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Prologue/Chapter 1

Author: Adon Galra
ASL Info:    19/male/Dark Side Of Moon
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Words: 1945
Class/Type: Story /Serious
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A story I'm writing based of a very disturbing dream I had. The story to follow that image came together quite easily since this is really supposed to be made into a comic.

Terms you need to know:
Eryien: a race I thought up and improved on. Eryiens are winged humanoids. Their wings come in various styles and colors. For example, the main character has black raven-like wings, but his sister has black hummingbird-like wings. Also, any deformation or handicap an Eryien has that would have required though process, such as the use of an arm or leg, or even a wing, the process of thought is not waisted. Instead, the amount of process it took for that is transferred to another section of the brain, therefore allowing Eryien to use different forms of ESP. No one, not even the Eryien can explain it.(I could if I was standing right in front of you, but I can't in words.)

Fieara: Fieara's are Viera/Kitsune hybrids. They have fox like legs and faces, hume like bodies, viera ears. No one knows for sure when they came about.

Most other references will be Final fantasy Related, like Humes, Moogles, and of coarse Vieras.

More information to come

gonasiphherpalAIDS © of Berkmar High School

Prologue/Chapter 1

"'Her mind aches with those dreadful memories; those times of pain and torture. Through eyes can I see it. Horrible events and despicable scenes. No wonder why her heart is so grave. I shouldn't be telling you her business, but hell has that ever stopped me before?

The young Fieara leaned against the wall as the tall slender male dragon slid himself inside her for the fifth time that session. The blueish green beast stood a good four heads higher, and this was only to not completely and
utterly destroy the young hybrid's insides. He wasn't do a good job. Tears were streaming down the young female face as
she clutched the wall, searching for something to hold onto. A bar; a hand; a hope; a thought; she needed something to
hold onto. Nothing was there but cold dungeon wall, steaming from the chemistry being formed between dragon and fear. Nothing good was coming of it though.

That girl screamed and screamed and shrieked louder and louder every time the dragon reentered her. By now her voice was hoarse from it. But she continued to scream. Maybe it wasn't by her own pain, but because the dragon wished it. Who knows. All I can hear from him are sweet hums and delicate words. They are full of false love and deception.

The fieara's face was flushed, even through her face fur pail fur I can see it. Both creatures were dirty, the fieara from top to bottom. She was a sickening sight. How could anyone treat such a beautiful creature in such a horrible way.

Several more minute passed by before the dragon had his way with the female "cat-fox." Five times a day, everyday. Poor little creature.

Or not. The young fieara had had enough of that torture. Just as the dragon began to leave her weak body on the
hard, cold, messy floor, she rose to her feet and struck him in the back. The dragon turned, whipping his tail.
With great agility she jumped over and struck him again. That time in the face. A bright flash flared fiercely as
her hand hammered hard into his face, and the dragon was out. So much energy would have had to be drawn to
accomplish this. No mere being could hope to strike a dragon in it's anthro form without having to back it up
with magic. A dragon must compact scale over scale, and muscle against muscle to allow itself to stand upright.

This girl is one strong being.

She only looked upon her success for a moment, her breath heavy from the massive amounts of mana she must have unleashed. With a small sigh of relief, she swung her hand at the wall. A black tendril flung from her finger and engulfed the the grey stones. Then slowly, the black film peeled back revealing a hole to freedom. Sunlight, something the fieara hadn't seen for a month and a half, flooded the room. Naturally, the fieara is a naturally good climber. Still in the nude, she began her accent up the steep cliff.

There was only reason she would try to scale the mountain, she wanted her clothes.. and whoa... what? Argh.

She's blocked me out. Huh, even when asleep she has a strong enough will to fight.

Well let's get to the point, I don't want you fantasising about what my guest looks under her garments. Basically, after she got her clothes back, she took a boat and rowed for her life. Of course, in the Sea of Page, boat don't go in and out unnoticed. She was attacked by something... hmmm, a squid. It drag her under, taking her down to the depths to drown and kill her. There's a flash, her eyes, there burning. She's... she's moving like she can fly through water. The images are to dark. Their is blood, blood everywhere. That must be the red I saw. Yes, this is where I come in. She was caught on the rocks at low tide. I would say if I had come any later, she would have fallen back into the salt. She is dead tired.

Well, that's all you must know. Leave and rest, we'll speak more about this tomorrow."


Lyon looked away from the peacefully sleeping creature,
untouched and still wet from the salt water he had dragged
the female from. Sleep still hung heavy around his eyes
and pockets were starting form at the lids. Yawning, he
stood and began to move towards the bathroom in his dark
room. Half way to that destination were he planned to
clean himself up, he believed he could here a small
buzzing in his ear. He turned around, seeing nothing but
the bed and the lovely fieara. Turning back he
sighed, "What a sleepless night." A loud static sound came
racing towards him from behind.

In one skillful, fluid move, the air pirate turned around,
and kicked a yellow and blue bolt to his right like a
soccer ball. Lyon looked at his metal leg which was
vibrating violently. His eyes traced the path the bolt had
traveled, and he found himself staring into the fierce
eyes of a heavily breathing fieara. It's eyes were purple
with rings of yellow around them. "Is that anyway to treat
your rescuer."

"What did you do to me?" the fieara girl asked him in a low demanding tone. The young eriyen man moved forward one step, placing his left metal foot first. This time the female creature threw a ball of fire at him. The ball also bounced harmless away, and that time his leg didn't move. This infuriated the Fieara. What did you do with me!" she shouted as she held up both palm. They were glowing blue. She was threatening to fire a ball of pure mana.

"I saved you. Nothing else." He stood up straight. "I'm Lyon of the Ravenwing. Welcome aboard."

"Lyon?" the girl asked, putting her hands down. "You mean the Lyonard Ravenwing, the famous, physic, rich, wealthy, and most experienced sky pirate, assassin, gang leader, and ninth wealthiest man in the world?"

"First, actually," he corrected the girl solemnly. "The first eight have access to my personal accounts. As long a people think I'm not the richest, poor people won't be stupid enough to come after my life." Lyon gazed into the Fieara dark purple eyes, black due to the lack of light in the room and began to turn. "I'm going to take a shower."

The girl looked at him with utter shock. "You're not going to try and disarm me?"

Lyon smiled to himself, though she wouldn't see. "How? Knock you out? It's not like your carrying a weapon on you. Besides it's not like you can go anywhere. You can try to escape, but you won't get very far when your about eighteen thousand feet above Dilber Sea." The other fell silent. Satisfied with his response he kept moving towards the bathroom.

Just as he moved under the door frame he was caught of guard with, "Can I shower with you?" Ravenwing nearly tripped when he heard the question.


"You heard me. I'm covered in salt water. I need a bath." The one winged eriyen stood at the frame for moments on end. Even though his ship was full of perverts and characters who's intentions could be questioned, this was not something he was not used to. "Well?"

The eyrien pondered but a few moments more, sighed, and said looking over his left shoulder, "Alright." The fieara stood from her place and walked towards him, dropping her top covering. Lyon completely turned and shouted, "Why the hell do you have silk lingerie?"

"Huh what?" the girl looked down. "What? I'm a prince-" the girl slapped both hands on her mouth. "Don't take me back," she shouted immediately afterwards. "Jenaveve," words flew from her mouth like birds from a tree. Lyon took what he could from her random shouting and held up his hand. She stopped.

"Alright, Jenaveve, come on." Almost as if she was waiting for it, she dropped to nothing and rushed into the bath. Lyon put his hands over his eyes and walked in after her. There was no innocence in him, just pride as a gentleman. "Let's just get this over with. Fast."

"What's wrong? Never shower with a woman before?" She smirked back at him, covering up her parts.

"Uh, no. I've never showered with a girl who I hardly know." The water turned on by itself and the two walked in. Ravenwing was still in his shorts.

"Are you going to drop them," the fieara girl asked almost eagerly.

Lyon answered irritably, "Do you want to get raped?" She looked at him and cocked her head sideways. Lyon put his head on her head and closed his eyes. Almost as soon as they were shut he jumped back and shouted, "The fuck? You do want to get raped!" Jenaveve looked away with an ashamed look and blushed cheeks. Ravenwing knew why she wanted what she wanted. She didn't know anything else. he scratched the back of his scalp and looked down at the short girl. "Damn it, I hate being thrown into relationships." She gazed into his eyes, confusion filled her face. "If you want this, you are going to become my girlfriend, I don't do this to every girl I meet?"

The white fox-cat watched as Lyon removed his clothes and gasped at what she saw. "I- I'm sorry. But I can't help myself. It's-"

The eyrien finished her sentence, "All you know. I know that. But still, you can't go running around this ship sleeping with random men. A lot of girls on this ship have gotten gonasiphherpalAIDS from that."

"Then," her voice became a low whisper. Lyon looked down at the shorter figure, marveling at the creatures beauty. "I... I want to be loved. I need love, not sex. But I can't tell which is-"

Again she was cut of by the one winged man, who had pushed her into the relaxingly cool stream of water. No longer could she talk, not while his lips were against hers. The position she was in felt so familiar, yet so different. What could it be.

The dungeon. The way he was holding her reminded her of the dungeon. She squirmed a bit with the memory of the dark and humid place; the foul smelling room who's black walls held heat that on several occasions gave her a nose bleed. Then their was the way he was on her; but now, a continues spray washed over her.

Her hands were griped more tightly when she was captive and she was nailed to the wall. However, now she found her arms less restrained and that it was much easier to fight back which until now she didn't notice she was doing. More and more the feelings and pains came, and no sooner had they come where they being replaced with newer pleasures.

Before either of them knew it, they were going at it, nothing aggressive, just gentle play. Jenaveve let herself slip into a more relaxed position, moving one leg around the winged man's, awaiting what she had wanted and needed for some time.


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