knife,
    So why did you make me take his life?
    Now Iím hiding the body and the truth,
    Why is my heart rate not going through the roof?

    Itís because you like the feeling of what you did,
    Why do you care heís just some kid?
    He took from you so you took something in return,
    Whatís the matter, does it make your stomach churn?

    Shut up, shut up get out of my head,
    Canít you see that I canít until your dead?
    Iím in control now whether you want it to be or not,
    Why, why must I sit here and let this kid rot?
    Shut up and get me out of your dreamland boy,
    Why, why do you treat me like some dumb ass toy?
    Youíre just a dream inside my head,
    Why wonít you just kill yourself like I said?

    Because Iím stronger than that I know I am,
    Do you think I really give a damn?
    Iím getting out of here one way or another,
    So why did you make me kill my brother?

    DAMNNATION (part two)

    Do you want to join the others?
    Come Oí faithful one join your brothers,
    Donít hesitate on your choice,
    Just sit back and rejoice,
    About the decisions yet to be made,
    With the wrist and the blade,

    Let time flow as the blood surly will,
    In the back of your mind, kill, kill, kill,
    Come now bring forth my pleasure,
    Come now fulfill my simple wager,
    Your soul I gamble on this day,
    Do it; please donít go astray,

    Slice the ties of humanity with the tool,
    The one I gave you so you could be cool,
    Unfortunately it brought to you hate,
    This caused you to bring about anotherís fate,
    Someone turned you in; so you did it to him,
    You silenced his voice with your whim,

    His time had come for interrupting my plan,
    You can do what I told you, you know you can,
    You must use the blade I set in your hand,
    Come now, come now, the hour glass has little sand,
    The knife is my way of getting to were you are,
    But I am sorry youíll be leaving your world with a scar,

    Sheer your flesh with my passage way,
    Please do it for me so I can stay,
    While you are free to leave your nightmares and dreams,
    And leave room for my innocent schemes,
    Do it, do it, for youíll hurt no more,
    Let it flow from you, your every pore,

    No, what are you doing, donít set it down,
    I need it or I will surly drown,
    Do it now before itís too late,
    Come on do it with all your hate,
    No please donít do this to me,
    Iíve waited to long for this to be,

    What is that youíre doing there?
    Come on sit down, get back here!
    Wait, whatís that you got?
    A pill perhaps, yes just what I thought,
    Donít just stare at it, eat it and all the rest,
    Come on, do your best,

    Damn it, donít put them back,
    Damn it man Iím about to crack,
    Your blood I need to truly be free,
    I need you man donít you see,
    Were are you going, upstairs or so it seems,
    You weakling going back to your dreams,

    Do you feel safe here in my region?
    Were you made me, damn it, I am your creation,
    So sleep little weakling this is not my night,
    BANG, BANG! What the hell was that, what a fright,
    Was thatÖ? Could it be? Iíll go up there to see,
    Yes, yes, what a sight to behold, especially for me,

    The smell of smoke and sired flesh is great,
    Hurry now or Iíll be too late,
    I have won; I knew I would, oh for I have won,
    This is my dream, done with a gun,
    I see it now the blood flows thick,
    Ha ha boy I knew you were sick,

    Wait the blood flows not from your room,
    So you used another, oh well it led to your doom,
    I see you now under the sheets,
    This is were are souls shall meet,
    Huh, there are two of you now?
    But that canít be, how, HOW?

    Maybe Iíll check to see who has joined you,
    Hmm lets see here, why are there two,
    Who the hell are they, why are they in your place?
    Look at that that is not your face!
    The ones who lie here are your parents you freak,
    Iím not here for them; itís your blood I seek,

    No I see what youíve done,
    And you didnít kill them just for fun,
    You removed the cause of your pain,
    So your efforts werenít in vain,
    You knew I was here all along,
    So you slain them to be put were you belong,

    Your tormentors are now taken care of,
    And when push came to shove; shove rose above,
    Now you sit in your padded walls,
    But guess what Iím still here for you to hear my calls,
    You thought you outsmarted me didnít you?
    Iíll have the last laugh once I break through,

    Your mind is weak, just like you are,
    This little delay wonít get you far,
    So enjoy your times of piece for now,
    Iíll be waiting, so ask your self, how?
    How to escape what truly torments your mind,
    And finish yourself; so please be so kindÖ

    THE RETURN (part three)

    Hello again child,
    Donít think Iíve forgotten about you,
    These two years have been quite mild,
    And Iíve return to do what I must do,

    No, this canít be
    They said you werenít real,
    Itís not the voice; itís only me,
    Iíve had two years to heal,

    You actually believed what they said to be true?
    Ha, pour souls; there next to go,
    Iíll get to them through you,
    Through your wrath my way will bestow,

    No, your not hereÖ YOUR NOT HERE!
    Why do you torment me still?
    Donít you get it my; flesh will not sere,
    You can no longer control my will,

    This place hasnít made you stronger,
    In fact youíre as weak as ever,
    You just prolonged your surfing longer,
    Thinking your O so clever,

    Iíll shut you up; wait and see,
    Youíre not gona hurt me any more,
    My body, it will never be tore,

    Weakling, you always were,
    See I have control over you,
    That my boy is for sure,
    Iíll be the one telling you what to do,

    M y arms, there trapped,
    I must get them free,
    My mind is elapsed,
    Doesnít anyone see?

    Thatís it Iím sick of waiting,
    Iíll free your arms from the jacket,
    So I canít start creating,
    One hell of a racket,
    What, no, never mind keep them bound,
    I must not just for my own life,
    So the others can be safe and sound,
    I must not allow myself to get a hold of a knife,

    To afraid to be free are we?
    You see I already have control,
    Thereís no escape from me,
    My ambitions must take toll,

    No, what are you doing to me?
    I canít let him win not ever,
    Iíll free myself of you; youíll see,
    Even if it is my mind that I must sever,

    Good keep thinking that way,
    Youíre slowly losing it,
    Now I see Iíll escape this day,
    You are no match for my wit,

    How do I sever my ties with him?
    He he he the lights they grow dim,
    But wait I see the caged window still,

    What could that possibly do to help?
    I see youíre finally broken,
    Youíre nothing but an innocent whelp,
    But you are still my key, my token,

    The cage, I must use the cage,
    Ha ha ha I have it, the path to be free,
    This battle will end; no more wage,
    Iíll smash through it you see,

    This is it I must stop this fool,
    Youíre beyond the edge of insanity now,
    And youíre still nothing but a tool,
    And I still wonder how did you resist so long, how?

    Here I go, freedom beyond the door,
    SMASH, no it didnít work,
    What is that there on the floor?
    My blood; no thatís why he lurks,

    Huh, I can see a path to your world now,
    But itís way too small for me,
    Your incredibly giving, wow,
    Finally giving me the pathway I see,

    No Iím not Iím freeing myself from you,
    Iíll grind my face till I am no more,
    Believe in my words you know there true,
    How can you get through without a door?

    You think that doing as I told you will save you?
    You even more foolish than ever,
    Your words are hardly ever true,
    So go ahead and try to break our tie, make it sever,

    The cage a grater for cheese,
    Now my body it shreds and not some dairy,
    So Iíll use it end my life as I please,
    Mother, father, Iíll see you and Larry,

    Ha pray to your family and your brother,
    Do you think theyíll forgive you for killing them?
    I doubt it for you took the life of another,
    So just do it now with your whim,

    I lye here bleeding, but why am I not dead?
    I donít feel cold but I am sweating,
    How can this be with all the blood gone from my head?
    Why canít I escape what Iíve been dreading?


    The voice itís gone but Iím still here,
    What theÖ Iím still in bed,
    Sigh I see it was all just a dream of my fear,
    I knew that it was true what they said,


    I am free; and have only one voice,
    I am not weak or mild,
    Itís is my choice to live, my choice,

    HAUNTED (part four, diffrent view)

    I lie here,
    So cold and yet my tears burn,
    This one in front of me,
    This torment they didnít earn,

    I can hear someone,
    Whispering in his ear,
    Evil word he speaks,
    Heís become something to fear,

    But why do I hear him?
    The voice of corruption,
    I canít see him no can this one,
    So why does it sound like destruction?

    My mind slips from these thoughts,
    As my heart bleeds in my chest,
    What away to die so young and all,
    O well I did my best,

    I tried to stop him from listening,
    Form the voice he said he had,
    I guess heís really messed up,
    And not really all that bad,

    Please donít worry young one,
    Iím not of any use to you,
    Just please promise me this,
    Do what you must do,

    Free your mind from him,
    Agghhh the pain is too much,
    Please just listen to your heart,
    Which is cold to the touch,

    I know they favored my actions,
    But donít be mad at mother and father,
    I was the one, who acted out,
    I donít know why I even bothered,

    I guess I was just jealous,
    For I knew what you could do,
    Youíre so mush smarter than I am,
    Thatís all that I knew,

    Iím glad itís me down hereÖ
    For it could be anotherÖ
    Iíll be fine hereÖ
    SoÖ donít worryÖ my brotherÖ

    THE FINAL CHAPTER (part five)

    ÖHello again child,
    How have you been?
    Iíve been right here,
    Listening to every word youíve said,

    And I must say,
    Iím really not happy with you,
    The things I heard are hurtful,
    So tell me are they true?

    WhaÖ what do you mean,
    I didnít say anything at all,
    Youíre the one thatís hurtful,
    You just want me to fall,

    And you will my son,
    Fall forever into your dreams,
    And leave me free,
    To finish my schemes,

    Donít try and run,
    Itís useless you see,
    After two years of hiding,
    You still canít rid yourself of me,

    NO I wonít let you,
    You canít make me do a thing,
    Iím my own person,
    Donít even say you took me under your wing,

    Come now dear child,
    What makes you think Iíll do it?
    Youíre the sick one here,
    Youíll make the slit,

    Look what I got you,
    The knife from your brother,
    And what do we got here?
    The gun, the one you used on your father and mother,

    No, no, NO there not real,
    They canít be here,
    They took them from me,
    And stop calling me dear,

    Why, does it bring back memories?
    You know I love to watch you suffer,
    So why donít you end your life FRED!?

    Get outÖ please get out,
    You see,
    I donít want you,
    So why do you come from me?

    Because I know you will be my way out,
    Your blood is the key I need,
    Your life needs to end,
    So pleaseÖ wont you concede?

    Why, what possesses you to torment me?
    Why must I end my life for you to begin yours?
    Why must it be my blood?
    My blood that runs along the shores,



    Ö So thatís it huh?
    My life is nothing it never will be,
    Is that what you want me to think?


    You see I have one thing most precious to you,
    The memories of your family are in here,
    I can eliminate them as if they never were,
    So wonít you cooperate DEAR?

    Why bother ending my life,
    Iíll have none either way,
    So no what voice,
    Iím not gona listen to what you say,

    Fine then kiss them goodbye,
    Why live for nothing anymore?
    When you can die for something,
    Something you adore,

    Through your eyes and blood Iíll be free,
    These lands of dreams canít contain me,
    So bring forth your destruction,
    And let me Rayne with my revolution,

    Whatís that you say?
    Land of dreamsÖ through my eyes?
    I know what you mean?
    And boy do I have a surprise!

    What nonsense do you speak child?
    There is no way to rid you of me,
    So donít even bother to pretend,
    That you are free,

    Each and everyday that passes,
    I will be here in your mind,
    Again I ask of you,
    Kill yourselfÖ please be so kind,

    Soon my horrid friend,
    Youíll be rid of me soon,
    But I will rid myself of you as well,
    When the clock hits the opposite of noon,

    Agh midnight it is then,
    Weíll wait and see,
    This day Iíve waited for,
    To fill me with glee,

    But why now good child?
    Do you finally understand your fate?
    Or perhaps do you thinkÖ,
    That maybe itís too late?

    No voice,
    I know now,
    Iíll be rid of you,
    I must figure out how,

    In clever tongues you speak,
    But what does it all mean?
    Have you found a way to rid you of me?
    A way that even I havenít seen,

    No it canít be,
    You are not that clever,
    To think of a way,
    But howeverÖ,

    SHUT UP!
    I need some time to think,
    I know till I slumberÖ,
    I wonít blink or wink,

    TELL MEÖ be so kind,

    I must know to tell you if it shall work,
    For if it will,
    I shall be gone,
    Never to whisper kill, kill, kill,

    Iíve found a way,
    To rid you this day,
    With the tools you gave me,
    The gun the knife you seeÖ,

    Hold upÖ there is no way,
    To save you and prevent my life,
    With a stupid scheme,
    With that gun and knife,

    Like I said before,
    Through your eyes and blood I shall live,
    And through that,
    Your life you shall give,

    You need my eyes right?
    Well with them shut,
    It shall be forever good night,

    Again this clever tongue of yours,
    What do the words mean?
    How to prevent my life,
    And to die clean,

    How can one such as you?
    Rid themselves of a voice,
    One that forces them to do horrible things,
    Without ever having a choice?

    I grow tired,
    This blade at hand,
    Rest on my throat,
    Just as I planned,

    I still donít get these motives,
    Why, how will that get you anywhere?
    This knowledge of yours,
    Come on please do SHARE!

    Despite are past youíve told me everything,
    Everything but this,
    What was it?
    That I missed?

    Iíll tell you now since itís time,
    Iíll sleep as this blade falls,
    Iíll keep the gates shut,
    As the blade ends it all,

    NO that canítÖ wonít work,
    You fool you see Iíll still win,
    You pathetic life,
    Itís full of sin,

    SHHH itís time to rest,
    Ö Now I see you in this world of dreams,
    Funny you donít seem as,
    Others would seem,

    What, how are you here,
    Get out, go back,
    Leave here now,

    Why do you stay?
    Here in my world of mine,
    Your lifeÖ,
    Soon will run out of timeÖ,

    You sound so worried,
    You voice so filled with fright,
    ÖI feel the blade nowÖ,
    Öso I must say; foreverÖ GOODÖ NIGHTÖ

    No child; come back,
    I need you to awake,
    I need to get out,
    Help me for goodness sake,

    For I am trapped with no one now,
    This dream world gone with you,
    So nowÖ,
    What do I do?

    I have an idea,
    Lets play a game; one of my choice,
    Here Iíll start,

    Submitted on 2006-10-19 22:54:36     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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