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a PM with Holy Wood /evilgothchick

Author: DrewDilla
ASL Info:    25/M/Chicago
Elite Ratio:    2.81 - 131 /196 /51
Words: 1183
Class/Type: Random Thoughts /Friendship
Total Views: 1666
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 6851


We just had som fun n I say if anyone can freestyle type PM me my meassanger names on my main page just click the pic of my jokers to go there if u didnt know. N if u gona just comment/bitch about grammer. Dont bother.

a PM with Holy Wood /evilgothchick

DrewDilla: thanx hun
evlgothchick: yw
DrewDilla: u know I really wish we could hang out bet u a lot of fun to be with
DrewDilla: told u I’m illiterate
DrewDilla: n typo s dont help
evlgothchick: yea
DrewDilla: Im being room dj
DrewDilla: yahoo chat
DrewDilla: ac1
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: lol
DrewDilla: tool
DrewDilla: I'm a mad buddah abuser
evlgothchick: Y
DrewDilla: wtf thought u were 2
DrewDilla: u aint?
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: WHAT IS IT
DrewDilla: Biggie Smalles said it
evlgothchick ??????
DrewDilla: Nictorious Big
DrewDilla: a mad buddah abuser
Evlgothchick SO WHAT IS IT
DrewDilla: lol what Buddah?
DrewDilla: what u have at 420
evlgothchick: OK
DrewDilla: lol
DrewDilla: u never heard buddah
evlgothchick: SO POT HEAD?
DrewDilla: yea
Evlgothchick K, THEN YEA I AM ONE TOO
DrewDilla: let me open my chest with only the best with shit fresher then the rest cause it opens my chest
DrewDilla: lol repeated chest lol
DrewDilla: ok now a test so see sensation in your brest, bet u want to cuddle n rest when I'm done then I'll have pussy fun bet u feel like u in a bun from the pleasure I release makes u think u got on a fleece not full jacket just a piece. a scarf at least? to hide the beast that must feast
DrewDilla: your turn
evlgothchick: brb...
evlgothchick: ok sorry
evlgothchick: now what/
evlgothchick lemme read that
evlgothchick: oh ok
evlgothchick: i gotchya
evlgothchick: dont think me shy im not tryin to lie im just tryin to get by with what i got it's not a lot but the shit i bought im paying for bills i just cant ignore i know this sounds like a bore but its my chore when im done we can have some fun make my heart run until up comes the sun
evlgothchick what ya think?
evlgothchick: you there?
evlgothchick : drew???
DrewDilla: so sorry called in other room
evlgothchick: it's ok
DrewDilla: ya very good hun we should do more often
evlgothchick: wrote another while you were gone
evlgothchick: i'm gonna give you my best, i know this is a test, in this game i am your guest, i'm your pawn, standing in your lawn, awaitng dawn, like a young fawn waiting to hear, from her mother dear, afraid she'll disappear, a single tear rolls down my face, onto the lace, that hangs from my suitcase, then i hear the base from your voice, and realize it was my choice.
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: you like that?
DrewDilla: you choice do what? take it up the butt inside of a grass hut. You say: NO I AM NO SLUT BUT WILL DO ANYTHING SO U BUST A NUT go longer the king Tut could last way back in the past when people would fast{not eat meat} now lets see how long u can last ok here your new task go down a hole flask then hide behind your maskto avoide being in a cast So they dont hit your face but leave them a trace so u can use your mase to give them a pepper taste thjen they will be incased in a glass case n barried in there last plasse
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: haha
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: so i take it you liked it
DrewDilla: I didnt even reread that one alot of fuckups?
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: na, it was good
DrewDilla: thanx hun so where yours
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: ty
DrewDilla: yw
DrewDilla: I got to start using more complex words
DrewDilla: but symple is fun n this I call freestyle typin
evlgothchick Tomlinson: such as?
DrewDilla: like 2 syllable words now sit back an obsurve how much nerve I got to bend it but first my ears hear to land it over there now I'll send it then u can mend it
evlgothchick: brb
DrewDilla: I was in a park last night holding a flashlight now the task might be in a flask right? Now use my casts might to move past light into night then take flight but after you take a bite of the magic mushroom then get lost in a cronic doom. Where you'll need a logic room.
evlgothchick sorry, boss needed to use my comp... place is right
DrewDilla: ok np u at work hun I understand
evlgothchick ok
DrewDilla: like 2 sylabes words now sit back an absurve how much nerbve I got to bed it but firt my hear hear I;ll lend it here now I'll send it then u can mend it
evlgothchick : you and i are alike, in everything we like, even when to strike, fire up that shit, take a hit, pass it while it's still lit, now lets chill, take an x pill, let the secrets spill, into the night, problems out of sight, our souls take flight, into the sky, we'll fly, cuz we are so high, on cloud nine, we feelin fine, everything's devine
evlgothchick : now share with me, and let me see, what you desire, what sets your soul on fire, is to be higher, or to be admired, maybe just to know love, out of all the above, what matters more, to be a bore, or to be adored
evlgothchick sorry... couldnt stop
evlgothchick lol
DrewDilla: um defanitly absorbed till I get hardcore. Like All Gore. Now he was an eye sore. That all ways gave more then expected. So he headed over to Sedricks who always used litle bicks around his migit dick. So it a apitizing ,but it was just suprizing to be coming out Don Kings chicken wing. Till the body would fling then the bell goes ring ring n a gingaling to
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: lol
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: brb
DrewDilla: hb
evlgothchick666 Tomlinson: ok back
DrewDilla: wb
evlgothchick ty
Evlgothchick: what ya doin
evlgothchick: lets go to a rave, and misbehave, i'll take you to my fave, lights and bass, over the place, feels great on your face, dressed in black, fall in with the pack, don't turn back, feels great, to be in this state, getting late, not caring, lost your bearing, reality's tearing
DrewDilla: oh u want a rave come to Chicago n I'll give u what u crave n they got every flav of style from a cave n it was built by Dave with my man spinnen. DJ Dotcom. oops his heat set off the fire alarms. Oh darnb the parties might be in a barn n every ones playen with yarn then the carnage will be manage before there’s damage n everyone needs a bandage. Back in the day Dotcom. would spin me some hiphop n Ide come on mic like a cop bustin people for pop. Ya I’d come out that crazy and it would amaze me so I’d blaze a B then pick daisies out the maze G.
evlgothchick i like that one
DrewDilla: cool

Submitted on 2006-10-24 10:42:29     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  ahah thats pretty cool.
| Posted on 2007-06-03 00:00:00 | by GiveMeTheGun | [ Reply to This ]
  Very awesome. unique. great. cool. enjoyed. thanks.
| Posted on 2006-11-20 00:00:00 | by Caotic_Disaster | [ Reply to This ]
  haha wow thats a long convo
| Posted on 2006-11-20 00:00:00 | by dark lover | [ Reply to This ]
  hmm...i think thats sick! (sick is a good thing) its so original, and i never would have thought of something like that...u 2 r pretty creative

and grammar? im a grammar freak when it comes to the pieces that deserve it, but this, definetly doesnt need something like that, anyhow, awesome! i dont really even know what to say, bc its just so different.

| Posted on 2006-10-24 00:00:00 | by DanceADream | [ Reply to This ]
  *lol* Seems like a fun chat. I don't have any comments other then that. You were having a good time, exchanging some rhymes, confessing the love for the herb. It's all good.
| Posted on 2006-10-24 00:00:00 | by Nihilist Weasel | [ Reply to This ]
  Wow.. I didn't know you liked our conversation enough to make it a piece of your art. Well, of course I'm not going to diss this, it's mine too ha! We should do this again sometime, had fun with it. Later!

Holy xx
| Posted on 2006-10-24 00:00:00 | by Holy Wood | [ Reply to This ]

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