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Vampire Mind - Ch 10

Author: DrunkOnShadows
ASL Info:    16/F/Ont
Elite Ratio:    3.76 - 66 /84 /49
Words: 786
Class/Type: Story /
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Vampire Mind - Ch 10

Chapter 10 - “Aren’t We All Just A Little Psychotic?”

When she came to, Camille had lost track of time. Since she passed out, she couldn't tell if it had been 2 minutes or 2 hours. Once she opened her eyes, she saw the faces of the others hovering above her, curious as to if she was o.k. or not. Closest of all was Danielle, who was cradling Camille's head in her hand. Her eyes were full of concern, and if she wasn't mistaken... Starting to tear up.

"Camille, are you alright? Where are you?" She asked me in a panicked voice.

"I'm in your creepy-ass basement, and I'm fine. What the hell just happened?"

The conscerned emotion in her face turned suddenly into rage at the exact moment that Camille realized that one face wasn't hovering over her. She sat up, and watched Danielle march to the bottom of the stairs where Malcolm was now standing, and an expression of sheer terror began to creep onto his face.

"You fucking bastard. You worthless piece of shit! How DARE you feed on someone as vulnerable as her! She doesn't KNOW how this WORKS! She doesn't even KNOW what this IS! She has no way of defending herself against an attack! She can't even BEGIN to IMAGINE HOW!" and after she yelled at him in a blind fury, Danielle threw Malcolm a punch to the face that was so hard that Camille and the others could hear his nose break.

He screamed, and said some choice words that were very colourful as he clutched his now broken nose. At once, Camille could smell blood. She could tell that his nose was bleeding. It didn't come as a surprise, though. Danielle delt him one hard blow to the face. Camille was amused with this picture she was staring at. Malcolm seemed to be bruised and ripped of his pride. "Was it because he was embarassed that he was just beat up by a girl?” He was just standing there now, and he wasn't trying to be tough anymore. He looked so small in that big basement of Danielle's. “No, it’s more than that... More than a silly petty reason like that. He’s about to lose his sanctuary. He’s ashamed because he knows he’s about to be exhiled and he can never come back here, where he is understood, where there are others like him.”

“Get. Out.” Danielle said sternely.

“B-but, Danielle... P-please. I’m sorry. It won’t -...” He started to whimper patheticly. “Was he starting to cry?” Camille wondered.

“GET OUT!!!” Danielle roared.

Malcolm shot up the steps like lightening, and slammed the door closed behind him, causing everybody in the room to jump but Danielle. She just stood there, shoulders heaving as she took heavy breaths to try to calm herself down. She remained looking at the closed door for a long moment before Kyarii broke the silence.

“What now?” she asked, in a quiet voice, as if trying to avoid getting yelled at herself.

“I don’t know... Are you sure you’re alright, Camille?” Danielle questioned again.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just a little dizzy.” she replied.

“What an asshole” Faye added.

“I can’t believe he had the nerve! What is he trying to prove, anyway?” Chance asked nobody inparticular.

“Jealousy.” Kyarii said in a dreamy voice. Danielle was puzzled. “He was jealous of Camille. He could tell that you care about her, and he was jealous of that. That kid had a crush on you, Danielle..”

Danielle’s expression quickly turned to one of pure disgust. “That psychopath?”

“Aren’t we all a little psychotic, Danielle?” Faye reminded her. “It’s who we are. We’re not normal. We can’t help it when it gets the best of us.”

“Danielle, it didn’t help that he’s been vamping out for days... He’s been having headaches, and been depressed, and been craving for nearly a week. And he’s so stubborn, he won’t even eat, and you know that makes it worse.” Kyarii continued.

“I know. I don’t care. He’s not coming back.” stated Danielle, who looked at Camille sitting on the floor. She was still in a little bit of shock, and hadn’t really moved since she regained consciousness. Danielle walked back from the foot of the staircase over to the middle of the room again to look at the resized group of misfits. Vampires, five of them, that have formed there own little organized group. A coven, for lack of a better word. And now they’ve lost one of their oldest members. Danielle took Camille’s hand and helped her up.

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