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If God Really Cared

Author: Crestfallenman
ASL Info:    24/M/CA
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Words: 697
Class/Type: Poetry /Angry
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Go ahead argue with it...Im just making my statement...Everyones views difrent right?

If God Really Cared

My hatred and my forfeiture, are all that point out upon the stars to this heaven. Anathema flows within my veins and they swelter over the corrupted veils of its happiness. Untold answeres to my questions await inside of me, my hateful dillemma shoots out insipid taste towards Christs promise. I kinder and coil like a snake inside of the grass looking for this relief for my maddness, but I can not find it anywhere. Hence my insanity. If there was such a place of this heaven and God kept his word. Then I would care, but for the rapture that I have lost, and his painted grace of hypocrisy, I only rekindle rage and my war inside of myself, that nothing inside of my spiritual life will ever be of the okay that it used to be as it were as when I was a child.

To Christianity, there is a golden era after death. A place where true happiness is spoiled over one land. They portrait this heaven where all of Gods saints and his angels lie in peace away from all macarbe, away from all war, away from all hurt, and they are entitled to eternal virtue. They are warmed by Christs smiles and words, they dance in triumph with pride and their offering of love. Upon this heaven all buildings are build out of gold, towers are raised no higher than Gods promised smile. A perfect world.

But look upon reality, is any person here on earth perfect? Is anyone that was ever born polished? We all sin over something. Lust, greed, pride, anger, gluttony, sloth...But this God forgives...That is why Christ died upon the bloody crucifix am I correct. To forgive and forget...Ha, I see this as just a curse. If I can even recall Christ called out to his own father in lonesome forsaken words "Father why have you forsaken me?" So does God really care? Care enough for his own son to go through what he did. Some will say that this was God's plan, or that Jesus wanted this. But lets look upon the bright and shiny future that layed upon after A.D. Did the thousands upon thousands of Jews want to be slaughtered? Did thousands of them that were thrown inside of these malicous camps want to live upon starvation, to be beaten, rapped, tormented, burned, and have their dead bodies defiled after words. What about these children of this whole halocaust? Did they desearve such punisment? Did all the innocent lives of Japanese people who died upon a atomic awaking desearve the bombs that shook their homeland? If God really cared, why would he allow thousands of hard working familys in New York towers, in the planes that they were, in the Pentagon that they worked inside of be torn apart in such a gruesome attack upon this American soil? Why would he allow millions of lives keep at rebirth upon famine countries such as Africa, where they live up with cannibalisim? Why are their children dieing inside of countries in the Middle-East in this stupid holy war that never ends day after day? Why did he allow Christians killing Christians in Salems famous witch trials? If God really cared why is there always war, someone out there just so confused and blind slitting there wrists? If there was a God of his word of comfort and strength why is the teenage drug use population at rise day after day? Why is there homocide rising in urban citys every year? Why is there retardation? Why is there so much abuse inside of this world?

Don't tell me its Satan doing this, because he was created by the holy cunt himself. Therefore he has more power than him, and therefore he can vanquish him in one snap. Don't tell me to make people a better person or to see how strong our faith is, because that is one sick fucked up way to do so...If God really cared like he said he would this world wouldn't be so sickening...This world would be fine, and wouldn't swarm with idiots. If God really cared...But he doesn't..

Submitted on 2007-02-23 13:54:19     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  i get what you mean now by whether there is a god... but as i HAD said before, people think of it as hope... they hope. even though sometimes it will lead to their own downfall, it brings them through life.

I agree with you on most point... But don't you think its a little harsh. Imagine if no one thought there was a god, can u imagine how many more wars, disaster that will cause? Can you imagine the pain and hurt many will go through? Just because they KNEW there wasn't a god.

Maybe its false hope, but it gives them hope. I really disagree with your last line tho... How would u know for sure? That he really doesnt care? You can THINK he doesnt... but there just MIGHT be god.we wont know for sure... will we?

im not saying anything... but its just that, i think its wrong to bring other people hope down with the 'he doesn't' part... Its a lil harsh... Espacially to many of those who love, worship god...

BUt anyway, its poetry. Everyone deserves to have their own view right?

a really great write.
Im adding it to my favourite list.
(You'll be the first. I think...)
| Posted on 2007-03-31 00:00:00 | by deathbroken | [ Reply to This ]
  All too human observations and inescapable logic particularly where the "fault" of Satan is concerned. Yet in general the human mind exists within the flow of time, knowing only the present and that which either memory or the history books select to preserve. Is it just a coincidence that divine and divination seem to have the same root?

As the previous comment suggests, it might be the case that God does not exist. As viewed from the purely negative side of events perhaps that conclusion would ease the conflicts that lead us to rage against God. But then, we can only blame ourselves.

If it is somehow concluded that God does exist, then by that very definition it is the case that He knows much more than our own human senses can perceive or brains can digest and maybe our rage is a product of our natural ignorance concerning whatever the "Divine plan" might be.

Perhaps it is truly the case that,
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players:" - William Shakesphere, from "As You Like It"
| Posted on 2007-02-25 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  I am not a religious zealot so I lack the will to argue on the merits of how God works in mysterious ways to justify every barbaric event on earth. I did enjoy reading through the intelligence of your written word.

Enjoyed the justification of your argument that God does not care. I liked how you disected the stark contrast between the pompous promised land and raw realism of mankind horrors.

Keeping living life as a realist, however, on this thinking I ponder that through your justifications you might have a more believable argument that God does not exist, rather than God does not care. But, this might already be the evolution of your thinking, so I am getting ahead of myself.

| Posted on 2007-02-23 00:00:00 | by bmorecmore | [ Reply to This ]

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