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End Times

Author: Ben Henzel
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Class/Type: Story /Misc
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This a story I wrote one day after having a rather vivid dream. Its just a start, more like a summery of what could be, and my spelling kinda sucks, so forgive that if you will. Im intrested to know what people think.

End Times

I am a Man, and I am alive. These are the only two facts of life that are sure any more. For all time, Men have predicted when they think the end of the world will come. They have prophesied of many plagues and famine. Of War and pestilence. They were partially right. I was 23 years old, and lived a life like any other man. I had a love, and I had a job. My love was Anne, I wanted to marry her, but was afraid to ask. My job was at a local retail store. I sold shoes, and cloths, and helped people. I didn’t mind the work, I enjoyed the people. I had never really decided what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I would attain greatness. Maybe one of my "inventions" would make it big, who knew? Life was good, and I didn't worry. That was before the Crusaders came around. This extremist group of people had one goal in mind, to rule the world. As silly as it sounds, having been played to death in every comic book we ever read, and to have been said on every lip of every bad guy up to date, it was this one desire that ended out world. They started with Europe, conquering, and killing as they went. If you didn’t join them, and their "party" they killed you. Millions had died, and no one could stop them. Many people banded together in their own groups. Some were based on religious belief, and others on a mutual want to live free of the Crusader's tyranny. I didn't concern myself with any of these things though. If I made just a little more money, my sweetheart would be mine forever. I was this close to perfecting a button that could turn off a light from 50 feet away, and life was simple.
I remember the day Marge died. I had a bad taste in my mouth the whole day, and didn't know why. It was around Christmas time, and we had just finished our employee driven gift exchange. Marge had been given a brand knew coffee maker she had wanted for years. I was given a new box knife, and Anne and brought me the most wonderful box of Almond rocca, she knew I loved the stuff. Then, as I was working, with my new spring loaded box knife, there was an accident. The spring misfired, and launched the blade out at 50 miles and hour strait at Marge’s heart. She died in my arms screaming in blood. It was the first time I'd seen a human die, but it would not be the last.
About a year later, Anne and mine engagement was in full swing. The wedding was weeks away, and excitement was building. The Crusade was being beaten finally, and life seemed normal again. Something went dreadfully wrong though. To this day I'm not sure exactly what happened, but most of the world was killed. Maybe it was nukes, maybe it was just a huge war, and the diseases going around that killed so many people. But, my small town was one of the very few places left virtually untouched. And, when the Crusade learned of this, they came to take it away from us. We all banded together to defend what was ours, and lost. I killed men, and saw death. When the bullets ran out, we used whatever we could. Knives, bats, clubs, our own hands even. The horrors of War finally visited me, and I didn't sleep so well for it.
When they first came, I volunteered to spear head the effort, and sneak into the base with a "mission" that we decided was an import enough risk. I was to destroy their gas supply. That would stop their killing machine, and give us time to move, to run to a new home, away from death and carnage. As I neared the base, two men had to die so I could pass. How I killed them doesn't matter, nor do I believe I could bring myself to tell you, but I now had more blood on my hands, and was in a frenzy. I snuck through the base, killing 4 more guards, and disarming many more. I found the gas, and lit it all on fire. Many died bravely to put it out, but they did not succeed, and I was not caught. The retaliation was much more than we expected. Many died, included the love of my life. Now I cared not for my own purity, and became as much of a killer as our Adversaries. They camped about 5 miles away, always raiding us, and harassing us. From time to time, we'd launch a raid of our own. I became the leader or a leader at least. Now it was time to move though.
I was with a group of people who were to kill the leader, and by time for the long delayed run to safety. In reality, I just wanted to kill more of those scum bags for Anne's sake. Many died in out party, and I was left for dead, but Women and Children escaped unharmed. I caught up with them two bloody weeks later. They were still on our tail, out for revenge.
This was the worst time of all our lives. Always running, never being safe. For weeks, we hid in a sewer, and ate the few rats we could catch. We knew nothing about the outside world, or any other towns. We thought we were all that was left. The last 500 men being chased by the last 3000 monsters. But we lasted, we fought, and we survived, and in time thrived. We found a hold, a fortress to last out the long night. We set up, and were ready for the first wave of death. We lasted for weeks. When they laid siege to us, we went out on shifts. Those of us who were crafty would sneak out and hunter, and gather. We were ready to last for years. Some thing again went wrong. In this twisted world we had now, things went wrong too much. They got in, and I wasn’t even there to stop it. When I managed to return, I had only a golf club to fight with. I knocked out several men, and then they talked me into stopping. The leader, who name was Death and Despair explained how we were to go to Europe, and join the rest of man, to serve forever more. I lost it, and Death and Despairs second hand man's brains ended up on the end of my golf club. Death and Despair then explained that we owed him a death now, I offered myself. He refused, and my good friend was shot in my stead. I was hell. We marched, and ate little. Always death was above our heads, and always we feared.
The monster leader took to me soon. He thought I had potential, and I saw an escape. I killed when he said, and served him. When the moment was right, I took out his heart, and showed it to his men. Now I am death, and no more will I reign. I stopped the crusade and we set our township back up. Time went on, and my dearest friends still feared me. They had seen the carnage I could make, and fear the evil inside me. I found love again, and I found my life. But here I stand, and death is before me again. I have hour's left and wish to say this. In life, do not let rage rule you. Let your heart be at ease, find your love and hold to it. And if you are robbed of it, don’t let the rage turn you into the monster you hate. Hate and rage only destroys, and nothing will ever come of it. This is my life, and now it ends.

By and unknown author.

Submitted on 2007-01-20 16:30:51     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  as always, i love your work, Ben. keep it up. One thing i really liked about this story was how piecy it was...yanno? loosely put together...i like that style.
well. keep it up!
| Posted on 2007-01-20 00:00:00 | by Morticus | [ Reply to This ]

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