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    dots Submission Name: Flashback (From My Story)dots

    Author: Raivn
    ASL Info:    33/f/al
    Elite Ratio:    4.28 - 1222/916/231
    Words: 3366
    Class/Type: Story/Passion
    Total Views: 638
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 18540

       This is the "erotic" scene from my story of Trinity and Drew. I like it, and I need to know if it's hot. It is terribly graphic (Jaz, don't read), so if you don't have a stomach for that sort of thing...don't go there. Otherwise, thoughts would be appreciated.

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    dotsFlashback (From My Story)dots

    Trinity was fascinated by Drew's lips: the shape, the feel, the taste of them. Those lips were currently turned up into one of his most mischievious grins, the kind that meant he was up to no good. It was the kind of grin that Trinity found sexier than anything in the world.
    Trinity was perched on the edge of her bed, looking up at Drew as he reached over and turned the volume on her stereo all the way down. She manipulated her face into what she considered her most convincing frown.
    "Why would you do that?" she asked. He just stood in front of her, still dressed in his work uniform.
    "I'll do whatever the hell I want to do," he teased. She continued to look up at him, the need in her eyes so intense that he took an involuntary step towards her. She had spent the day watching him put together a brick wall, and knew that his girlfriend wouldn't be back to pick him up for hours. She attempted to muster up the courage to tell him what she was thinking. .
    "Drew," she began, "I wanted to tell you..." He silenced her with a shake of his head. His hand reached out and caressed the side of her face. He moved closer.
    "I know what you want," he said, cupping her chin. She gave an involuntary shiver at the feel of his skin. Her eyes closed as he leaned over and lightly brushed his lips with hers. She opened her eyes and watched his face as he traced the curve of her neck with his fingertips. The collar of her oversized sweatshirt prevented him from going any farther. They looked at each other for a long moment, his warm hand resting against her neck.
    In one fluid motion, Drew had Trinity on her feet, and pulled tight against his body. She held up her arms, and he grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling it over her head. She wore a black bra trimmed in pink lace, and he paused for a moment to admire the contrast it made against her pale white skin. Then his hands moved lower, until they could feel heat, even through the jeans that Trinity was wearing. Drew unbuttoned the jeans, and they swiftly fell to the floor. Trinity stepped out of them, and tossed them aside with her feet. She stood before him in nothing but her bra and a pair of black panties that rode low on her hips, and ended in lace halfway down her backside.
    "Why didn't you wear stuff like this when we were together?" Drew asked, silently admiring the way the curves of her body had changed since the last time he had seen them. He reached out and pulled her towards him, his hands gripping the cheeks of her ass. She inhaled sharply when their bodies touched, and moved her hands to the waist of his pants, one finger slipping underneath the stiff material and tracing a slow line back and forth across his stomach. She gently bit his bottom lip, then allowed him to kiss her as her fingers quickly unbuttoned his shirt. She exposed his firm, and in her opinion, perfect stomach, and ran her hands down his chest. He tried to pull her closer, but she playfully evaded him, and trailed kisses from his neck to the waist of his pants. She ended up on her knees, her childlike face looking up at him with an expression that was anything but innocent.
    "What does it matter?" she asked, slowly unbuckling his belt, and pulling it through the loops of his pants. "You take it off me either way." Drew's chuckle was ended abruptly when Trinity playfully nibbled at the bulge in his pants. He pulled her to her feet again, and her fingers fumbled to unfasten his pants. They fell to the floor as swiftly as her own. Drew removed his boxer-briefs, and kicked both them and the pants aside.
    Only a thin layer of silk and lace separated Trinity from what she wanted most. She moved, as if to remove the obstruction, but Drew stopped her. He pressed his body up against hers, and took possession of her lips with his own. He entwined the fingers of one hand in the hair at the nape of her neck, and gently pulled. Trinity sighed, a chill running through her body.
    "That gets you every time, doesn't it?" Drew murmured against her lips. Trinity moaned in reply. Tingles ran through her body as Drew nibbled at the most sensitive parts of her neck, then flicked his tongue against the lobe of her ear. Her knees threatened to give way, but Drew caught her, kissing her as he lowered her onto the bed that they had once shared.
    Trinity's black hair fanned out across the red of her pillowcase. She slowly opened her eyes, and looked up at Drew. With his hand still supporting her neck, Drew stared down at her, entranced by the hunger in her eyes. He ran his hand up the curve of her hip, and watched her eyelashes flutter. One of her hands slowly made its way down Drew's stomach. His heartbeat quickened.
    Time momentarily stood still as Drew and Trinity gazed at one another. Trinity exhaled heavily, and bit her bottom lip, her face troubled. She watched Drew as his eyes traveled down the length of her body. He lingered for a moment on the generous swell of her breasts, then continued down her milky white stomach, to the source of heat that was radiating upwards onto his bare skin. Trinity's eyes traveled lower still, stopping altogether immediately below his waist. She was always captivated by the sight of Drew's naked body. Drew smirked when he realized where her eyes had stopped, and he ground his pelvis against hers, bringing an involuntary gasp from her parted lips.
    "Oh, please..." Trinity moaned, her eyes returning to his. He took his hand from behind her neck, and slowly made his way down the bed, until he was parallel with Trinity's stomach. He bent down and kissed it, then grasped the top of her panties with both hands, and moved lower still.
    Trinity temporarily lost herself when she felt Drew's mouth upon her. She gasped, closing her eyes as a shiver of delight ran through her entire body. She opened her eyes, and looked down at Drew, who stopped what he was doing, and grinned up at her. She reached down and pulled him to her, kissing him hungrily, and tasting herself on his lips. She gripped the back of his neck with one hand, slowly running the other down the length of his body, and gently wrapped her fingers around him. He inhaled sharply, pulling breath from her mouth, and she slowly began to move her hand up and down. He put his hand over hers and she released him. He pulled back, until he was on his knees in front of her, and then gently kissed her fingers. She sat up, her hair in disarray, and looked at him intently. His lips curved upward, and she moved towards him, her eyes never leaving his.
    Drew couldn't help but notice that the way Trinity moved had changed. It was just the slightest difference, nothing that would ever be noticed except by someone that had watched her every move for years. There was a slightly more sensuous curve to her lips, a bit more confidence in her limbs as she came towards him. He was entranced as she licked her lips, and wrapped his arms around her own waist. Then her skin pressed against his own, and her mouth found his, and all was lost.
    Trinity wrapped her arms around Drew's neck, one hand snaking up to bury itself in his hair. She kissed him harder than she ever had, the kiss full of need and hunger. Drew's arms tightened around her, and pulled her as close as he possibly could. She was the one who ended the kiss, pulling back, and looking him squarely in the eye. Then she bit her lip, and gave him a smile that he remembered too well.
    Trinity leaned forward and kissed Drew again. Before he could wrap his arms back around her, she had moved from his mouth to gently nibble at his ear. She trailed kisses down his neck, and he closed his eyes. She slowly ran her fingertips down his chest, following their path with her tongue. She placed a gentle kiss on his stomach, and moved lower still. Her hands found what they were looking for, and Drew opened his eyes to look down at her. She looked up at him, her lips forming what was quite possibly the sexiest grin that Drew had ever seen. She opened those lips, and quickly flicked her tongue against the tip of his penis. He twitched, and that made her grin grow wider. Then her lips parted again, and she took him into her mouth.
    Drew threw his head back and moaned. Then he looked down at Trinity again. She looked up at him, her eyes catching his own as she slowly moved back and forth, completely enveloping him, and working her clever little tongue at the same time. She had always been good at this, something that had seemed to take her completely by surprise. Drew remembered the first time she had done it, her first time, ever. How her eyes had silently begged him for approval, so scared that she couldn't do it right. He remembered kissing her and telling her she had done it perfectly. And it had never been a lie.
    Trinity ran her tongue down the length of Drew. And it was an impressive length. Her mother had tried to scare her away from him by telling her that he was "well endowed." Trinity had just laughed at her, almost positive that she would never find out if that was true anyway. Now, she would have it no other way. She loved the feel of Drew, the length and width of him. She licked him as if he were an ice cream cone, and she was starving. She started out slow, then moved faster and faster until Drew had to stop her. He wasn't ready to go just yet.
    "You're so fucking good at that," he murmured, pulling her back up until they were eye to eye. She smiled, thinking to herself that it was all for him. She would be willing to do anything he desired, just to make him look at her as he was right now. He tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear, then traced the outline of her lips with his thumb. She kissed it, then slowly opened those lips, and sucked his thumb into her mouth, all the while gaging his reaction with her big blue eyes. He grinned, pulled his hand away, and bent forward to kiss her.
    Trinity had tried hundreds of times to describe the way that one of Drew's kisses made her feel. Somehow, though, words always failed to live up to the feeling of his lips on hers, the sensation of complete and total possession. She felt as if she had been made to kiss him. Their kisses had never been awkward, their lips were meant to be together. She had kissed other lips since, and they had always been awkward and uncertain. She had never felt anything with anyone else.
    Drew ended the kiss, grinned at her, and gently threw her back against the pillows. She fell back, her hands reaching for him, and he was there. He kissed her as her head hit the pillow, and he grinded against her again. She pulled back and silently entreated him with her eyes. He took the hint, and thrust himself inside of her.
    "Oh, god..."Trinity murmured. She inhaled sharply and closed her eyes. Drew's hands traveled up her hips, and cupped her breasts as he thrust in and out of her body. She arched her back to meet him, and he moved faster. Then, in one fluid motion, he flipped the both of them over, until she was on top of him. Their rhythm never broke, they had done this too many times to lose one another while switching positions. Trinity opened her eyes and looked down at Drew. He smiled at her and closed his eyes as she continued to move. She wiggled back and forth on top of him, keeping the pace that he had set. When she could tell that he was getting close, she suddenly stopped, rose until they had almost seperated, then plunged him back into her. She sat where she was until he opened his eyes and grinned up at her, his hands moving to her hips, where he began to move her back and forth himself. She laughed, and his smile grew wider. It was a game they had always played. When she decided that he was getting lost in his own pleasure, she would stop and remind him that she was there, also. Besides, it felt incredible to have him completely inside of her.
    "Mmmmm..." Drew murmered, the sexy little noise that Trinity knew to mean that something felt just right. She removed Drew's hands from her hips, and began to move on her own. As she quickened the pace, she pulled him up towards her, and moved his hands behind her back. He took the hint, expertly unclasping her bra, and tossing it across the room. He fell back against the pillows, and she pulled him back up to her. He wrapped his arms around her, and gently covered one of her nipples with his skillfully adept mouth. She threw her head back and moaned. He then turned his attention to her other breast, as she continued to ride him. Then he slipped his hand behind her neck, and pulled her mouth to his.
    Trinity had noticed that Drew seemed to have an affinity for watching the two of them in the mirror as they made love. With this in mind, she had put a large mirror up right beside the bed when she redecorated her bedroom. It was the perfect height to look into if you were on all fours on her bed. Which was precisely where Drew had put her. She briefly glanced at him behind her as he thrust into her, but couldn't stand to look at him for very long. Maintaining eye contact with him had always made the sex so much more intense, had made her stay in love with him. She couldn't afford to feel like that now, when this was the last time that they would ever be together. This wasn't making love, this was what the two of them both described as fucking. As much as Trinity loved it, she knew that she couldn't look at him. She closed her eyes.
    Drew ran his hand up her back and entwined his fingers in her hair. He yanked back, forcing her head to come up, and thrust into her harder. She gasped, her entire body trembling. Drew bent over, and gently bit her neck. Trinity moaned with pleasure.
    "Look at me," Drew demanded, "Open your eyes and look at me." Trinity obeyed, looking into the mirror, straight into the relection of his eyes. He stared back at her, giving her his incredibly sexy grin as he bent towards her ear. He exhaled against her earlobe, gently bit it, then spoke into it again, his eyes never leaving hers.
    "You love that, don't you?" he whispered, right against her ear. She nodded, and his grin grew wider. He moved back and forth inside of her, slower now, concentrating on her reflection in the mirror. She met his gaze, her eyes beginning to well up with tears that could not be shed in his sight. He very lightly smacked her ass. She shivered.
    "You like that, don't you?" he mumbled against her ear, "You want me to do it harder?" She nodded, and he bit her ear again. She moaned. He looked at her reflection, then pulled himself and her upwards, and turned her head so that he could kiss her. She closed her eyes and lost herself in his kiss once more, relieved that she no longer had to meet his eyes. Then he released her, and she fell back down to her hands and knees. Before he could force her to meet his gaze again, she began to thrust her body back towards his. Drew grabbed her hips and thrust harder, faster, until Trinity thought her whole body would collapse from the pleasure of it. Then he made the sound that Trinity knew meant he was almost there, and pulled himself from her body. She quickly turned, and took him in her mouth once more. She worked her hands and that clever little tongue until Drew gave one final moan, and a gush of warmth slid down her throat. She waited until he was done, then gently removed her mouth from his penis, giving the head one last flick with her tongue. Drew grinned at her, his eyes half lidded with pleasure, then leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose. She blinked back her own tears, and smiled at him. He stood up, and walked towards the bathroom to clean himself up.
    Trinity hid her face in her hands and let the tears come, her heart breaking with the knowledge that this would be the last time she would ever be with the man that she loved. Then a thought occured to her, and she wiped her tears away furiously. If this was going to be the last time, she was going to make damn sure that Drew never forgot it. She checked her reflection in the mirror, and gave herself a mischievious smile. Satisfied with the result, she lay back against the pillows.
    Drew turned the sink off, dried his hands, and walked back towards the bedroom. He passed through the doorway, and stopped, frozen in absolute fascination. Trinity lay back against the pillows on her bed, her eyes closed. One hand was thrown back over her head. As Drew watched, she gently grazed the line of her neck with her fingertips. Her hand moved lower, caressed the swell of her breasts, then trailed farther down to her stomach. Drew had believed that he was satisfied when he left the room. Now, he wasn't so sure. He watched as she traced complicated patterns across her stomach, eagerly anticipating what would come next.
    Trinity could feel Drew's gaze upon her. She moved her hand lower, biting her lip as she gently touched herself. She opened her eyes and looked up at Drew.
    Drew felt himself grow hard again as Trinity gazed at him. His eyes went from her hand, up over her breasts, to lock on her eyes. He knew, as long as he lived, he would never forget the look in those eyes. Trinity gazed at him as if she were going to eat him alive. He grinned down at her, and she favored him with a slow, sensuous lick of her lips. Her eyes left his, traveled downward, and she gave him a wicked smile.
    "Hmmm," she murmured, "It looks as if you might have something for me there," Drew looked down and chuckled. He walked towards the bed, and Trinity sat up, and crawled towards him.
    "You wanna go again?" he asked. Trinity climbed off the bed, stood up, and walked to him. Drew could tell by the look on her face exactly what she wanted now. She was done playing. She wanted it hard, and fast, and violent.
    "Fuck me," she mumbled against his lips, "Fuck me hard." Drew forcefully pushed her back against the wall, picked her up off the ground, and did exactly as she had requested.

    Submitted on 2007-01-11 21:16:59     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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      Woah. My. God. That has got to be the most sensuous, sexual, lustful piece of reading material I have ever seen. It is hot! And you seem to have gotten everything just right. I'm so lost for words, I'd love to read the full story.
    It was perfect, you don't really have anything to worry about here.
    Good luck with the rest,
    | Posted on 2007-01-14 00:00:00 | by dark-red-pain | [ Reply to This ]
      Gosh, just scrolling down I saw some things that made me go...ikes...but that is just me, I would read it but I am afraid. When you write the whole story I'll read it. Heh. Think about momma picking up this thing!Ha ha ha, that is so great...hurry up and finish so I can read it.

    Much love
    | Posted on 2007-01-12 00:00:00 | by lori_tab | [ Reply to This ]

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